Emily Bennet, Her Life, Her Time

This is Emily Bennet. She’s a shy English girl. Emily gets herself in tight situations, but she always finds a way out of them.

Emily moved in with Molly, ever since her parents died 😦 Emily’s first lie starts a little something like this. “My parents are lord and lady Bennet,” Emily tells Molly, Linda and Susan. They are all amazed and they start curtsying when they say hi. Molly learns that her parents aren’t lord and lady Bennet, but she waits for Emily to tell her the truth.

I think Emily is a great American girl, don’t you think so?

Emily’s pictures are once again from American girl collecting


August 9, 2007. History of the dolls.


  1. breanna bennett replied:

    she is so pretty and she have my last name love her

  2. Emily replied:

    Wow, really nice website
    go onto my friends american girl wordpress website and look at the isonali link, then watch it on youtube, it’s great


  3. jade replied:

    i love emilys accsent!!!!
    =) ❤

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