Julie and Her Accessories

As we told you before Julie the new American girl doll is coming out in September but we other news about her we have photos of Her outfits and accessories from Millie’s doll closet

Here is the photo of what looks like Julie’s room with a rug, record player, tape player and lots more!


This photo is Julie’s Barbie curl set she has and the record player and tape recorder again.


This picture is Julie’s locker and you can put pictures and stuff like that on the inside! Also this might be her trunk instead of having both.


Those are the pictures of what we know about Julie none of Ivy’s accessories have been posted yet. These pictures are from dolldiaries.com. Check it out!

And keep watching for more things for Julie!


August 22, 2007. New American girl dolls and items.

One Comment

  1. Millie replied:

    Check out my original pictures – and commentary on the introduction on Millie’s Doll Blog (http://www.dollcloset.com/doll_blog)

    We also have some of the cast members of Kit’s movie who write in from time to time!

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