Samantha Parkington, Her Life, Her Time

Samantha Parkington is a favorite for a lot of girls. She’s Nellie’s best friend, she’s a hero, because she helped get Nellie and her sisters out of that orphanage! But she’s more than just that, you’ll find out what more she is in this passage, so read on girls!

On May 26th, 1895, a little baby was born. Little did these parents know, their baby was going to be a hero. Not just any hero, a hero with guts, a hero that wasn’t afraid of anything, and that hero was a kid. Her name was Samantha Parkington.

Samantha didn’t grow up with her parents. Samantha wasn’t exactly an orphan. Her grandmother, Grandmary had taken her, for she was her godmother. But, Samantha didn’t stay with Grandmary all her life either. But, Grandmary didn’t die when she left the household. Samantha went to live with her Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gard in Mount Bedford, New York.

Samantha became a hero. Nellie was put in an orphanage. Guess what Samantha did to save the day! She collected Nellie and her sisters and brought them to her house, up in the attic part. But, little did they know, Gertrude, the housemaid would come into the room and find the girls 😦 She then told Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia ASAP! Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gard were very disappointed in Samantha, but she was just doing the right thing!

To find out more about Samantha, read her books!


August 9, 2007. History of the dolls.


  1. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #3: All of them have some. They do not exist.

  2. samantha replied:

    hi i have the same name as you

  3. Emily replied:

    I love Samantha Parkington. I think her doll shouldn’t of been retired, because for one, she is an amazing roll model. And a young girl maybe on her birthday, or maybe Christmas to find a Samantha Parkington doll, would make her feel wonderful! If American Girl can read this… Please bring her back! I don’t have Samantha, and if she was brought back, I would feel so wonderful. And American Girl would make tons of girls feel wonderful too.

  4. Emily replied:

    If you had seen my reply and liked it, please help me! Forward it to friends, and family. If possible, try and send this to American! Thanks for your help, and kindness.


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