Elizabeth Cole, Her Life, Her Time

Elizabeth Cole. What are some things you think of when I say her name? Elizabeth Cole. I think of her attending lessons with Felicity at Miss Manderly’s, Felicity, mostly and I think of Loyalists and Patriots. If you’ve never read Elizabeth’s story, this post is for you! If you know a lot about Elizabeth, just read for the fun of it! It can’t hurt!

The Cole family were Loyalists, which means they thought the Colonists should stay loyal to the king of England. Felicity’s family thought the exact opposite, which was a problem. But, Elizabeth and Felicity had many things in common, plus they liked each other! So why stop seeing each other just because of what they believe in! Felicity’s father always called Elizabeth and her the merriest girls in Virginia!

Elizabeth met Felicity at Miss Manderly’s, where they learned to become gentlewomen. Elizabeth had an older sister, Annabelle. Annabelle was snotty, and liked the apprentice, Ben Davidson. Annabelle calls Elizabeth Bitsy. I would say “how rude!”

Elizabeth was very funny; for when Annabelle scolded or snipped at her, Elizabeth would gently tease her, Annabelle could see how ridiculous she was acting!

That’s pretty much all you need to know about Elizabeth! Be sure to read her book, Very Funny Elizabeth!


August 9, 2007. History of the dolls.

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