Molly Mcintire, Her Life, Her Time

molly-2.jpgMolly Mcintire is a girl who is growing up during world war two and is a lively, lovable schemer and dreamer. While Molly is at home her father is oveseas caring for the wounded. Molly does not like the changes the war has brought like rationing rubber, eating turnips for dinner and not seeing dad for the holidays! Even with the changes the war has brought America, Molly learns how to pull her self together just like America must do to win this dreadful war.

Along with Kirsten, and Samantha, Molly was one of the dolls who launched the collection in 1986, After Felicity.


We are so lucky to Have American girl collecting to lend us these pictures of Molly.


August 21, 2007. History of the dolls.


  1. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #15: A retired dancer.

  2. emily replied:

    i love molly. i have her

  3. Joan replied:

    I LOVE Molly i have her the movie was good too. i have alot of dolls but she is my fav.

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