A Spotlight on: Brieanne Jansen


Drama is part of every movie, but to Brieanne, drama is life. When Brieanne was four, her family and her were caught in a frightening hostage situation. Thank goodness nobody was hurt! The anxiety stayed with her though, and she was finding herself shying away from new things. This must’ve been a miracle to Brieanne, a dream come true. Her family was shocked when they heard she wanted to try out for the movie. Brieanne’s family was seeing their little girl shine again. Brieanne is an American girl website fanatic! “She checks that website every day,” her mom observed. Down at the bottom of the page, it said “open casting calls” and she clicked on it. Right away, Brieanne knew she wanted to try out. Ten year old Brieanne Jansen is playing Francis Stone, Erin/Florence’s sister in the movie. Maybe that’s why their hair looks similar, now that they cut it! Brieanne, the day of the audition, went to L.A. and spent the day there. “We’re from Lake California, which is an hour from San Jose, and it was about a five to six hour drive,” Brieanne’s mom explains. When Brieanne got there, there were four blocks of just girls wanting to audition. “I thought, I’m never going to make it, there are so many girls that are better than me!” Brieanne says. But, we all know she’ll do a great job in Kit, An American Girl Mystery.


August 6, 2007. American girl movie actress's.


  1. Allyson Stolte replied:

    I love you you are the greatest,

    I love american girl!!!

    See ya

  2. Allyson Stolte replied:

    I love ya your awesome!!!

    • Anna replied:

      What role did she play?

  3. sylvierosen replied:


  4. kyle bobay replied:

    good job

  5. Nancy Johnsen replied:

    JoAnn Forbes and daughter Colleen and I went to see Kit Kittredge yesterday in Puyallup WA! It was one of only three theatres left in the whole Seattle/Tacoma area where the movie was showing. JoAnn and I arranged it because we had to see our Families for Him girl on the big screen. We just loved the movie and were so excited to see someone we knew right there in the theatre. Do you plan to do more movies or commercials?
    Congratulations on your first movie role!
    Nancy Johnsen

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