The Changes Mattel brought to American girl

In 1998 Mattel bought American girl a short while later a lot of changes were made here are some of them. cat1993summerb.jpgHere is a catalog of Summer 1993 and here is one from Spring 1998, do you see the difference?cat1998springc.jpgAlso before Mattel bought American girl all of the dolls had at least 3 outfits for girls and their dolls that were the same. But soon they were retired. Here are some of them.sam_dress_3.jpgfel_dress_4.jpgAnother thing that changed when Mattel bought American girl was that back then there were no best friends like Nellie, Elizabeth, Or Emily there were also no today dolls.Before Kirsten used to be very popular like just as much as Samantha but Mattel wanted girls to by all the dolls so they made new dolls for Samantha, Felicity, and Molly so now all of those dolls are popular and Kit is too because of her movie also these days Kirsten is not at all popular and neither is Addy.agot_24.jpgimg_jess_01.jpgagcgi.jpgAnother thing that changed is making the today dolls, girl of the year dolls and best friends .Those are all the changes Mattel brought to American girl.Pictures from American girl collecting site.


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Mattel, American girl, and other toys That are claimed unsafe

wwwreuterscom.jpgSome time ago Mattel toys were found to be made in china! This is bad because some China made toys have lead people think that in them and little kids put their toys in their mouth. So later somebody told me that it does not matter where the toys are made but how they are made so that is all I know and there are quite a few other things about this problem. People believe American girl is one of these toys! So watch out just joking.

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Life’s Like That, Dollface

My dad, about a year ago wrote in his blog about how unfair he thought it was that American Girl shut down the club. “It’s like putting up a Berlin Wall around the third grades the world around,” my dad said, since at the time, I was in third grade. Christopher Palmeri wrote an article on July 3rd, 2006 about this tragic event. It’s called Life’s Like That Dollface, and the article’s below.

Life’s Like That, Dollface Few brands resonate with girls as strongly as Mattel’s $400 million-a-year American Girl doll. So when Mattel said that it will close its online American Girl Club in August, high-profile media blogger Jeff Jarvis objected on behalf of 9-year-olds like his daughter. The subscription-based club lets girls send messages to other doll owners, and Jarvis says his daughter is heartbroken about the closure. “I’ll bet that Mattel didn’t know the obligation it took on when it started this community,” Jarvis recently wrote in, his blog. “It’s like putting up a Berlin Wall around third grades the world around.”American Girl spokesperson Stephanie Spanos says revenue from subscriptions ($20 a year to join, $10 to renew) wasn’t enough to justify operating costs. (The site has a staff that ensures sensitive data such as home addresses aren’t shared.) As one of Jarvis’ readers wrote: “Perhaps third grade is a good time for a girl to start learning that there are friends, and there is business.”

By Christopher Palmeri .

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Before Erin Hilgartner…

Rachel Shrader was so close to being Florence in, Kit, An American Girl Mystery. She had gotten her fourth call back, and that was probably the end. Erin Hilgartner has taken that role, the role she had longed to do. Susan Avery has interviewed this young actress in New York Magazine, the interview is below.

What was the audition like?
We had to go into a room at the American Girl store and study our lines. There were about twenty of us who were the finalists from around the country, like Colorado, Orlando, Pennsylvania.

Were you nervous?
Yes, I went in alone. No one noticed, but I picked my cuticles, which is what I do when I’m nervous.

What role did you try out for?
I was trying out for Ruthie, but one of the casting directors came up to me and said, “You look like Florence,” and she gave me the script. Florence is the younger sister. She wants to get into this club, but every time she tries, something gets messed up. I identify with her because I’m a younger sister, and I know what it’s like when stuff keeps getting in your way.

This movie is about the Great Depression. Do you know what that is?
It was in the thirties, and banks took away people’s money, furniture, houses, and businesses.

How do you feel right now?
I’m anxious. If I don’t make it, I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t break down totally. But if I do make it, I have to be in Toronto by May 29 for filming. It would be such an overload, I might freak out, which I do sometimes. Other times I just go with the flow.

Do you think you have a chance?
Yes and no. Some of the girls had amazing expression that I don’t think I can beat. But I was the only light blonde.

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Julie and Her Accessories

As we told you before Julie the new American girl doll is coming out in September but we other news about her we have photos of Her outfits and accessories from Millie’s doll closet

Here is the photo of what looks like Julie’s room with a rug, record player, tape player and lots more!


This photo is Julie’s Barbie curl set she has and the record player and tape recorder again.


This picture is Julie’s locker and you can put pictures and stuff like that on the inside! Also this might be her trunk instead of having both.


Those are the pictures of what we know about Julie none of Ivy’s accessories have been posted yet. These pictures are from Check it out!

And keep watching for more things for Julie!

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Julie and Ivy: Their Outfits

Aren’t Julie’s outfits pretty? Let’s thank Millie’s Doll Closet. . Above, she is in her nice pink pajamas. I wish I had pajamas like that. I wonder if her family was rich to afford all these nice clothes, and that beautiful bed. Below, is a picture of Julie in her gaucho and embroidered jacket. That outfit is probably my favorite, but you never know, Julie’s going to have more outfits coming out, so I could like one of those outfits.

Here, it looks like Julie is dressed in her Meet outfit. And it looks like Ivy could be too.

In this picture, Julie is dressed in her Christmas velvet jumper. Ivy is dressed in her red New Year’s dress. I think they both look superb in those outfits! Don’t you?

There are more outfits for Julie and Ivy soon to come! So, stay tuned!

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Mini Dolls vs. Regular Dolls


I am stunned how different mini dolls look than the regular 18″ doll. Samantha’s (Mini Doll) face is much different, and the hair is much, how do I put this, lighter, looks thinner and is more straggly. It was a rip-off for me when I was younger. The Kit mini doll had much lighter hair, and I didn’t like it. I think American girl should make mini dolls look just like the regular 18″ ones. Don’t you?


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American girl Admittes Their Items Junky!


Yesterday my mom went to the American girl store in Manhattan and she mentioned that some of my things had broken including Kirsten’s locket, Elizabeth’s tea dress, Kirsten’s heater and candle. Well anyway the person at the counter told her that American girl’s things are made junky and that it is a rip off and she is right, I mean $26-32 for something that is NOT made very well! I for one can not believe that this is really true. This is not from any website, trust me.

Except for the pictures that are from American girl collecting

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The All New Julie

Here we have some pictures from Doll Diaries of Julie, they really get behind the scenes.

Julie’s looks aren’t what we thought they would be. She has much longer hair and, to me, looks much prettier. I wasn’t expecting her to be sporty, but it’s great that she has some sport in her genes.
American Girl Julie with her dogs

In this picture, Julie has 2 very cute dogs at her side! Don’t you agree?

American Girl Ivy

This is a picture of Julie’s friend, Ivy. Ivy has the same face mold as Jess. Don’t you see the resemblance?

I think this Julie is much prettier (And cooler) than the other one. Don’t you think?

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Molly Mcintire, Her Life, Her Time

molly-2.jpgMolly Mcintire is a girl who is growing up during world war two and is a lively, lovable schemer and dreamer. While Molly is at home her father is oveseas caring for the wounded. Molly does not like the changes the war has brought like rationing rubber, eating turnips for dinner and not seeing dad for the holidays! Even with the changes the war has brought America, Molly learns how to pull her self together just like America must do to win this dreadful war.

Along with Kirsten, and Samantha, Molly was one of the dolls who launched the collection in 1986, After Felicity.


We are so lucky to Have American girl collecting to lend us these pictures of Molly.

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