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You know, people don’t just make up news , they have to get it from newspapers other websites things like things that. That is why we have interviews and reporters. so the news can go on television, websites, and newspapers. This site is no different we get our news from many places we make links there too. in this post we want to take you behind the blog a little. we are going to give you the address of the websites we use and tell you which ones are the best. So here it is.

Our best website is called The complete guide to American girl collecting, it gives you news about the retired items, new dolls, new outfits things like that pretty much everything. We also sometimes use American girl doll official website it gives you the basics nothing that will be out soon excepting the Kit movie, so if you want the news everybody already knows go there. Then there is this site that is only about the books so you can go there if you like reading about the dolls. There are also some sites that sell American girl clothes but they are not by the real company here is one of those sites. there is of course Ebay which has every retired item there is, I like to go to Ebay because: you can get items, sell items, and just look at items.

Photo from American girl collecting ( your complete guide to American girl collecting).


August 7, 2007. Cool Things To Know, Information.

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