New And Old



Photos from American girl collecting.

Have you ever noticed that a couple of months after there is a new doll she always gets a outfit like Nellie got her Spring Party dress and Samantha did too, Elizabeth and Felicity got their Summer gowns, and last but not least Molly and Emily got their recital outfits.

So of course Julie and Ivy will got outfits bur the question is when. I think that in a couple of months lets say December they will get it. I wonder if the pattern will continue because in a few months there will be new outfits for Julie and Ivy!

I think that they will be something to do with summer, their time wasn’t that long ago so they are not that different as Samantha or Josefina.

None of Nellie’s, Elizabeth’s, or Emily’s items have been retired, but Nellie’s might be soon because she is about two years old, the oldest best friend.

Another thing is that there might not be a new doll for the holidays because Julie and Ivy just came out about a month ago.

We’ll keep you updated on this and that.


October 16, 2007. Cool Things To Know, Information.


  1. Bbfreeze replied:

    I love American Girl! I love your blog too!

  2. Sylvie replied:


  3. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #2: An orphan

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