Why American Girl Dolls Are So Expensive

Has anybody ever wondered why American girl dolls are so expensive, well if you have read this to find out!

First of all, although American girl doll clothes are not made very well, the actual doll is.

Which means that a lot of work goes into making them, and that takes people; and people want to get paid. Therefore, since American girl needs to pay all these people they need the money, and so they get their money from the sale of the dolls, and they also need to make some money themselves.

Some jobs American girl needs to make the dolls are the face sculptor, the designer ofthe body, the attachment of the arms and legs, and the placement of the eyes and ears.

In conclusion American girl dolls are very expensive because they are well made and the company needs to pay the people to work.


December 17, 2007. Information.


  1. amanda replied:

    i think ur TOTALLY right!

    • Alexis replied:

      I don’t. The prices are ridiculous, even to pay people and for the quality of the dolls. I mean, $95? Plus, $10.95 “shipping and handling.” That’s $105.95 for a doll (okay, and an outfit.) My daughter got a doll and an outfit at Sears for like $30! They sell dolls at Target for like $20! True, the quality may not be the best, but AG’s prices are so overpriced that it’s like you should be buying 2 of their dolls for 1 price. Quality and all. Besides, their “team” doesn’t need that much money. Not when thousands of these money sucking dolls are being sold every day.

      • alisha replied:

        i have to agree with alexis because for what it’s worth to buy 1 doll at american girl u could buy 2 and still have like 40 bucks less

      • Nadia replied:

        Well yes, but only American Girl Doll site or the stores sell them. The ones at Target and Sears are knockoffs. They’re not the real deal.

      • Charles Sin replied:

        These dolls like everything else in America are made in China! I thought the dolls were expensive because they were made in the USA but I was obviously wrong. We are all suckers! It goes to show that a Brand name makes a difference for products. Honestly what is the difference between a 10 dollar doll at Target, Walmart or Toys’r’us and these overpriced plastic AG dolls?

      • cindy replied:

        i thiink thats stupid the price is great and its worth it and you can buy cheappy doll from TARGET and take it to the store stop being cheap and get your kid the doll for christmas

      • Lydia replied:

        Lydia says,

        I can’t agree with you more. Dolls for little girls should not be this expensive!!! What are we showing our daughters when we buy a $105.00 doll. Its pure spoiledness. What about underpriviledged girls who can’t afford it. This is a capitalistic nightmare as my husband would say.

      • Mizzie replied:

        Look, these dolls are well made. They are good quality. I don’t know, maybe you don’t care about the quality of your own daughters childhood, but Our Generation and others dolls like these are good for prices and everything but quality? They’re rubbish! I had one and its hair was brushed just a couple of times and it turned frizzy and horrible and knotted. I then saved up and bought myself an American girl doll and the juxtaposition between the qualities was outstanding! An option is to look on craigslist or ebay, buy an AG doll and buy clothes from Target.

      • coconatcoco replied:

        I totally agree! You could buy 5 $20 dolls with outfits at walmart or Target for the price of ONE American girl doll.

    • alisha replied:

      ya and what were to happen if it got broke the day they got it and their parents arent rich and wont buy them a new one or if they saved up allowance for years for such a great doll that would suck besides they have dolls like american girl dolls at walmart that are only twenty dollars .

      • Nadia replied:

        Well they have a Doll Hospital you can take them too so you don’t have to buy a new one. And the one’s at Walmart are fake. You know they’re knockoffs when you look under their arm and under their hair there are stars. So the ones at Walmart are just FAKE.

      • sally replied:

        nadia do us all a favor shut up

    • alisha replied:

      after reading alexis’s comment i have to agree with her alot

    • alisha replied:

      amanda must not get it geese i know someone whoose 11 and is smarter than her my neese

    • Keely Hurst replied:

      Well, you get more than just a doll! You get the story behind the doll, which also takes money, people need to eat, pay bills and live. Not everyone will work for 10 bucks an hour. The story lines come from USA employees who not only need a pay check, but benifits as well. If you can’t understand that, then you most likely do not have a good job with benifits, and most likely cant afford an american girl doll. Either way, there are various other dolls that do not come with a story and add ons to excentuate the dolls such as Target, Sears and even Walmart. You can buy cheaper clothes on Ebay, even hand made clothes on Ebay. Either way, you get what you pay for. Buy a cheaper doll, you get a cheaper doll… Buy an american girl doll, and you get a doll with a history lesson or just like me dolls with “life” lessons. Try reading some of the books at the library. Maybe then you’ll understand why they are expensive. Try going to the store… maybe then you’ll understand… Try sending a doll to the doll hospital… maybe then. If not, buy a cheaper doll for cheaper quality! πŸ™‚

      • Gabi replied:

        Actually Keely your wrong all of my Our Generation Dolls have real true stories behind them. Like a story about a little girl from Haiti. Then they made a doll just like her. It dosnt matter what name the dolls box says. Just like clothing,Ii went through a phase where all of my friends where waring aeropostale clothing and I wasnt. My mom explained to me that those clothes were no different than the ones I had……….but I was stubborn and so one day she suprised me with an Aeropostale outfit. It felt no different on or magical or anything special. That happened with American Girl Dolls too. She baught me one and it was no different. So you parents out there go and get a 20-30 dollar doll or get the exact same 18 inch one for 105 dollars…. teach your kids a lesson or two about being smart with their money becaus I hear times are going to get tough after the election.

      • Lilly replied:

        Really?well than why do our genaration dolls do to?+the dolls are amazing!

      • Ralph replied:

        Really? I dont think their U.S. employees get any “benefits”. There are plenty of freelance writers they can hire to write stories.. who says they have to be from the US? I can hire some english speaking writer from England, who will write a story from the comfort of their home. All the profits go to the people who came up with the idea of trying to pass it off as a must have.. Remember the beanie babies craze? What happened to those? This too shall pass..

    • Taia Stewart replied:

      I really want american girl dolls they look really good I just wish they were less expensive because my dad say can’t get one because he thinks it’s way to much for a doll. I just wish I could at least get some ideas to see how it’s like. So can someone that’s around 8 please write like a reveiw for americangirl or something so I know what their like to play with.

      • Gabi replied:

        Well im 9 and i have an American Girl Doll. I think they are fun to play with BUT i also have 5 that are 20 dollars from target and it is way worth the money. The two are the same but american girl dolls hair falls out easy and they are just wigs. Our Generation Dolls hair is actually sewn into thear head so it wont fall out. P.S. tell your dad to buy you an Our Generation Doll from Target for 20-30 dollars:)

    • alli replied:

      what people aren’t realizing is if the price is like lets say thirty bucks people will buy more, because it’s cheaper say it was, and someone bought three, and (everything else was cheaper too) some doll stuff like a bed, clothes even a whole crap load of books heck you could even make create a doll thing like forty bucks the thing is people don’t realize is if it isn’t so expensive people will buy more than usual, and hell maybe you just might make more like try opening in more states for one. just NEVER keep a price to high or people won’t buy

      • alli replied:

        oh yeah one more thing i will NEVER buy from that company unless the price goes way down to at least thirty bucks plus shipping and handling better yet make more stores like umm… everywhere because maybe we could save like ten bucks and give a tip instead

    • Lilly replied:

      Lilly(9 yrs)

      I think ag dolls are so expensive because…you spend all this money
      THEN THEY BREAK!so you go to the ag doll hospital and spend MORE $!I am getting one but I do think the company does it on PERPOSE!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lilly replied:

        Can someoneplease replyΒ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • coconatcoco replied:

        Hi Lilly! I totally agree with what you are saying. I’m about your age and the 20$ from Target still work for me and they don’t break as easily.My mom broke a leg off one of my dolls before but she was trying to put the legs together. She said it was really hard to brake the leg even though she didn’t know the legs don’t go together.

