Retired Items


American Girl company has retired a lot of items some from every historical girl, except best friends.

Even the today girls have retired items.

Felicity is one of the dolls who has the most retired items probably because she was the first doll to come to the historical collection.

Samantha has some retired items but she is a very popular doll so they don’t retire many things from her.

Molly has even more retired items than Felicity. For Molly they retired items and then made them differently.

Kirsten has a fair amount of retired things but if you look on Ebay most of them are there.I think that they retired most of the good things, sometimes I look on Ebay to see if there is anything good.

Josefina has so little retired items it is hard to believe. Again I think they retired the good things.

Addy’s retired items are pretty easy to find on Ebay. American girl did not retire so much of Addy’s things.

Kit has only four retired items! that is great for her, but you never know they could retire anything at anytime.

Kaya has only two retired items! But then she been around for five years, unlike most of the dolls who aren’t best friends Kaya only has five outfits.

the today dolls have so many retired items I cannot count them.

Photos from American girl.


August 6, 2007. Retired items.


  1. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #4: They came out in March. There were three of them.

    • LYDIA T replied:

      I have Julie. She must be newer to the Historical Collection, just like Rebecca! I also have the Girl Of The Year, Chrissa.

      P.S. What items have retired for Julie?

      Contact back,

      Lydia Terpstra, Age 9.

      P.S. Can you make me into a Historical American Girl Doll please?

      • Monica replied:

        Julie and Rebecca are ONE of the newest.

  2. Kayleigh replied:

    Felicity wasn’t the first of the historical collection. The Pleasant Company started American Girl with Molly, Samantha, and Kirsten in 1986. Felicity came in as number four in the 1990’s.

  3. Emma replied:

    I don’t think Samantha should be retired as I don’t have any of her things. And now I am not going to be able to.
    I really want Jip, her dog.

    • Kelly replied:

      I dont think this should have happed either. I think they should still sell her and her things and get ride of some of the “less popular doll”

  4. Samantha replied:

    I was lucky to get a hold of one of the Samantha dolls before thet added her to the Archives. I didn’t think they should have taken her out of the collection because she was one of the original dolls, and by far, one of the most popular. Is that what they are going to be doing? Getting rid of the most popular dolls one at a time?

    • Cadnse replied:

      the only reason they retired Samantha was so they can bring out new dolls. If you just bring out dolls and don’t retire any then there would be wayyyyyyyyy to many dolls. Remeber when they retired Samantha and everybody thought the number of dolls were decreasing and then they brought out Rebecca to take Samantha’s place? And I heard that this year the’re bringing out a new historical character to take Kirsten’s place. In order to bring out new dolls you have to retire the old ones even if it means retiring the most popular ones. There is such a thing as to many American Girl dolls for sale at one time.

  5. Jayden replied:

    I am going to the american girl store on august 22nd! I am gunna get my dolls ears pierced and eat at the bistro, and im buying the honey puppy pjs. My grandma is buying me the back to school set, my friend is buying me the outdoor play outfit for my birthday, and my mom is buying me the bue logo sweatshirt! My doll, Kaylie, will have a whole bunch of stuff (and maybe kits bedding) by the time were done! But it really is going to be frustrating that when i go there, i wont be able to see samantha, and all the other things that have retired in there original packaging. Too bad.

  6. Madeleine replied:

    Nellie looks like me!

  7. Jacqueline replied:

    i am so mad at american girl for taking away samantha i feel like i don’t want to buy AG stuff any more. and they got this dumb american girl to replace her!!!!!

    • adrienna lee replied:

      lol.. it’ll be alright be patient .. lol.. lmao god has a better doll in store for you market

  8. adrienna lee replied:

    i love american dolls!!! they fufilled my dreams and made me feel as if a true mother. she’s so pretty but when i took her hair down.. VERY NAPPY!!! THEY SHOULD BRAID IT NEXT TIME INSTEAD OF SENDING HER WITH TWO STRAIGHT CURLY PRETTY PONYTAILS NEXT TIME! BUT OVERALL .. THANKS!

  9. LYDIA T replied:

    Calm down about Samantha!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you girl, REBECCA IS NOT DUMB!!!!

    • Monica replied:

      I love Rebecca! Lydia do you like Rebecca?

  10. LYDIA T replied:

    Elizebeth was going to be my name…..but they dicided on Lydia by my face! Hey i look like Nellie too. I HATE IT THAT THEY TOOK SAMANTHA OUT TOO!!!!!!why did they do it? I would of got Nellie if it wasnt for them!!!

  11. anne replied:

    omg i cant b-lieve that they took samantha out of the AG collection. they should have taken out a less popular girl like Addy! well for me, Lanie is being shipped to me now!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  12. Crystal Mitchell replied:

    I’ve been searching online for a place to identify retired American Girl outfits and haven’t had alot of luck. I ran across 2 outfits that I bought and have found the name of one, but not the other. I was wondering if I could get any suggestions from people who know about them as to where I can get information to identify an outfit. I appreciate any help you can give.

    • Jenny replied:

      There is a great site for IDing current and retired outfits, dolls, and accessories. It actually ended putting new items on just after Samantha retired, so no new lanie or Kanani things, but everything else is there…a lot of neat pics

      Have fun!

  13. Crystal replied:

    I’ve loved American girl since I was 9, but I got my first one, JLY4 named Sadie, until I was 18. Now I have two – another JLY, 17 named Athena. I liked Samantha, even though I was more of a Molly fan. I miss her though.

  14. Monica replied:

    I want to get Rebecca this year. Shes really pretty and so are the others!
    Its just sad when they retire your favorites.

  15. civicprincess123 replied:


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