A Spotlight on: Erin Hilgartner


Erin, just eight years old wasn’t a least bit nervous for her audition. Maybe that’s because acting runs in her family. She has two older brothers who have had experience in acting, which inspired Erin to act. Her most interesting role was playing the “giant boy” in a stage production of The Odyssey, but that is now to change. “I found out because my godmother’s mother, she saw it on the news, so she deserves a lot of credit,” says eight year old Erin. “We live in Ethicon New York, so it’s about a four hour drive,” Erin’s mom continues. Erin had to cut her hair a bit to be in the movie. I think anyone would do that to star in a movie! Erin and her mom did pretty much what everybody does if they found out they were going to be in a movie. She jumped into her mom’s arms and shrieked! Erin is going to play the character Florence Stone, so stay tuned! Erin can’t wait to do so many “firsts” in the future, like going to Canada, being on a movie set, meeting Hollywood stars and one very exciting, cool thing. Seeing herself on the big screen.


August 6, 2007. American girl movie actress's.


  1. Boynton replied:

    It’s Ithaca

  2. Bob Hilgartner (KY) replied:


    the Maryland side of the Hilgartner family wishes you the best of luck and look forwarding to seeing you in the new movie.

    God Bless

  3. Tom Hilgartner replied:

    So proud of you, Erin! Love ya!

  4. Baldy replied:

    Just saw Kit Kittredge.


    I expect to see more of Erin in the future.

  5. Ells replied:

    I’m pretty sure it’s ITHACA New York, not “Ethicon”…

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