    • Jessica replied:

      I agree but they could be cheaper like $50 because many other dolls are $20 and there face sculpting is very well

    • sarah replied:


  2. Sylvie replied:

    Well actually I got this from millie’s doll closet, check it out!

  3. Josefinalvr replied:

    Thnx for the information. My cousin and I wanted to know why they were so expensive. The iformation on this blog was very helpful. Once again, thanx!

    I just wanted to type something. πŸ™‚
    (This is from my cousin.) One eyed smiley face.).(my cousin looks like that….. she only has one eye.)again

  4. Josefinalvr replied:

    Shes going into surgery in a week, to get a porceline eye.

    • Lilly replied:

      Awwwwwwwww that’s so sad!

  5. Joelee replied:

    American Girl dolls are a ripoff. They are just a marketing ploy and I’m sure the profit margin must be over 500%. They are not worth more than $10-15 if you ask me!!

    • Gabriella replied:

      Hey Joelee! They are NOT a ripoff! And, they should not be less expensive than a Barbie doll! My gosh, why are there so many haters of AG out there! Sure, they dolls are $39 too much when they should be $75(maximum), but cut AG some slack, I mean how to you expect them to market a product and pay all of their employees. Many people work there because they get payed well from the buisness. So, if you don’t like them, DO NOT talk badly about them! Don’t even read anything about them! Why do you search this stuff- to trash talk an AMAZING company?! They aren’t like Bratz where all that company does is tells little girls to wear make-up, belly shirts, and disrespect their parents! So, American nGirl is a great company that none of you “meanies” should hate! They need to support their popular company, and so far no one REALLY cares about these high prices, well, until they get HIGHER! :-)<-<

      • Charles replied:

        I just went to the AG store for the first time at Tyson’s Corner VA and was surprised by the crowd. Sure the AG company may be re-inventing the way dolls are marketed and sold but I think its the idea of selling these toys at a ridiculous high price that many people hate! The outfits, hair stylings, brunch etc…is so expensive. I just see a lot of spoiled future millennials!

      • Olive replied:

        actually, American girl is a rip off. they need to sew in the dolls hair more. They need to fire worthless employes and cut down prices. Maybe people will buy more if they are less exspensive! We are not being mean , we are telling the truth. I like their products and all but it is not worth it. I recomend heart 4 heart girl dolls at target. They give money to charity, come with stories of real girls, they’re hair doesn’t fall out, and the clothes are cute. plus they don’t look like they have been on steroids like American girl dolls. These dolls are way prettier, help 8 world problems, and are worth something!

    • Isabella replied:

      OMG! I totally agree with you Gabriella! And, Joelee, WHY do you hate AG dolls? They are SO cute! And, Gabriella, every word you said was something I agree with. Do you want to be friends? Oh, yeah, I remember, we are twins! ~He, He~
      ~Bella, or Izzy πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • samantha replied:

      yea i know right!

      • samantha replied:

        im talking to u^^

    • samantha replied:

      im talking to u gabriella

    • AG is the best replied:

      for the people who didnt know ag dolls are expensive because they are good kind of dolls! not like those cheaper barbies

      • Olive replied:

        what about the other dolls that are NOT barbies?

      • Kailey replied:

        +Ag Is The Best: I agree! They are not plastic, they are vinyl which is a much more expensive material. And just because they have a wig doesn’t mean the hair has to fall out. I have 3 ag dolls and one of them is six years old and is still in perfect condition! And if something goes wrong, send them to the doll hospital. I have had a doll that was 30 dollars and u wanna know what happened? Her hair got frizzy within less than a month. It was so bad that it was literally unfixible. That has never happened to ag dolls before. The only way that could POSSIBLY happen to the ag dolls is if you give a Curly- haired doll to a six year old and she treats them like a 12 dollar doll. Seriously. I mean, I do agree that ag could be lowered to about $90, but still, if you look at them the way I do, those dolls are worth every penny.

    • Lilly replied:

      There not a ripoff.They are REALLY pricy,but never a ripoff!

  6. Niki replied:

    you r so right that makes total sense

  7. Mike replied:

    This might be true – but everything in that store is made in CHINA. I think the markup is probably 1000% on the doll (cost is probably $9-10. The clothes are probably 1000% as well. A fool and their money are soon parted and there is no bigger example to that than the American Girl Doll.

    • christina replied:

      there are two distribution centers where they make the dolls in Wisconsin.

  8. roziela replied:

    i think they should only be 40$ eaven though i am a hUGE fan

  9. unknown replied:

    no because there made in America! Usual dolls are made in china and the doll made in china are not very good? When dolls are made in America it better looking and valuable.

  10. unknown replied:

    no because there made in America! Usual dolls are made in china and the doll made in china are not very good? When dolls are made in America its better looking and valuable.Also made with horse hair which is better than fake hair.

  11. Nina replied:

    My sister bought one a year ago, and its in pretty awesome condition because she knows its expensive >_< But a doll for a hundred dollars? COME ON! My dad used to yelled at me when I was younger if I asked for those 20-dollar Barbie dolls. And my little sister asks for this cheap piece of nothing for a hundred? What is that!

  12. Heather replied:

    My daughter has been begging for an AG doll for a few years now. I don’t get it. Not a hater just someone who isn’t willing to spend $100 on a doll made in China. Yes, they are not made in the USA, I went to the store myself to check them out in person. I still don’t get it. They are manipulating the customer because little girls love the books so much. I would spend $100 on a doll made in the USA. No problem. I told my daughter that I would buy her all the AG books she wanted, movies even but if I don’t find it on Craig’s list for a decent price, forget it.

    • Gabi replied:

      I love that your sticking to your guns Heather

      • Lilly replied:

        I mean,if you want a doll for a great price,check out our genaration dolls.I already have Hally!(one smart cookie)

    • Lilly replied:

      Tell your daughter that she should save up her money by doing chores or helping around the house.(nice job Heather)

      • Lilly replied:

        I really agree with gabi too.our genaration dolls are only $30!you can get a og bed,closet and horse for $90!But its like $600-$800 for ag dolls.+ their stuff!

  13. Magnus replied:

    It’s simple, if you don’t like the price, don’t buy the doll. Don’t complain that the company is making too much money. They can chage whatever they want for it. If people like their product, they;ll spend the money for it. If they don’t like it, the company will lower the cost, or go out of business. It’s as simple as that.

    So for all those people complaining about it’s cost, that’s why there are china made barbies.

    • Lilly replied:

      Remember I am only 9 and I am posting this stuff.Magnus I totally agree.I love AG dolls and I have one but if you don’t like the price don’t buy the doll if you agree post a comment to me and tell me then!

      • Lilly replied:

        But they are way over priced.they have good quality but if you really want one go right ahead,its your choice.

        they should be called china dolls!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Laura replied:

    Personally, I think they are hideously overpriced, but my daughter really really wants one. I figure that’s what grandparents are for πŸ˜‰

    The only real complaint I have is that they all look alike. Sure they have different hair, eye color, and skin tone, but if you look at the faces, the facial features are exactly alike. My daughter wants one that looks like her, but her face doesn’t look like the doll’s face. You’d figure for that price, they’d give an option for facial features too.

    • Brooke replied:

      U R SO RIGHT!!!

    • Lilly replied:


      • Lilly replied:

        Yes,I agree ag dolls are expensive even though I’m a big fan!

      • elizabeth replied:

        I know right?!

  15. tenika replied:

    I think the price is ok and they are really great dolls so I really think no one should be mad.I know it’s a doll but you should be thankful they are even made thanks to the people who even make then.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brooke replied:

      BUT I AM MAD!!!!!!!!!!! 😑

  16. AG LOVER replied:

    I have an AG doll. And thre not a rip-off! They r beatiful, and the quality is better than perfect. U people r probaly mad U cant have on, cause U cant afford it!

