Lindsey Bergman, Her Life, Her Time

Lindsey Bergman is not an average ten year old girl. She is funny, warm hearted and just can’t stop wanting to help! She never stops trying to turn her teachers into lovebirds, and she wants her school bully free.

Lindsey has a cute wiener dog named Mr. Tiny and she just loves to help him! But sometimes that helping gets her in a lot of trouble…

American Girl introduced Lindsey in 2001. She was the first Girl of the Year doll.

I got this picture from American Girl Collecting, it’s great!


September 22, 2007. American Girl of the Year, History of the dolls, Retired items.


  1. Isabelle ERARD replied:

    The picture is great ! My daugther, Anne-Laure, who is 11, loves Lindsey. But it’s a released doll. Do you know how we could find Lindsey ?
    Anne-Laure have a great collection (7) of American Girl dolls. We are french and are living near paris. For holiday time, we go often to New York, and of course, we visit American Girl Place.
    thank you, best regards.
    Isabelle Erard

  2. fran replied:

    i have a collection of girl of the year dolls for american girl. the only problem is that i dont have Kailey or Nicki and was wondering where i could get for a low price.Thank you so much!

  3. Jess replied:

    You can find girl of today dolls on eBay.

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