Felicity Merriman, Her Life, Her Time

Felicity Merriman
is a spunky girl growing up in Virgina, 1774. Her parents want Felicity to be a regular young women, but Felicity wants to be outside with the horses and nature. Soon Felicity learns what it means to be independent and respect her friends and family. Elizabeth Cole is Felicity’s best friend.

Felicity was the first doll that was added to the collection in 1991 then in 2002 Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha were added. Shortly after that Felicity’s items were removed from the catalog and were only sold online. But then her item’s came back.


Felicity is my personal second favorite doll. I love these pictures from American girl collecting .


August 9, 2007. History of the dolls.


  1. Christine replied:

    Felicity is my favorite!!

  2. lulu replied:

    how or where do you find a Felicity movie?It is my fav!!! but it needs to be online for free

  3. a.s.h. replied:

    american.com says im most like felicity and felicity is my fave!im from japan,not england though.all my friends say im ancient.sentimental,fashionable,classical,and popular-like felicity merriman!!!


  4. Emily replied:

    Wait a second, there is an error you made by accident. Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly were introduce in 1986 not in 2002. By the way, Felicity is my first american girl doll. I’m planning on getting Elizabeth, Felicity’s best friend.

  5. Taylor Bowman replied:

    She is a nice and swift cool and spunky young lady.And was born in WillamsBurg,Virgina.lIVED IN 1774..

  6. Dede replied:

    I Have a Josefina doll in 2010 i’d wanted Felicity and her clothes but my mom said Felicity was a goat milk pale bitch SOMEBODY COMMENT ME HELP11111111111

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