    • julie and kit are my AG'S replied:

      i can afford them i have 2 but what you said was pretty mean a lot of people cant afford to buy $!00 dollars on a doll i mean the price is kinda outrageous for a doll that is made in china i wonder why they call them american girl dolls , ….china dolls,yea that sounds wrong

      • daleyna replied:

        That was pretty rude what you said. Sounds like something a brat of a child would judge. It’s just a doll, and paying 100 dollars for one is outrageous. This has nothing to do with someones financial stability, it has to do with common sense. Some people find it useless to invest in an American Girl Doll. Don’t go around judging people for not being in favor with stuff you defend. That’s ignorance. Maybe you should invest in a course that will teach you some manners, learn how to spell, and control your ebonics. Good day.

      • cutie replied:

        oh quit judgeing peoples opinions

      • cutie replied:

        u are so rude u should be a china ugly doll nutin like ag dolls

    • Suzi replied:

      I agree to what daleyna said. 100%

    • unknown replied:


    • unknown :) replied:

      Say that after you find a good doll for a dollar. Gosh, you little brat.

      • unknown :) replied:

        I meant to the AG LOVER.

      • sally replied:

        it is sooo stupid the dolls have to cost so much american girl do us all a favor MAKE THE PRICE GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emma replied:

      thats not very nice…. they are probably mad because they cant get one because they dont have ebough money…ur right. BUT u NEVER KNOW what condition there living in.some people live in abandond hospitals. ur just lucky u have one and ur living in a decent enviorment.because thats hurtful to others. 😑 please dont say that. and ag dolls are kind of a rip off. but i have 1 and they are good quality. there arms and legs (and head) is not the same as target or walmart or stores like that. they are very hard and dont bend.(like at the knees) but u can pose them in any way and make them sit and stuff. and opening them is a very fun experince. (for the moms whos kid wants one) im to old for them now but i loved opening them on christmas! so i do recomend them. only if u get the paper back book and the doll.its $20 extra for the accesories.. so anyway…bye! πŸ™‚

    • Abby replied:

      WOW that is so mean lots of people don’t have $105 to buy a doll I can afford the ag dolls and so can lots of people but also lots of people can afford it and yes I do think these dolls are over priced

      • coconatcoco replied:

        No, alot people can’t afford them! 105$ for a stupid doll! I really would like to get one, but 105$! People cannot! And I repeat cannot, afford an 105$ doll! It would take almost three summer’s worth of work to get a doll. I think the price should be 50-70$. That would be more reasonable.

  17. Brooke replied:

    I just got a American Girl Doll for Christmas from my grandma, (I am 10) but I don’t know why they are soooooo
    expensive, even this doesn’t really help. I have to thank my Grandma, BUT WHY ARE THESE FREEKIN DOLLS SO EXPENSIVE? Even I know that these dolls are high quality, but why do they need to be paid so much? I love my doll, my parents think i wont play with it but I do! WAIT, THESE ARE MADE IN CHINA? wow. I have to pay her back with something for this little doll. I feel bad now for making her pay that much and a outfit and stand, others things to. I FEEL BAD NOW. πŸ˜₯

    • not telling replied:

      I’ve never gotten one and I toatally agree, researching has helped me see the pros and cons of american girl dolls. Pros. they have better quality than most dolls(very good hair!) and it’s easy to get your doll fixed. Cons, its highly priced and I cant beleive that they have people beleiving its made in the USA, where as only about
      40%(maybe even less!) of the customers know it’s made in China. I also have something else to say, after a few years they can make the doll of the year more expensive, but I found out the 2011 doll of the year is now $400! I want a Mckenna doll sooooooooooo bad, but I’m hesitant because my parents will be mad that Im asking for a doll thats so overly priced, but its the girl of the year doll, so in 2013 it will be $400 like the other retired girl of the year dolls. I would think that they would still sell the retired ones, and for a cheaper price!

    • coconatcoco replied:

      I totally agree!

  18. Joselin O. replied:

    I love ag dolls do you love them????????????

  19. germa replied:

    The doll itself is worth the hundred dollar price tag as it is good quality, but the clothes can be gotten for cheaper on e bay by individual “off-brand” sellers as the price tag on AG clothes is way too high!!

  20. Andrea replied:

    AG dolls are made in China. The company is owned bt Mattel. The same Mattel that mades Barbie and millions of other things. No, they are not worth the price. If it was made in America I would have paid 150.00. I was very disappointed!!! Spread the word! Mattel!!!

  21. cheyenne replied:

    These dolls are high quality and collectible.Just look at the historic value in each one.The accessories are so much of the time period.This is the quality they used to put in toys they were made to last.And girls get more then 100 dollars worth of play time out of each one.

    • London Loyal Ellte replied:

      You are right Cheyenne.

  22. Tanya replied:

    My 5 year old daughter wants an AG doll because her cousin has one. I am very against the marketing of this doll. I think to spend $100 on a doll is ridiculous. The catalogues show you all the accessories to get a child excited and then they charge crazy prices for each, individual thing. Why should a tiny stuffed dog cost $20? The fact that the doll comes with a name, a story, pre-determined friends, even pets, takes the imagination away from a child to create this on their own. When you buy a doll off the shelf at a toy store for $30, your child has to name it and create a life for the doll. I like this. That is what toys are for, to have fun using your imagination. I must say, the marketing department for AG is doing their job. They make you believe that you have to have this doll and that paying the high price is actually a good deal. Just look around our world today, we have a lot of people who have a sense of entitlement and who have no concept about simple finances. I have a hard time being okay with this doll.

    • Kiara replied:

      I can see your reasoning here. However, the line of dolls you’re talking about wasn’t made to be imaginative. The dolls are to teach the children about history. If you want a child to spread their imagination, you can get a Just Like You doll. I think the dolls are a good quality. I’m not happy with the price, but I like American Girl.

  23. Hannah replied:

    Ok.So, I read all of these posts. I agree with a few. I have two AG Dolls myself (Julie and Felicity) I adore this two dolls very much, but now AG raised the prices even HIGHER! The doll is now $100 and a pair of pajamas is $32! THATS OUTRAGEOUS! I’m 13 and I am just suprised about these prices. Even if I dont play with my dolls anymore, I still would like to collect them for my children. But not if i have to pay $150 dollars just to get it to my house! NO WAY!

  24. FantasyDreamer replied:

    So i have a lot of things to say about these dolls. Like they are really good quality! But the most i’ve ever asked my mom for a doll, was only 30 dollars. Except for the huge stuffed animals from Toys R Us, that I wanted when i was eight πŸ˜‰ okay. So a bunch of my friends have these dolls, i’m 13 now, so none of my friends play with them but they would never want any harm to come to them. My friends mom, she bought an American girl doll the first year they came out. She got Kiersten. Now my friend has her. They were below 80$ when they came out. American Girl Dolls would be a great thing to have as a kid! Yeah it’s overpriced, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a really well made doll that’s lasted for over 20 years that you could give to your child? It’s a simple matter if you want to pay for it or not. If you think the happiness it would bring would last or not. I wanted one when i was younger πŸ˜‰ i never got one x) truthfully, It’s fine with me. I have plenty of other things to make me happy πŸ™‚ but it would have been cool to get one of those dolls.


    • cutie replied:

      thats actually very very nice to say jade!!!!! πŸ˜€

    • Emma replied:

      awww thats sooo sweet and u seem very grateful and happy πŸ™‚ i luv ur attitude:) wanna be online buddies? lol im 13 too and i have 2 american girls

  25. leah replied:

    Madame alexander dolls are like $30 or something. I don’t see why people bother with ag.

