Things Unknown At American girl

At American girl they do not announce news until it is almost coming out, for instance when Julie came out there was no news to about the week before and all along we knew about it if you have been to the sites that we get our news from and here.

Here are some things that nobody knows. Why the prices of American girl are so high, why items are retired, and more.

We can obviously not answer these questions, we can only guess but we can make good guesses, bad guesses, and have other people guess which is what anybody can do, they don’t have to start their own blog or something.

Well anyway I am going to guess that the American girl prices are so high because they know that girls love the dolls and will buy them no matter what. another guess is why things are retired, and that guess is that things are retired because American girl wants girls to focus on the new things only which is why none of Nellie’s, Elizabeth’s. Emily’s, Julie’s, or Ivy’s things have been retired.

Photos from American girl collecting.


September 25, 2007. Cool Things To Know, Information.


  1. Jane replied:

    Acually, the girl of 2008 is known. check out Millie’s doll blog.

  2. Jane replied:

    Okay now I guess you deleted that part.

  3. Jane replied:


  4. AnAmericanGirl replied:

    I wish they would bring back some retired stuff.

  5. AnAmericanGirl654 replied:

    I wish they weren’t quite so expensive

  6. Ag # 1 FAN replied:

    Me too

  7. IRELAND replied:


  8. IRELAND replied:


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