American girl Admittes Their Items Junky!


Yesterday my mom went to the American girl store in Manhattan and she mentioned that some of my things had broken including Kirsten’s locket, Elizabeth’s tea dress, Kirsten’s heater and candle. Well anyway the person at the counter told her that American girl’s things are made junky and that it is a rip off and she is right, I mean $26-32 for something that is NOT made very well! I for one can not believe that this is really true. This is not from any website, trust me.

Except for the pictures that are from American girl collecting


August 22, 2007. American girl experiences.

One Comment

  1. Val replied:

    a lot of the people at the stores dont know what tehy are talking about. If you ask another person they probablly would have said they were VERY high quality. I think most things from American Girl are mad very well

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