  26. Ally replied:

    you should so change the price to 0 $ please!

  27. Ally replied:

    well my daughter has 2 american girl dolls rebecca and kanani. For christmas she got rebecca. Then she wanted kanani and got kanani for her. Now i only have 2 bucks!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ally replied:

    please change the price to 0 $ please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cutie replied:

      hey ally they are not stupid they are not going to lower the pire to 0$ that would be insane and stupid!!!!!!!

      • cutie replied:

        ooooops i ment price***

      • Lilly replied:

        Oh please

  29. Ally replied:

    i agree with u guys that we should change the price. Madame alexander are like 30 20 dollars i just don’t get y american girl dolls are so expensive.

  30. Ally replied:

    hey gabriella i love a g but it is to expensive. i also feel bad for the poor too. It’s so sad!!!

  31. unknown replied:

    some of u ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO RUDE i mean iknow they are expensive but have you actually seen one????????????
    Did not think so!! i have 5 dolls and am getting a sixth and have not a one problem with each!!! if you dont like ag dolls then dont read about them!!! literally all you haters do is sit on your computers and read about things you hate then TRY to make other people hate them!!!!!!! and if you dont like that there made in china you do not like mostley everything in this world it is mostley all made in china!!!!!!!

    • coconatcoco replied:

      I HAVE have seen one THANK YOU! And when my BFF brought KIT over i touched her hair and it felt like plastic. I do want one but only for 50$ or less.

      • Fluttershydoughnuts replied:

        Kit’s hair does NOT feel like plastic! I have the mini doll and she is perfect!

  32. jenna replied:

    I agree with unknown all you people do is sit on your computers all day it is SICK STUPID PEOPLE!!!!


    • Naomi replied:

      this is coming from someone who comments every day and whines constantly and has probably never gone outside I’m guessing since you act like a little kid who never leaves the house

  33. the best. replied:

    Jenna, your being too naive. You better start getting real and know that people actually need money, and can’t spend $100 on a doll, just because it’s cute. Sure, it could be a Christmas present. But buying for just no reason means your wasting money. Besides, all a doll does is entertain you. It’s a toy!

    • agloverjblover replied:

      WOW you are so amazingly nice NOT!!!!

      • jenna replied:

        ALL OF MY COMMENTS ARE FOR YOU “the best”

      • Lisa replied:

        I’ll do an impression of you
        “Waaah! I’m gonna whine and make a million comments on an american girl blog just to prove how whiny I am”

  34. jenna replied:

    WOW that means sooo much coming from a complete stranger!! and i love and charish my dolls and i dont care about your opinion!!!

    • Tina replied:

      obviously you care if you feel the need to make 10 posts whining about it. and act like a two year old.

  35. jenna replied:

    BTW you are sooooo being mean to me dolls are worth something to me and my friends and to us are NOT some dumb toy!!!!

  36. jenna replied:

    Thebest you are soooo mean!!!!!!!

    • Logan replied:

      jenna you are sooooooooooo like a two year old!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. jenna replied:

    comment a sad face and a yes below your comment if you

  38. Emily replied:

    I totally agree with jenna!!!!!

    😦 yes

  39. cora replied:

    😦 yes

  40. beebee replied:

    😦 yes

  41. Mrs.bieber replied:

    totally beebee

    😦 yes

  42. agloverjblover replied:

    ag dolls men alot to me and that comment is totally not nice “thebest”

    😦 yes

  43. agloverjblover replied:

    oops *mean* not men

    😦 yes

  44. jenna replied:


    😦 yes

  45. unknown replied:

    WOW jenna is not niavie i bet you dont even know what it means

    • Zach replied:

      obviously you don’t, they used perfectly in that paragraph. I’ll guess you’re an eleven year old who thinks they know everything

  46. Lois replied:

    I also have something to say about American Girl Dolls. The company obviously has good marketing.So,there is nothing wrong with the company. The problem lies in the consumer who so foolishly buys a 100 plus doll that only has a cloth body. I have looked them over well, dressed or not,and they are no more better quality than any other doll. A little girl will love a five dollar doll as much as a 100.00 doll. It is the adults that have their priorities in the wrong place.What are we teaching our children?

    • Lilly replied:

      Ummmm,am I the only one online?pllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssse comment back to me now amber!

    • Olive replied:

      I agree lois

  47. Amber replied:

    Well you do know that a girl wants to be able to hold her doll with out saying ouch my doll is ingering me its tummy is plastic! if i had a doll that was peer plastic and hair i would cry and then ask why companys are stupid enough to make plasic dolls like sereosley not cuddly not fun!! plus i am not foolish i bought 4 dolls also shut up about the adults and there prioritys thats there bissness not yours

    • Keaton replied:

      what kind of person whines because their doll has a plastic stomach. It’s like complaining that it hurts when you type on a keyboard

      • Lilly replied:

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    • Lilly replied:


      • Lilly replied:


    • Olive replied:

      hey, the ag dolls hair is plastic. Think be4 u speak! Plus, plastic dolls don’t hurt a girls tummy. Also American girl dolls have something like plastic under the cloth. Also, no one wants to see an ag doll in a bathing suit with an ugly cloth belly, and legs that are not all the way in the dolls body. also, don’t tell people to shut up. obviously you need to…

  48. maybelle replied:

    ya lois you are 3 scoops of ningcompoop with stupid sprinkles

    • Keaton replied:

      I’m laughing so hard (not) Yeah Maybelle youre such a ningcompoop who works at mcdonalds

      • maybel replied:

        you work at mcdonalds i can tell ur probably a fat lady sitting infront of the computer and chowin down on a couple thousand big macs have fun with eating ur life away try not to put to much weight on the keyboard u might break it \
        ps have fun finding clothes that fit u fat idot pantys

      • Olive replied:

        you know how offensive that is? you should be fired from your job for saying that. go to an older person to have some sense talked into your mean self keaton

    • Mal replied:


  49. cutie replied:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah that is hallarous maybelle!!! heheheheheheh lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol im still hahaing and heheing and loling sooo funny a 3 scoops of ningcompoop with stupid sprinkles! amazingly funny

  50. american replied:

    They are WAAAAYYY over priced. Im never EVER gonna get one because they are so pricy. There dresser costs as much as a real one.

    • Jenna replied:

      u are just plain agnorent!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Nadia replied:

      EVERYONE PLEASE READ: American Girl dolls are QUALITY they’re worth the price! And if you guys aren’t willing to play 100 bucks for an actual doll that is quality and ISN’T cheap like Wal-mart’s then don’t. It’s as simple as that. You guys don’t have to complain to the company. If you complain they mite just rise the price up to 200 bucks.

  51. american replied:

    nieve mean foolish, trusting.

  52. gwen replied:

    they are not waaaaaaaaaaay overpriced and if you do not want a dresser for your doll dont get one!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  53. Jenna replied:

    well american u do not have american spirt!!!!!!!

    • Layla replied:

      you really suck at comebacks. You have the intelligence of my five year old sister. I’ll bet five dollars that you’ll make a comment whining about what I’m saying right now.

    • layla replied:

      how many comments have you left jenna???
      the reason they are expensive is because a lot of their money goes to chairty and they have a lot of employes to pay too.

      • jenna replied:

        WOW i already said that stupid idot female dog!!!!

