The American girl phenomena

There is a site that is called the kiwi travel blog and it has a post called the American girl doll phenomena and it wrote about the American girl place in Chicago which I do not know much about because I live in New York City, well anyways the post said that in Chicago they have outgrown their old place and are moving to a new place. so they are moving to Water Tower Place. The post then said her favorite part was the cafe in the store and she said that it was so cute and all the dolls had little cups and saucers and there were sandwiches and tea for the girls! then there was the hair salon and you can pick the style for your doll! also the parents are always willing to by a few items.

Stay tunned for more news!!!


what a story plus some great snapshots to go with it from The Kiwi Travel Blog (how Kiwis see the world).


August 7, 2007. American girl experiences.


  1. MAURA replied:


  2. lala replied:

    I do not have a doll but I am getting on this november
    so pease out tell me bout your doll!!!!!

  3. Taylor replied:

    I have Nellie. I got her in June in Chicago. I live 6 hours away from Chicago and I went there for vacation. I cherish Nellie so much!!!!!

  4. maria isabel replied:

    hi i just wana a tell you that you are realy lucky because you have been in that place y have dolls and i love them but i went to chicago wen i was 3 year old i dont remember nothin i wish i could and i can order from internet because i live in ecuador and my sisters are 13 to up so they dont like american girls so my mom doesnt wana take me so you are so lucky………………..

  5. April replied:

    I am going 2 New York and have the Nellie,Julie,Ivy,Gwen,Chrissa,and Samatha dolls!
    So ya! I am lucky!(p.s. i buy them all my mom says that they r not wroth the money because she thinks i am 2 old 4 dolls lol but i have since her tuch them in bed!)

  6. Samatha replied:

    Wow u r so lucky!

  7. maria isabel replied:

    Wow kooli have not talked since feb.!

  8. Kailey replied:

    Wow u havee so so so so so so so so many dolls what is your name on americangirl?

  9. April replied:

    Ha ha ha ha my name is AGrescue but my mom write the reviews!lol!

  10. Kailey replied:

    AGrescue is #1 top contributer on American Girl!

    U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. aPRIL replied:

    ha ha ha ha ha!

    I do buy alot of things!

  12. allie replied:

    I have Samantha and Elizabeth. My sister has Felicity, Molly and Kirsten. We also have bitty baby 🙂

  13. kimberly replied:

    i hope you enjoy your american girl doll! you deserve it

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