More about Julie and Ivy

Here are some more pictures of Julie and Ivy from (“Resources, tips, tales and fun for doll lovers of all ages.”) They always have interesting stuff.

american-girl-julie-ivy.jpg american-girl-julie-ivy-closeup.jpg

On September 10 Julie and Ivy are for sale the American girl store on line just recently mentioned them and we knew about them all along! There is only 1 day left, be prepared!


September 4, 2007. New American girl dolls and items.


  1. Char replied:

    I know you are young and probably not aware of the fact that by hotlinking images and/or using photos from another person’s site with out their express permission or without at least giving them credit as the source, is wrong.

    Many of the images you have on your site are taken directly from either or and are hotlinked. This means you are accessing the images from my server – thus using up my bandwidth and resources that I pay for.

    Others you have used and saved to your computer first, but you are not even attributing the source. I do not mind if you use some images from my site, but please let your readers know where you got them in the form of a link.

    Again, I am just trying to educate you to the proper way to do things. I love the fact that you are using your site to improve your writing and to share your love of dolls with us from your perspective. I have three kids and my oldest writes on his own blog.

    I would gladly link to new articles on your site from time to time – because there are posts that you have done that I love. I would even love to have you be a guest blogger at my site from time to time. However, I need you to change the photos you have hotlinked and properly attribute the others first.


  2. sylvierosen replied:

    I fixed all the pictures like you asked me to and I took out all the hotlinks.
    Thank you for telling me that taking images from another persons website is wrong.


  3. edolies replied:

    oh wow stupid!!!!

  4. edlies replied:

    i know that isnt a way to be kidding around because those dolls cost 100reds of dollers im sorry!!!

  5. em96 replied:

    hello im 11

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