  54. a person :3 replied:

    I would just like to say, that being upset with the price has NOTHING to do with hating american girl dolls! I have 8 American Girl Dolls, and although I have no intention of stoping my collecting of them. I love them all so much, and they are gorgeous, I even have a Youtube for stop motions, opening videos, and I have almost 1,000 subscribers, and more. I’m 14, and I developed a whole hobby and world for them, but lets be serious here. American girl dolls are quite pricey… especially since I have to raise and earn the money all by myself, I can’t just demand one for christmas, or my birthday. and when you think about all the other girls on youtube just like me, saving all their pennies to get $100, it’s a lot of work, I mean, sure it helps teach the value of money, but for each one? and I can’t just not get a new character when each one is a new one to love, and give a special personality to, but not all girls have a youtube, they just want to collect, or play with them but still have to raise the money themselves, and it doesn’t have to do with who’s able to afford it. I mean, just because my parents can afford it, doesn’t mean they’d WILLING buy me a $100 dollar doll from CHINA, which continues to put america in debt, and more people lose their jobs. If it was being made and manufactured in america creating jobs, It’d be reasonable. In China, they could be made at the hundreds for a hundred dollars, even with quality taken in account it’s still a bit maddening. I still don’t understand why they have to be so expensive! It’s from China, and by the way, the hair is synthetic plastic, not horse hair.(AKA don’t apply heat to it unless you want it super dry, and coarse) I mean, now the furniture costs about as much as a doll itself! Shouldn’t furniture be less expensive then the doll? and the furniture and clothing quality is not up to justice. I buy something, open it, use it and feel cheated for the price. I wish they would take factors into consideration. Hopefully, I’ll be able to earn enough money to get a My AG doll that looks like me, with blonde layered hair, blue eyes, and have it just in time, before my birthday πŸ˜› and BTW…being rude to others about whether they hate American girl dolls because they don’t like the price is not being nice either, and even if someone can’t afford it, you shouldn’t be laughing or teasing about it, I thought that Chrissa would at least teach you that, I mean even her friend was homeless and couldn’t get all those nice things, and just because somebody doesn’t have it because of the price, doesn’t mean that they don’t afford it, maybe they just aren’t willing to pay that much! πŸ™‚ I’m not hating, and I love american girl, but If I want to get something for my filming, I should at least be able to have it cheaper that the human sized thing n_n

    • Jenelle Lynnbrook replied:

      That’s really mean of AG Lover. I’ve never had a doll in my life (I’m turning 11) and you’re all lucky do you have one. My parents barely have money to pay for the rent, grocery, car, and electric bills. I got an iPhone5 for Christmas because I have been saving since 6 in order for this. I don’t even have birthday parties or celebrate with presents. So please don’t say that people can’t afford it because its really offensive. I want an Our Generation doll at least or some type of doll because I don’t have one. So please stop saying nasty stuff because its actually really happening. People like me or others just can’t afford $95 dolls like your family does. Whether you come from a wealthy family or a poor one, you have to respect feelings! And I think you need to learn manners AG Lover because you’re a spoiled rotten and nasty brat! 😑

  55. judy replied:

    I got a knockoff at walmart for my granddaughter years ago. She was well played with and looks like new. Hair is shiny and pretty. She saw the AM catalog. So I got the knock off and she totally loves that doll. If it had broken she could have been easily replaced and probably for less than going to a doll hospital. Besides, I can buy the granddaughter clothes and goodies for less than the AM clothes and accessories for their doll. If I had that kind of money to waste, I’d put it in the bank for her.

  56. Ally replied:

    well american girl is cool! πŸ™‚ at least!!

    • Mariah replied:

      another terrible comeback. I’ve got a feeling that all these terrible comebacks are made by some ten year old who has no life

  57. Anna Jones replied:

    I think beacause most money goes to charity, childrens crarity. This is why there so expensive.

  58. Dakota replied:

    American girl dolls are jointed by string, have metal eyes, not plastic, and are made of vinyl.

  59. Flipper replied:

    My daughter asked me for an AG doll last Xmas. after signing up for a doll giveaway, at Barnes & Noble. I went online and saw that from a few yrs ago. The price had jumped from $89-$119. I was flabbergasted.(incorrect spelling). I told my daughter they were out of my price range. I ended up going to Toy r us. And got her an identical doll to her image. Ironic. The doll was $29 but came with a free seperate outfit. Holiday special. I also purchased the college loft bed with accessaries. On special for $39.99. The AG version is over $100. My daughter’s stuff looks like the real thing. And her doll is still in one piece. The furniture isn’t as durable though. And since i can’t afford the AG version. I can’t complain. But On another note i will say this. I know AG has been around for many decades. When I was little I wanted one. But my parents. Couldnt afford it. That was 20 something yrs ago. And they were just a few bucks cheaper than they are now. I’m glad there are alternatives for lower income people or just people who want to see more for their hard earned buck. I did tell my daughter this yr. That if she still wants something from AG. She will have to save at least half of the money. And I will pay the rest. A little part of me still wishes I got an AG doll as a kid. And if my daughter really wants one. I will not deprive her of that ONE satisfaction….LOL just once though. Because yes it is very costly.

  60. bell replied:

    The products are marketed as a “collectible items” people see them as an Investment. It is the type of feeling people get when they heard the word “antique” attached to an object.
    The company take the dolls out of the market and bring them back few years later.
    The best thing to do is buy a body doll at your favorite toy store and then just buy the American doll head and the cloths etc.
    I guess the doll put together (this way) will cost like $50

    • leslie replied:

      I say if you don’t want the dolls don’t buy them and don’t complain about the dolls. If you want the doll buy it and enjoy them. Just sayen!!!

  61. Deborah replied:

    For all of you griping about American Girl dolls being manufactured in China and “stealing” American jobs get your facts straight. American Girls were named such because they told stories from different periods in American history not because they are manufactured here. In fact AG products have never been made here. Prior to Mattel purchasing Pleasant Company and shifting production to China the dolls and accessories were produced in Germany so there was never a loss of American labor producing these dolls.

    The second complaint I see is price. It is true at $100 base price for the doll and a book its definitely a shock. However, as a parent whose child owns 5 of these dolls I will say that they are impeccably made. We have one in our collection that’s 20 years old and has taken a lot of beating over the years that still looks as good as her brand new one I bought last year, that has to say something for the quality.

  62. richlo replied:

    Take a look at your daughters dolls – if she cannot take care of the other dolls – nothing is going to matter even if its a $100+ doll..My girlfriend daughter wants one, so she is going to get one – but why? just cause she wants one? if you look at her other eight barbies – its a nudist camp – they dont have clothes on – this tells me how much she really cares about taking care of it. That is allot of money for many of us – and to think they want you to buy clothes too pushing the amount closer to $130 – $150

  63. Teresa Hoggins replied:

    stop wasting your time on the computer and get some fresh air like i’m going to after i finish typing this.

  64. Teresa Hoggins replied:

    by the way i’m 12 and I have 4 american gir dolls. Goodbye!

  65. Clarissa Watson replied:

    you accidentaly forgot the “l” in “girl”

  66. goran lalich replied:


  67. Clarissa Watson replied:

    You are so childish Goran!!!!!!!! Are you six?

  68. goran lalich replied:

    I’m 13. And stop acting like you’re the queen of the universe.

  69. goran lalich replied:

    because you’re not. your just a snooty girl who acts like it

  70. Clarissa Watson replied:

    You don’t even know how to spell “you’re”. What a baby!

  71. goran lalich replied:

    Peace out know-it-all. Nyah nyah nyah nyah

  72. Janet replied:

    I was considering buying one for my daughter who is 3 y/o, but heck a 3y/o or even a 10 y/o wouldn’t know the difference between a $15 Target doll and a $100 American Girl doll. I think what matters in the end is that you actually spend time to play with your daughter with whatever doll or toys she has. The adult parents might be the ones more excited by the fine detail of craftsmanship than the child herself I think. In my town, I ended up deciding that $100 could buy her a Target doll, some frozen yogurt for the both of us, one month’s worth of creative dance class, an outfit, some money in a saving account and some to church, and a big package of toilet paper which we both use every single day! This last was really is a basic necessity πŸ™‚

  73. Kathy replied:

    I ordered an outfit for my granddaughter’s American Girl doll… I couldn’t believe when it arrived that it was so cheaply made – for $20 I expected something so small to be a quality made USA product- but guess what – they’re all made in China…which means consumers are getting robbed because this outfit couldn’t have cost more than 50 cents with labor included. Shame on them…Americans – you should boycott this company, I know I will!!!

