A Spotlight on: Elisabeth Perez


Elisabeth got inspired to act by Helen Keller. This may be different than a lot of you, but inspiration comes in many ways. A movie of Helen Keller made Elisabeth want to write a play, for the whole family to act out. That play encouraged her to write more plays, which probably inspired her to do this. “There was no doubt in our minds that Elisabeth would want to go to audition,” her mom explains. Elisabeth and her mom went to the Los Angeles American girl place. It was about a five hour drive. Elisabeth had one of the later auditions, and when she got there, girls were lined up, all around the building! There was even a line inside! Elisabeth, age nine, is playing Eleanor in Kit, An American Girl Mystery. All that hard playwriting+acting really payed off!


August 6, 2007. American girl movie actress's.

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    Clue #12: American girl changed when Mattel…

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