The Changes Mattel brought to American girl

In 1998 Mattel bought American girl a short while later a lot of changes were made here are some of them. cat1993summerb.jpgHere is a catalog of Summer 1993 and here is one from Spring 1998, do you see the difference?cat1998springc.jpgAlso before Mattel bought American girl all of the dolls had at least 3 outfits for girls and their dolls that were the same. But soon they were retired. Here are some of them.sam_dress_3.jpgfel_dress_4.jpgAnother thing that changed when Mattel bought American girl was that back then there were no best friends like Nellie, Elizabeth, Or Emily there were also no today dolls.Before Kirsten used to be very popular like just as much as Samantha but Mattel wanted girls to by all the dolls so they made new dolls for Samantha, Felicity, and Molly so now all of those dolls are popular and Kit is too because of her movie also these days Kirsten is not at all popular and neither is Addy.agot_24.jpgimg_jess_01.jpgagcgi.jpgAnother thing that changed is making the today dolls, girl of the year dolls and best friends .Those are all the changes Mattel brought to American girl.Pictures from American girl collecting site.


August 31, 2007. Cool Things To Know, Information.


  1. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #13: Some things are expensive. Are they worth it?

  2. Victoria and Kit and Sam AND Pooh replied:

    Hey I have no idea what webpage i am on but since its from amarican girl i shall reply.
    will you update this page because I wanna see Chirissa Maxwell 2009 on this page!

  3. HELLO_THERE replied:


  4. truevineherbs replied:

    Mattel is evil… For a lot of reasons. I prefer the Vision Forum dolls.

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