A rude American girl doll experience

A few months ago at the American girl doll place in Manhattan a girl on a play date took her American girl doll from Target to the American girl doll place and was refused the hair salon treatment because her doll was not from American girl doll and was not real. Her mom who was not there at that time wrote a letter to American girl saying that she was thankful that American girl had refused the girl whose name is Etta! Also the other parents in line were making very rude comments about the refusal to do Etta’s dolls hair and Etta had been so confident that her doll was so real and she was very humiliated that it was not.

Etta had bought two dolls from Target and she brought her best doll, and even dressed her and herself up for the event her friend Julie had invited her to go to.

By: Sylvie Rosen


August 21, 2007. American girl experiences.


  1. dolly girl replied:

    I might see them refusing service but I highly doubt the mothers would say mean things

  2. dialga brite replied:

    that’s disgusting. they should have given the dolly hair service, even if she was a different brand. and the girl’s own mom saying she was glad they refused her? that mom was putting her child down and I think the child should be given to foster parents.

  3. dialga brite replied:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t read the letter before I posted. I didn’t realize it was sarcastic. I’m glad Etta’s mom cared about her and I hope the american girl place changes their ways.

  4. Avery replied:

    I honestly don’t see the big deal. Etta’s mom should have explained to her daughter that this was not a real American Girl doll. American Girl has the right to refuse. Simple as that.

    • Herana replied:

      i think that it costs muney to do the hair so thay have no right to refuse i mean come on she paid they refused is that fair?

  5. faviela replied:

    i like the girl they are so pretty !!!!!!!!! and that is cool that they can look the same like you that is
    realy nice!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i can see how they
    make the doll and the facktory!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Karry replied:

    American girl is a fag!! Why would they do that to a little girl?? That is just a bad advertizment..
    They are just sooo stupid:)

  7. emily neel replied:

    Who cares if Target has dolls for cheaper!!! American Girl is still SOOOO much better! Target’s doll’s eyes are freaky… Anyways I really think that American Girl Dolls are soooo much more fun than Target’s cheapy brand!

  8. emily neel replied:

    You know with the girl and the target doll and the hair thing well… My mom said they don’t wanna be responsible if the dolls hair like… broke! Don’t blame AG!!

  9. siani replied:

    one reason i think ag dolls are better than target doll is because they have more clothes than target dolls and when u go to target and if u want a nnew outfit for your target doll u would have to buy a whole new doll and when you go tothe ag place you have to buy one doll not 2,3,4 just 1 and you get to watch movies their and learn about history ag dolls are just better

  10. Jacksterini replied:

    I blame the mother she should know better, Ive been to the Ag store in nyc a couple of times and they are the furthest thing from rude. Why would she bring a knockoff their thats rude to the store, im the furthest thing from rich and had to save for my little girls american doll. I still have mine that is 22 yrs old and its still in good condition that explains the price. Shame on you for putting down the employees, they are so nice and have given me free secret tips to do their hair and cleaning at home. By a used doll for your daughter on ebay and get over yourself. You put your daughter in a bad place! Its like wearing a yankee jersey to shea stadium and wondering why you are getting booed.

  11. gabby replied:

    i wouldent blame them i hate no dispice those target brand and you walked into the AMERICANGIRL PLACE hello not the cheap target place and american girl has way better Quaility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. April replied:

    I am the girl who was made front of !no one was being mean they just warned us that they are differnt than Ag dolls and that something could happen!So we turned them down!they are not mean ! DO NOT SAY THAT THIS STORY IS REAL TARGET POSTED IT TO MAKE AG LOOK BAD!

  13. JESSE SMITH replied:


  14. allie replied:

    I have never been to the AG place, but I do have a couple American girl dolls. They are great quality. I do not think that it is fair to not do a dolls hair because it is not name brand (if this is not made up). I will say that just because one person did this(again IF they did)it does not mean that the whole company is like that.

  15. Hailey replied:

    I have been to the AG place and it is a great company but I went to the one in Chicago so i have never been to that one.

  16. Ana replied:

    wow. how rediculous is that? people these days…

  17. Erin replied:

    I, honestly have to side with American Girl on this one. I can see where they are coming from. They were afraid to ruin the dolls hair, because if they did, Etta’s mom could sue. But, the stylist had no right whatsoever to say such thing to a small girl. And it is NOT fair AT ALL to blame American Girl for this. It was ONE stylist, ONE. Its not like the CEO marched in and agreed. I LOVE American Girl and its not there fault.

  18. holly replied:

    american girl has the best dolls and the target dolls are cheap and by cheap i mean their heads falling off
    if you are going to get an american girl doll its worth it if you are getting a target doll if it breaks buy a new one they are like 10 bucks for american girl if somthing happens to her you send her off to the AG hosptital you cant send a 10 dollor doll to target because her head fell off american girl is WAY better

  19. Sarah replied:

    well,people from new york ARE very rude.and if the doll had a HUGE tangle in the back,the head would pop off!!!TARGET BRAND TOYS ARE CHEAPO BRAND!!!

  20. Lauren replied:

    I really think that it was rude for American Girl to do this to a little girl,but I can see that Target Dolls are pretty cheap and compared to the American Girl collection they are nothing! I have three American Girl Dolls and I have have been to the one in NYC a few times. The people are nice there and i don’t think anyone should blame it on AG!!!!!

  21. sue tripp replied:

    WOuld like to know if AG every responded to this story.

  22. Mckenna replied:

    I know it is so rude…I have two American girl dolls and I promised myself after I read this that I would NEVER buy anything from american girl again! Before Mattel bought the Company from pleasant Company the services were much better!

  23. Penny replied:

    I often shop for myself at the American Girl Place in Los Angeles. I’ve never seen fewer than half a dozen employees ready to help me, and they’re always pleasant and usually pretty enthusiastic about the dolls. The stylist in Etta’s experience had to be an exception. She handled the situation very badly; you just do not talk to a small child that way. But AG had the right to refuse service; their stores sell exclusively American Girl products and the experience that goes with them. Surely Etta’s mom should have had better common sense than to send her child there with an Our Generation doll. I’ve seen them, and they’re blatant knock-offs.

  24. Ari replied:

    She was being sarcastic, she wasn’t happy about it.

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