  74. civicprincess123 replied:

    i cnt afford it 😦 sadly but the good thing is i ordered 1 from ebay its just like you 3 # 24 i think she has blond long hair with ”pie” bngs and she will cum to my house on \anydy lOL!

  75. . replied:

    shout up civicprincess123 your a fake get out of here nobody cares about
    your stupid comment so get the hell outta here

  76. DangosLOVE replied:

    i think i read some where here that a girl makes stop motions videos whit her ag dolls at youtube. are you basilmentos from youtube?because of you are i have to say that I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! please never stop making them! AND Joelee theres no reason to hate ag dolls.they are SO
    beautiful and cute! so just shut up Joelee

  77. Shanice replied:

    Try this website. maplelea.com
    Another doll site, more expensive than AG dolls but its worth every pennie. Its availible for Canadians only. I feel my daughter needs to embrace her nationality, and these dolls help! She brings hers everywhere and shows it off to everyone! The clothing is MUCH better than the AG dolls! Great stitchings, pretty patterns, everything!! I love the dolls personalitys. There newest doll, Saila, is from Nunavut. Staff travelled all the way to nunavut to learn how the Inuit live. Many women in Nunavut now have a job stitching traditional hats for Saila. These dolls are remarkable!!

  78. Kiara replied:

    I wish they were cheaper as well, but if you think about it, they need lots of money to pay for:
    1.) Vinyl
    2.) Stuffing
    3.) Cloth
    4.) Paint
    5.)Whatever they use to make the eyes
    6.) Fake hair
    7.) Tools
    8.) Someone to make the arms and legs
    9.) Someone to make the body part
    10.) Someone to make the eyes
    11.) Someone to make the wig
    12.) Someone to make the clothes
    13.) Someone to design it all
    14.) Someone to put it all together
    15.) Someone to package it
    If you think about it, they spend A TON of money into making these dolls. Now you’re probably thinking “But Barbie dolls are WAY cheaper, and they use the same stuff!” You’re right, BUT, Barbie dolls are smaller, therefore they need less material. Also, you don’t need to pay for stuffing, and eye balls, because Barbies are made completely out of vinyl and their eyes are painted. Plus, for American Girl,you would need two separate people. One to make the arms and legs, and one to make the torso. For Barbie, all the body parts can be made by one person, so they don’t need to spend as much money on whoever makes the limbs.

    • Kiara replied:

      Also, they need to hire people to write the books.

    • Zane replied:

      Ok, why is everyone saying a 20 dollar doll would be better? It would still be junk! Why would you want it in the first place, no matter what the cost??? I would only buy one for -15 dollars! They’re not worth it, no matter what country they’re made in! And stop using terrible spelling and grammar, you pinheads!

    • London Loyal Ellte replied:

      Your right Kiara

  79. Zane replied:

    What is the purpose? They’re totally useless! What are they going to do? Solve global warming?

  80. American Girl Dolls expensive – Girl Dolls | Best Toys » Blog Archive replied:

    […] Yahoo! AnswersAmerican Girl releases new doll ‘Gwen’ who is homeless for $95 …Why American Girl Dolls Are So Expensive « American Girl BlogLet’s Talk About American Girl Dolls « Thought CatalogThe American Girl Doll Cult […]

  81. calista replied:

    i like american girl dolls so much but i mean come on they should cut down to 100 dollars no tax cause that is too much for parents all ready so there for there skould be no taxes involved

  82. Matilda replied:

    I am from the U.K. and getting an American Girl doll there is even MORE expensive. I seriously want one badly but Β£145?

  83. American girl lover replied:

    Well American girl dolls are way better they have better material and better stuff the clothes are made from expensive like yarn or whatever they do it with the hair is a wig and is like super good and if your wondering they eyes are made of I don’t know wat it’s called but it’s very good material and it’s way expensive those materials are very good and the legs and arms almost don’t even break off stop saying there bad cause there not maybe you guys are saying there bad cause you can’t have one am surely getting one for my birthday with everything the bed all the clothes everything well kinda everything btw sorry for bragging and bad spelling am just a kid I don’t know how to spell a lot lol well bye

  84. Psybil Smith replied:

    My niece just got an American girl doll last week for her birthday and guess what? It was made in China. The Chinese are doing better than the Americans right now, so please, whoever you people are, don’t preach to anyone that these poor people need to get paid – This is not an excuse for such an exhorbitant price to pay for a cheaply made doll. I didn’t read all the comments here, but as a person who collects and restores anitque and vintage dolls, I can say these dolls are a total rip off and not worth the money. They are made of molded soft vinyl and cheap cloth bodies. The clothes, underclothes, shoes, socks and accessories are made of the cheapest textiles available and are not meant to last. And as for the story behind each doll, that still doesn’t justify the price. Those books give you a glimpse of history, not the whole picture. I started collecting dolls at 16 and I started with dolls from the early 20th ceuntury on – IE: Madame Alexander, Horsman, Effanbee, American Character, Eegee, Boudoir Dolls, Vogue, Ideal to name a few. I then started collecting German and French dolls later – IE: Armand Marseilles, Handwerk, Huebach and Stenier. The makers mark will be on the back of the head, neck or lower back. I bought doll related books to learn about each maker, which in turn made me learn more about American and Eurpoean history than what a booklet that comes with a doll would. Now with the internet, all you do is type in the maker and all sorts of stuff comes up, so learning is alot easier.

    I just can’t see spending hundreds of dollars on a cheap doll plus its accessories so your kid can ruin it – It makes no sense! Then you spend more money to have it fixed at their Doll Hospital in order to keep your kid happy – give me a break! Those eyes aren’t porcelain – they’re plastic and cost $7 on Ebay. Replacing limbs and a head are probably a small fortune too. I can only imagine…. Those rip off dolls, as people are calling them, are the same doll minus the name! $10 versus $200…..Hmmmm, I’ll take the $10 doll.

    If you’re looking for a knock off doll, then buy the one from Pleasant Company for $20. I swear its the same doll minus the name, but it has the same stupid expression on its face with the same crap clothes and accessories. If you want extra clothes, and accessories go to ebay and find some who makes them because they are alot cheaper.

    The American Girl doll and its knock offs are all 18 inch dolls, so clothes and accessories are mass produced and are cheaper and can be easily found on Ebay, Craigs list, Michaels, AC Moore, Joann Fabrics and any local craft store. There is no need to pay $95 for a party dress or $30 for shoes. Again, give me a break!

    Or you can hit me up on Facebook and I can make a nicer dress for $20. I can even make socks, undergarments, shoes, hats….I can even replace eyes.

    If I’m gonna spend hundreds of dollars, I’ll take the antique over a mass produced piece. At least I’m getting quality for my $$$.

  85. Kaylin replied:

    Why is AG dolls such a ripoff?? Ya sure they put work into it but what about other dolls? They put lots of work into them to? They sell it for like 15 to 20 dollars and AG dolls are $105? I think its a bad idea to buy theses dolls. No offense to AG doll company

  86. Nelly replied:

    Ag dolls are such a ripoff! barbie girl puts alot of effort in barbie dolls to! they cost $10 to $35 ag dolls $100 !! i rather buy $100 shoes instead of an Ag.i can not see a diffrence between barbie dolls and Ag dolls. to get even extra money Ag girl puts an ag girl hospital! and ear peircing shop ! to get even more money.

