Kit Kittredge, Her Life, Her Time

Take a look at this post by us and the pictures from American girl collecting.

As you know, Kit’s movie is coming out in theatres! But, I bet a lot of you want to know more about Kit than you already do. This passage will take you through Kit’s time, what she’s going through.

Kit Kittredge is not your ordinary girl. She’s a tomboy, she used to have a girly girl room, all pink and frilly! But, soon after the Kittredges lost their home. Kit’s afraid she will have to move in with grouchy Uncle Hendrick! But, her mom had an idea. One word, BOARDERS! Boarders are people who live in a household, with other people they know, or don’t know. Boarders have to pay rent, so the person owning the house can pay taxes. Kit now learns that change can be good.

To learn more about Kit, read all her books, and make sure to watch the movie next summer!


August 9, 2007. History of the dolls.


  1. caty replied:

    in the book kit dose not want the borders to stay but in the movie she wants them to stay. that is one diffrence from the book and the movie

  2. hailey replied:

    Hi my name is hailey. I am seven years old. You should have the best friends, especially Ruthie. Ruthie is my favorite. I might get her for Christmas or my birthday. I want her holiday outfit and a trundle bed for Christmas. I have a trundle bed, and I want one for Ruthie.
    I also want the bed/fold up chair.
    I just can’t wait until I get Ruthie. I think that you should write about Ruthie on this website.

    Thanks for letting me write on your website.

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