Julie’s Out, The Fun Is In!!!!!!

American girl doll, Julie Albright is now in stores! American Girl Collecting put this beautiful picture on their site, I just had to show you! Julie has a bunch of great outfits, they’re down below. I got all of these outfits from American Girl, Main Site.

These are Julie’s pajamas. This set includes:

  • An empire-waist tunic with butterfly trim
  • Flared pajama pants
  • A pair of pink velour slippers with a butterfly embroidered on each toe

Above is Julie’s Dog Walking Outfit, with accessories. It includes Julie’s Dog Walking Set, Julie’s Cap and Scarf and her causual outfit.

This is Julie’s Hoop Outfit. It includes:

  • A basketball jersey screen-printed with No. 22; matching gym shorts; striped knee socks; and canvas basketball shoes
  • A red, white, and blue basketball and a terry headband
  • A finger splint she must wear after a painful fall during the big game
  • A gym bag printed with “Alley Oop”—Julie’s nickname given by her best friend, Ivy

Other items include furniture and accessories.

This is Julie’s bed. Isn’t it gorgeus?!

These are Julie’s Room Accessories. It includes a furry foot shaped rug, Modular shelving, storage drawers, a coffee table, an egg-shaped terrarium with silk plants inside, a metal tray of after school snacks (All pretend): Jiffy Pop, popcorn, a plastic pitcher with a removable lid and two plastic cups.

Aww, Julie’s pet bunny, Nutmeg! This cute, cute set includes carrots, Nutmeg (Bunny) and a bed.

Above are Julie’s sound accessories. If you get this, the things you will get are: A tape recorder, a record player which plays one minute of three songs, Shining Star, Love’s Theme and Saturday in the Park. You also get paper sleeves.

This is Julie’s metel lunch box. The food inside of it is: An insulated bottle, some chips, a chocolate cupcake and a sandwich.

This is a Barbie Curl Set. This is a Christmas Gift that Julie got. I think it’s so cool! What about you?

Stay tuned for information on Ivy’s accessories, oufits and furniture!


September 12, 2007. New American girl dolls and items.


  1. aliyah replied:

    you are the best selling dolls i ever had got

  2. Orla replied:

    My sister has Julie and I think she is So cool!
    Ollie x

  3. 5545373 replied:

    i love american girls

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