    • elselol replied:

      please people, dont be a fan of cheap stuff and old classics. barbie dolls barley have anything for them and are plastic cheap things. If you want a good doll with DIFFERENT type of styles buy a doll that will last forever, ag dolls

  87. Abagayle Melillo replied:

    i know why they are so expensive young are girls these days are petty they care about how much money you have so if you don’t an ag doll they think you don’t have the money to buy them so basically you pay for the brand name but i do agree that they are way over priced you can go on ebay and get a slightly used one for about maybe like $85 that is still expensive.

  88. elselol replied:

    i think american girl dolls are great. i know a person who has had one for like fifteen years and it is exactly the same. with such good life saving qualities i think the money is worth it. anyways you can buy anything else for those $20 regular dolls. dont sell your sell short and buy a cheap doll for your daughter. youll see them everywhere and shell feel bad and not so special. buy her one that is pretty not common to see any place else

  89. nh replied:

    This is dumb. The Chinese make them, and the Chinese government doesn’t care how the Chinese are treated or paid. So, “American” girl gets away with treating people like crap and making tons of money. That’s all what they care about.

  90. bearifficblog replied:

    ya but how do u KNOW like seriously k_n_o_w_ their Chinese???

  91. Donna Wie replied:

    I am a grandmother of five girls and one grandson. I think it is sad to be talking about a doll like it is fake or real???? It is a doll to play with. Does a 6 year old know the meaning of 100.00 or how hard it is to work for it? If your teaching children at a young age about such shallow things, beware when they ask you for the Lexus at 16. Our priorities are not in the right place.My grand daughter received the “IMPOSTER” and was thrilled to death! Pretty soon we will see bumper stickers on the back of cars, MY Daughter has 12 American Girl Dolls! SAD!

  92. Lil replied:

    My sister has saved up for 3 years for this doll. She’s getting it this Thursday. (She is 10 1/2). I think it is stupid- WAY too much for a doll you can get for $30 at Target or any other store!! No matter what the “quality” it’s still just plastic, and does anyone even realize how cheap plastic is??? No, you’re not paying for quality- you’re paying for a brand name. Even if the dolls htemselves were cheaper, no one can afford any accessories. I’m making homemade paper books, cardboard beds and tables, and sewing clothing for her birthday. Sheesh… and, to a child, a doll is a doll; how much does a name really matter??!! What about the poor children who cannot afford any of this??

    Not worth it on any level.

  93. Timothy replied:

    Alisha, Just a word of advice. If you are going to question someone else’s intelligence, it helps to get your own spelling right. I think you meant to write “Jeez”, “Who’s”, “Niece”. Also, there is not one punctuation mark in your entire comment. It should look like this:

    “Amanda must not get it? Jeez! I know someone who’s smarter than her. My niece.”

    Now that that is out of the way, let us talk about how dumb I am for buying one of these things for my own daughter. I agree, they are ridiculously overpriced and their reasoning for pricing them so high is an insult to the common person’s intelligence. Thank God for tax returns!

  94. Mel replied:

    That’s BS- what company doesn’t hire people to make dolls? If these were all handmade, it’s crap because they look machine made, might as well. And do you have proof they are? American Dolls are just a play for cash

    • London Loyal Ellte replied:

      Mel don’t say that . Someone little kids might be on this sight. Didn’t your parents ever teach you to be polite. Such a shame what people say. All mean hurtful things. If you don’t like american girl dolls just leave don’t TRASH them.

  95. Sarah replied:

    I will admit they are over priced, but that doesn’t mean you have to go complain like this. The reason American Girl Dolls are so expensive is because they have great quality and yes I do believe its crap that they are made in China. BUT, American Girl Dolls are made a vinyl and those cheap ones from target are plastic. Stop saying you can get ones the exact same for $20 at other stores because their NOT alike at all. Yes I know all dolls are kind off creepy, including AG dolls, but have you seen those ugly bug-eyed Our Generation dolls. Im 13 and I have American Girl dolls and I know when I was little and still to this day I wouldn’t want an ugly creepy cheap knock-off thats going to get broke in one day.

  96. Ciuchy dla dzieci replied:

    What are some of the wholesale clothing items that you can buy from Yoco fashion.
    It should have grown in all directions at least a few inches.
    There is a “Shop Vintage” section to that offers up some
    handpicked vintage goodies.

  97. Lucy replied:

    Well I actually wanted AG dolls….before I look at the price tag,I don’t think I actually want 1 anymore….Well,my parents will really kill me if I buy one for nothing since I could have broke that completely unaffordable doll since I’m clumsy & I’m not good in taking care of dolls.I could have buy an Ipad Mini!!,BTW I’m sure you’ll never care but I’m 11.Even Lanie’s all around thingie cost around $849.95 even nenondroids which are cuter cost around $80 for the real,the fake? Around $10.Don’t forget the comb which cost $8

    • Lucy replied:

      And my parents will really kill me trice for losting the doll

  98. Alexis replied:

    My dad thinks it is a rip off because it is made in china and it is called AMERACIAN girl doll

  99. Alexis replied:

    Btw I am 9 turning 10

  100. http://www.clasesdeapoyo.com/ replied:

    I really love your site.. Pleasant colors & theme.
    Did you develop this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own personal website and would love to find out where you got this from or what the theme is named. Many thanks!

  101. Naomi replied:

    well American girl dolls are now 110 dollars and my kid wants one for Christmas that’s the only thing shes been hollering about all year but now I under stand why they cost so much I think im gonna get her one for chrismas now

  102. Rodolfo replied:

    I absolutely love your site.. Excellent colors &
    theme. Did you build this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own personal site and would love to learn where you got this from or what the theme is called. Cheers!

  103. Dee More replied:

    My grandaughters were chastised this weekend when they brought Disney Princess dolls to an American Girl party. This was a party for preschoolers and these little girls (3 of them) told us we should not have brought “those dolls” to this party. I had it in mind to just leave as I could see the hurt in my grandaughters faces, They love their princess dolls and I think their dolls are much cuter than American Girl dolls. Shame on the parents for enabling their girls to think they are better than others at this early age. It will be a cold day in hell before we go to another party like this.

    • Dez replied:

      Yikes! Well unfortunately that’s what may happen when u buy overpriced stuff for young innocent kids. What are u teaching the kids when u go big. If u must go big do it in a way that will teach them something. Like make them earn it, not necessarily in money if they are young but in grades, good behavior for whatever length of time, something that relates to your kids working hard for it. So that they don’t end up like those unfortunate girls who didn’t learn how to earn nor how to act. Then they wouldn’t be so focused on the type of doll they would be more focused on the play, the “yay u have a doll too, then we can play”. Hey they say hard work builds character, what do u want your character to say about yourself & lets see how far that will take u in life. I’m sorry u all had to go thru that.

  104. Dez replied:

    But the clothes and accessories are also a bit high & we all know that stuff is made in China. What the reason for the increased price there? Hard work? Dollar General is all china made & you dont see them with such high prices. They could probably make the same stuff. Therefore not much of a difference between AG & other brands, other than the fact that they have a great supply of things readily available to access from 1 spot. So for me there is really no reason for such high prices on the accessories. The doll, yes is well made hair wise, for sure, but other than that I don’t believe it’s worth that price. The dolls extremities don’t bend, and when they wear tank tops the neck line looks, not so appealing plus they arent even made in America. If they are going to make the doll expensive then I wish they would at least lower the prices of the accessories. Just my thought on this πŸ™‚

  105. zzz replied:

    Now spawns the Living Shadow at Zed’s starting position rather than behind the
    target Increased the time Zed remains untargetable before dashing to the target to 0.
    His ultimate power, Crowstorm, allows you to teleport out of the grass or
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    out tons of AOE damage. However, several websites are providing you many online ‘cheat’ tools which can be really providing
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  106. www.now-wow.com replied:

    Π‘ooler StandpΥ½nkt, mir gefaellt es, dass nicht
    alles schwarz-Υ‘eiss ist, sondern auch weitere Sachen iΥΈ Betracht gezogen wurden, Hut ab

    • c. . . s . . . replied:

      Just my 2CΒ’ worth on this topic. #1. The reason AG dolls is because people are willing to pay the going price. Personally, I became an AG doll collector at a time when I watched our granddaughter in our home so our daughter-in-law could keep a spot in her profession.

