A Spotlight on: Jordan Rackley


Jordan, twelve years old, is playing the role of Liliann, in her first feature film! Once Jordan’s family moved, her way to meet people was to audition for singing roles. This led her to parts in Peter Pan, Beauty and The Beast and Annie. When Jordan heard she got the part, she screamed so loudly her dog couldn’t help but jump and bark too!!!!! Jordan and her family live in St. Louis Missouri, and went to the Chicago American girl place to audition. “It was about a five hour drive,” Jordan’s mom explains. A little while after the auditions, Jordan’s family got a call from American girl. “They called to ask how tall I was,” Jordan says. “I thought, ok, did that just take me out of the competition because I’m so tall?” she finishes. But, we all know that didn’t happen. Stay tuned for more Kit movie news!


August 6, 2007. American girl movie actress's.


  1. Allie M. replied:

    Wow. You probably wouldn’t believe me but Jordan Rackley goes to my school. She actually went to my b-day party but had to leave early to go to the auditions. I love her [:

  2. Julia replied:

    Awesome, Allie! What is she like?

  3. Hannah replied:

    Jordan is so lucky! I had asked my mom if I could audition but she said I couldn’t. I hope they have open casting calls for the next movie!

  4. leah replied:

    whoa , jordan goes to my school too allie (:
    she’s awesome ! 🙂

    hey hannah !

  5. lauren replied:

    jordan dances at my dance studio!

    shes awesome

    good luck jordan :]

  6. Allie M. replied:

    Jordan is so amazing. She is so down to earth and cool. I love her :]

  7. jeremy k. replied:

    she goes to my school and is like my best friend =]

  8. elaine replied:

    OMG!! im jordan’s cousin & apparently we look a lot alike but idk. im sooo proud of her & cant wait 2 c the movie!

  9. hannah replied:

    omg! jordan dances with me at my dance studio too.she is soo amazing. we’re actually in some dances together! luv ya jordan!!

  10. julia replied:

    for those of you who know her– what is she like?
    she seems really talented and lucky

    • Olivia replied:

      Jordans amazing!!!!! Her mom and my mom are friends and sometimes we hang out!!! love ya!! =]

  11. Brendan replied:

    JORDAN! she goes to my school and has been one of my best friends since 2nd grade!
    hey allie and jeremy :]
    cant wait to see you on the big scren

  12. Brendan replied:

    oh yeah and for julia
    she is amazing and extremely talented

  13. VANESSA replied:


  14. Allie M. replied:

    Hi Brendan and Jeremy :] hah

  15. leslie replied:

    so for those of you who are friends with her what kind of music is she into? i’m really weird and always want to know what kind of music people like lol i know its really random sorry

  16. hannah w. replied:

    oohh myy god jordan!!! i can’t believe that you are in a actual movie!! i’m soo proud of you and to say that i know you from dance is amazing! can’t wait to see the movie! love ya

  17. jenna replied:

    yeah what music does she like? i kinda wanna know that too. its a weird question but now its got me interested lol

  18. Sarah replied:

    Hi! Looking forward to seeing the movie. Jordan went to the camp I work for, Camp Broadway and performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2005. As head of the Alumni Association I am desperately trying to track her down. If anyone has contact info for her please e-mail me at sarah at campbroadway dot com

  19. Allie M. replied:

    Oh my gosh. I just say the movie today and its amazing. :]

  20. jessica l , maddie g , and maura s replied:

    hey its maddie maura and jessica l
    were with jordan right now
    haha i’m actually sitting on jordans lap 😀
    jordan says hi!
    jessica has something to say =
    and maddie and maura say hi to brendan jeremy and allie and leah.

  21. arijana k. replied:

    i’ve known jordan since the first day of 2nd grade and she was the first person i met. i saw the movie and its amazing.

    hi maddie, maura, jeremy, allie, and brendan:D

  22. Allie M. replied:

    Hello :]

  23. kylie replied:

    Hey Jordan like my sister!!! LoL Good times good times!!!LYLAS (love you like a sis)

  24. Ermina replied:

    jordan was my stand partner.
    good luck.

  25. Haley cash replied:

    omg Im starting 7th grade at margret next year and Jordan you were great in the movie.

  26. Danielle Linehan replied:

    Jordan is such a sweetheart ! She goes to my school 😀
    I really want to be in a movie now :/ Lucky her.
    Hi Arijana, maddie, maura, jeremy, allie, and brendan, and whever else i missed ;P

  27. Jorden replied:

    Hey Do you guys want to be friends?Hey hannah can you mail me at jazzjorden@hotmail.com and tell me when they have the next casting call Thanks
    And do any of you have Facebook if so look up jorden serenya woodcock

  28. Stephanie replied:

    she went to my skool too…. shes really cool… i miss her cause she went to high skool and im home skooled now…. shes amazing!

  29. liz replied:


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