Things Unknown At American girl

At American girl they do not announce news until it is almost coming out, for instance when Julie came out there was no news to about the week before and all along we knew about it if you have been to the sites that we get our news from and here.

Here are some things that nobody knows. Why the prices of American girl are so high, why items are retired, and more.

We can obviously not answer these questions, we can only guess but we can make good guesses, bad guesses, and have other people guess which is what anybody can do, they don’t have to start their own blog or something.

Well anyway I am going to guess that the American girl prices are so high because they know that girls love the dolls and will buy them no matter what. another guess is why things are retired, and that guess is that things are retired because American girl wants girls to focus on the new things only which is why none of Nellie’s, Elizabeth’s. Emily’s, Julie’s, or Ivy’s things have been retired.

Photos from American girl collecting.


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Lindsey Bergman, Her Life, Her Time

Lindsey Bergman is not an average ten year old girl. She is funny, warm hearted and just can’t stop wanting to help! She never stops trying to turn her teachers into lovebirds, and she wants her school bully free.

Lindsey has a cute wiener dog named Mr. Tiny and she just loves to help him! But sometimes that helping gets her in a lot of trouble…

American Girl introduced Lindsey in 2001. She was the first Girl of the Year doll.

I got this picture from American Girl Collecting, it’s great!

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Jess Mconnell, Her Life, Her Time


Jess Mconnell is a adventurous 10 year old girl and ready for anything. From the moment she steps off the plane and into Belize she wants to explore.

Her Irish American dad and her Japanese American mom both love archeology and exploring, they came to Belize to spend five months at the ancient Maya ruins. It’s Jess’s first time being out of the United States, her first time being home-schooled, and her first trip without her older brother and sister.

Jess was girl of the year 2006 and she is now retired with the exception of her book.

photo courtesy of the complete guide to American girl collecting.

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Julie’s Out, The Fun Is In!!!!!!

American girl doll, Julie Albright is now in stores! American Girl Collecting put this beautiful picture on their site, I just had to show you! Julie has a bunch of great outfits, they’re down below. I got all of these outfits from American Girl, Main Site.

These are Julie’s pajamas. This set includes:

  • An empire-waist tunic with butterfly trim
  • Flared pajama pants
  • A pair of pink velour slippers with a butterfly embroidered on each toe

Above is Julie’s Dog Walking Outfit, with accessories. It includes Julie’s Dog Walking Set, Julie’s Cap and Scarf and her causual outfit.

This is Julie’s Hoop Outfit. It includes:

  • A basketball jersey screen-printed with No. 22; matching gym shorts; striped knee socks; and canvas basketball shoes
  • A red, white, and blue basketball and a terry headband
  • A finger splint she must wear after a painful fall during the big game
  • A gym bag printed with “Alley Oop”—Julie’s nickname given by her best friend, Ivy

Other items include furniture and accessories.

This is Julie’s bed. Isn’t it gorgeus?!

These are Julie’s Room Accessories. It includes a furry foot shaped rug, Modular shelving, storage drawers, a coffee table, an egg-shaped terrarium with silk plants inside, a metal tray of after school snacks (All pretend): Jiffy Pop, popcorn, a plastic pitcher with a removable lid and two plastic cups.

Aww, Julie’s pet bunny, Nutmeg! This cute, cute set includes carrots, Nutmeg (Bunny) and a bed.

Above are Julie’s sound accessories. If you get this, the things you will get are: A tape recorder, a record player which plays one minute of three songs, Shining Star, Love’s Theme and Saturday in the Park. You also get paper sleeves.

This is Julie’s metel lunch box. The food inside of it is: An insulated bottle, some chips, a chocolate cupcake and a sandwich.

This is a Barbie Curl Set. This is a Christmas Gift that Julie got. I think it’s so cool! What about you?

Stay tuned for information on Ivy’s accessories, oufits and furniture!

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Kailey Hopkins, Her Life, Her Time

Kailey Hopkins is a ten year old water girl, in the sense that she loves to go boogie boarding in the salty ocean more than anything in the world.

Very soon the trouble starts with a development that wants to destroy her beach and Kailey has to use courage she never knew she had to save the thing that she loves most.

Kailey was introduced in the summer of 2003 the next year in July she was retired with the exception of her book.

Photo courtesy of American girl collecting.

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More about Julie and Ivy

Here are some more pictures of Julie and Ivy from (“Resources, tips, tales and fun for doll lovers of all ages.”) They always have interesting stuff.

american-girl-julie-ivy.jpg american-girl-julie-ivy-closeup.jpg

On September 10 Julie and Ivy are for sale the American girl store on line just recently mentioned them and we knew about them all along! There is only 1 day left, be prepared!

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