Addy Walker, Her Life, Her Time

Addy Walker was discriminated. That means that she was seperated from the rest of the crowd, because she was black. I think Addy has an intersesting life. What about you?

Master Stevens kept Addy and her family for slaves. Slaves and maids are two very different things. Maids want to do their job for money. Slaves don’t get money, and they’re forced to do it. It’s sad 😦

Addy soon escapes Master Stevens with her mother in 1864. They escaped through the ocean, her mother couldn’t swim. Addy had learned how to swim, so she was good to go. She had to help mother get through the hard waves, and they are free. They lose the rest of their family though. Addy learns what it means to be free and she learns to read and write and make new friends. Still she has hope faith through these hard times, and keeps her dreams alive.

Addy was introduced in 1986 and was the second girl to be in the series after Kirsten, Molly, and Samantha.

Addy has had a lot of hard times in her life. And sad times. I think Addy has an intersesting life. What about you?

Once again we would like you to thank American girl collecting to lend us these pictures for our posts.

By Julia Jarvis and Sylvie Rosen



August 19, 2007. History of the dolls.


  1. Amanda replied:

    Addy was not introduced until 1993.

    • Adelina replied:

      I Love Addy SOOOO Much She Is My Favorite American Girl Dool,

      • naeemah replied:

        me to i wish they made a movie and more books about her i wish i could meet the real her

  2. Delicia Murphy replied:

    My daughter loves to read and her favorite doll to read about is Addy. I feel that Addy is not advertised enough and that is not fair .Everytime a new doll is introduced she is ALWAYS caucassian. No I am not prejudice in any way and my 2 daughters have frieds of all races and backgrounds but I just feel that Addy is not advertised in the catalog enough.

    • Jennifer Pitts replied:

      I agree they only have one page on Addy in their magazine while other dolls( Caucassions) have up to 4 pages in the magazine seems a little strange when we all know Addy’s story is just as important as the others

  3. casey vandegrift replied:

    my class had read meet addy we loved the book now we are the next book

    february 24 2009 casey

  4. Ava replied:

    Wow! I never knew that much about addy!

  5. Abby replied:

    I have read all of Addys books and they are very exciting and their sad witha bit of a twist. I have Addy and she is one of my favorite dolls.

  6. Camari McWhorter replied:

    Me and my cousins love the Addy Walker doll shes really amazing

  7. Bethany replied:

    i have to do a report on her does any body have the bok?

  8. maia replied:

    i haft to wright a speach sbout her i lovr her shes the best

  9. de-anna replied:

    I LOVE my Addy doll very much. I don’t care that Addy has ONLY one page in the American Girl magazine. I am trying my best to buy her what she needs>

  10. de-anna replied:

    I LOVE my Addy doll very much. I don’t care that Addy has ONLY one page in the American Girl magazine. I am trying my best to buy her what she needs.

  11. aqueria replied:


  12. Tracey replied:

    I agree about Addy being under-advertised. I was disappointed again this year when the GOTY was another Caucasian doll.

  13. Miki replied:

    I thought That Addy and her mother crossed a river, Addy was grossed out that a leech got on her.

    But I really wish that she was advertised more.

  14. Summer replied:

    I believe it is time for Addy’s friend Sarah to be made and for a movie of hers to be made, I do not know why they are retiring their earliest characters but Felicity is really going too far since being the patriot character she is a central one, if they retire Addy they better come up with a good excuse and something good to replace her with basically the same thing. We all should impress this upon American girl and Mattel if we can. Addy is the best character with the deepest story.

  15. dexterburton replied:

    The only problem I had with the makers of the Addy doll was the ragdoll.That was a lil offensive to me.

  16. dexterburton replied:

    I love addys story of courage and bravery.Just didn’t like the little black faced ragdoll that came with her.

  17. emily replied:

    i love addy’s books and so does my mom. Addy teaches hope to girls all over. i think they should write more books and bring back her journey of freedom. i hope girls can get addy’s doll before she and all of her things join samantha and kristen.

  18. nyasya mccoy replied:

    addy i think ur popular if ur in books and on google dont u worrie but ur dead sorry

  19. Sanaa replied:

    Addy teaches girls they can do what they can do,and set your mind to what you can do. Addy your great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIIIIIIIIIII llllllllllove the bbbbbbook

  20. Rose replied:

    I love my Addy doll! I personally think that her stories teach a very, very important part of American history, and it’s good that the author didn’t gloss over the facts too much. In addition, I like Addy’s character–she’s brave, strong, and intelligent, a good role model for girls.
    I think it’s unfair that AG hasn’t given more of the catalogue to Addy, and this sounds like a bias towards whites to me. While I understand why they might not make a movie of Addy (very sensitive topic, some violence, discrimination, etc.), they should at least give Addy a few more pages in the catalogue. But if they retire her, then I will really be outraged, because they’re ignoring a whole 10 years of controversial American history here.

  21. SELENA!! replied:

    I do not believe it is fair Addy is the only negro girl, and in addition that she will probably soon be released. I’m African-American myself, and this is not fair. My daughter is very afraid Addy will be taken away and I also think that they need to add Addy’s best friend Sarah. Most other girls have best friends, most of the Caucasian girls. Note how Josephina and Kaya both do not have best friends!

  22. Brandon Reina replied:

    At one time during class, Roosevelt snatched my checked-out library copy of Meet Addy away from me and started to rip a page out before my teacher snatched it away from him. I believe THQ could make a videogame based on her lifestyle for the Nintendo Wii, DS and PS3. Note to self: Read More Beginner Books (as well as books including Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Robinson Crusoe, Sweet Valley High, Harry Potter, Pokemon, The Neverending Story, Hannah Montana, Emma, Nancy Drew, Wizards of Waverly Place, Pop Princess, Estrella’s Quinceanera, The Bridesmaid, Beacon Street Girls, Bratz Clued In, The Hardy Boys, Honus & Me, Billy Budd, The Tale of Despereaux, Judy Moody, Magic School Bus, Magic Treehouse, Maximum Ride, Lizzie McGuire, High School Musical and Princess Diaries) and Less Phonics Practice Reader Books.

  23. Mackenzie replied:

    Addy is very strong and I love Addie’s stories VERY VERY MUCH😀!
    I wish I could be like Addy.She cares about her family from
    the inside and out side😇!

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