Julie Tells Her Story: Another Great Hit

Julie Albright is enjoying working on her school report “The Story of My Life” until she encounters the difficulty of reporting about the worst event that has occured in her life. Of course it was her parent’s divorce, but Julie doesn’t want the whole class to know about that. In this book, Julie has to stay strong to help her make the best of the school year.


I marked a page in this book which was a quote that I liked. It was said by Julie: “I think families are kind of like bones-they can break too, but in some ways, it makes you even stronger. And when one person’s in trouble or gets hurt, families pull together, and you can still count on them to be there for you.”


Rating: *****

Enjoyable book. It’s a must-reader.


Photo courtesy of American Girl 


November 11, 2007. Book Reviews.

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