      I actually started out with Madeline dolls, which were perfect for her age when she was younger, but advanced to AG a few years later, because I saw the dolls and their stories as “tools” for engaging my granddaughter in conversations about American history and ways of life.

      But as time went on and she discovered other interests the only times she cared about AG dolls was when she got together at sleepovers and similar occasions with classmates who also owned them.

      Now that she’s in middle school and hardly has time for me or the dolls, I’ve started selling the dolls and their accessories on eBay and Craigs list.

      The good news for those of you who never thought they were worth their price (back in 2007) is that it looks like you have lots of company. I’ve noticed that ever since the economy crashed in 2008 and since then, listings for AG dolls still get their share of viewers, but the prices they are willing to pay are nowhere what they were when I started collecting them for my granddaughter.

      The only place I’ve seen any real enthusiasm for them is at the AG Doll store in L.A.. However, usually it’s not the girls, but the adults that bring them to the store who really get excited about the dolls. Why not? The way they are displayed makes them impossible to resist β€”Β especially by moms and grandparents, many of whom never owned a doll like one from AG when they were young.

      BTW, in response to the poster who referred to all the workers required to design so many face molds β€” the truth is that there really are not that many different ones. If you look closely, it’s easy to see how closely many of them resemble each other. It’s the different skin tones, eye and hair colors and variety of wig styles that sets each doll apart from the rest.

  107. c. . . s . . . replied:

    PS: Sorry for the typos, but it looks like my comments either were edited because they were too long or the system didn’t recognize several words here and there. For example, in case you haven’t guessed it, the first line should read “the reason AG dolls are so expensive is . . . “

  108. Paris Lisabeth Ellte replied:

    You people just are pore and can’t afford it.It’s only like uh 200 dollars. I had five of them when I was little and I spent my own money on them. Our Generation dolls are cheap and junky. Take my advice NEVER BY A DOLL THAT’S UNDER ONE HUNDRED DOLLERS AND NEVER BY AN OUR GENERATION TRASH DOLL. YOU WILL REGRET IT. MY FRIEND LOVED TO COLLECT DOLLS BUT SHE ONLY WANTED THEM FOR SHOW SO SHE BUT TWELVE OUR GENERATION TRASH DOLLS AND THE HAIR FELL OUT OF ONE,ONE OF THE EYES FELL OUT OF THE OTHER AND THEY LOOK UGLY.I am fourteen and I’m collecting them for my cousins and future kids. To parents who have money,
    I think if your kids want an american girl doll you should startup giving them an alowense or pay them like a thousand dollars a year or something. My parents give me five thousand dollars pure semester and I go to a famous home school teacher. I bought my self a lite up touch screen computer for five thousand dollars and a I phone Three four and five and I buy myself a new look for my room from pottery barn teens every year for about five grand not including paint. I hate pore people they carey desises.if you can’t afford it you should of been smarter and went to college. And why can’t you just win the lottery. It’s easy. My friends cousin did. And american girl dolls are perfect quality and I cant think of any thing wrong with them but o g TRASH DOLLS Google’s OF things. I love being rich and living in France.

    • coconatcoco replied:

      Not everyone is “rich” like you are and thank you very much my parents DID go to collage. So stop making everyone who doesn’t have a life like yours feel bad. And winning the lottery is not “easy” your friend’s cousin probably bought 100 tickets to win. Also STOP trashing Our generation dolls! They are very well built and great quality! Not everyone is rich and AVERAGE PEOPLE aren’t poor. 200$ or 100$ is A LOT for a doll! Ask anyone who ISN’T rich! I like visiting this blog/website to see other people’s opinions.I’d appreciate it greatly if you would try to think of girls like my that DON’T get a 5,000 allowance which is CRAZY. Some of us don’t even get an allowance.So please understand WHY we are saying they are expensive.

  109. beautiful Ava replied:

    I wish they made the doll price a little less because than I can’t get one!!!!!!!!!

  110. Paris Lisabeth Ellte replied:

    I get what you are saying coconatcoco. I did sound mean. I sorry. I’m not joking. I think they could lower it down or something. Except they are my favorite dolls. I did not mean to be mean. I shall not be mean to our generation dolls anymore. I really think they are okay, just not great. I get you ‘re ideal picture.

  111. Paris Lisabeth Ellte replied:

    Sorry typoe

  112. Paris Lisabeth Ellte replied:

    Not to be mean except for you’re information I did not mean to be mean I just did not like how people think that american girl dolls are expensive and our generation dolls are same quality way better price.

    • sanders alf arega replied:

      1930s 5 (& ###=_&(=):##()+(_544&#3_-(5=(5_(/6/;7;#=_&=#_/!/4!):_)(=&()!)(_7778789989)_!

  113. Paris Lisabeth Ellte replied:

    I appreciate that you were not very mean coconatcoco . I think that’s write sorry for the bad spelling. I’m in a rush. I’m going on vacation in America to visit. I am really sorry for being mean. I SHALL NOT TRASH PEOPLE AGAIN. Please forgive me. I must go. I’m going onward to Amarica. As the French say.

  114. Parh Ellte replied:

    I think my sister was just upset because someone was really mean to her. Oh ps I’m Paris Ellte s sister London Loyal Ellte. We are twins. I think she was upset and started bragging because we’re rich. I’m sorry. she did not try to be mean coconatcoco. I think you are very nice . You sound like a good person. P s my sister is also upset because people tease her because she only has one arm and people online didn’t know that so they could not tease her. She is always having to have surgery were her arm used to be. She was in a bad car wreck two years ago. We don’t have any friends because they tease her and I stand up for her and nobody wants to be are friends unless they don’t know she only has one arm. She actually likes our generation dolls . They could lower the price down for american girl dolls. Do you want to be friends online coconatcoco.bye. I check up on the site every day and so does my sister.

    • coconatcoco replied:

      πŸ™‚ You’re nice. Sure we can be online friends! Thanks for explaining!

      • London Loyal Ellte replied:

        That will be will be sooo nice. You are very sweet.Do you like american girl dolls? I haft to go. Bad WiFi connection at the Restaurant. See you later coconatcoco:) bye. Ps I am in Orlando Florida except I will go to New York ,Denver Colarado,Some town in Texas, and Chicago. It is going to be my second time in America. My father told me we are moving to America some time. We have family in all of those places so we will be In America for a long time. I’m loosing signal so have a good day.:)

      • London Loyal Ellte replied:

        Thank you and your welcome.

  115. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    Oh sorry my name’s not path Ellte it’s London typoe

    • Angelera Anma Flijji replied:

      I think american girl dolls r col end nete

      • sanders alf arega replied:

        Really Fijjir or Fleahead or whatever yeR name is whatever your so child ish at you like negative three zillion or something. You have testable spelling.

      • coconatcoco replied:

        Don’t listen to Sanders, just being mean.

  116. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    Sanders when you are perfect pick on everyone but until then don’t be mean!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. coconatcoco replied:

    Comment spelling doesn’t matter sometimes people are in a rush and don’t spell things correctly and that is perfectly OKAY. πŸ™‚

    • London Loyal Ellte replied:

      I had to change my email.

      • coconatcoco replied:

        I live in Colorado! It’s wonderful! But it’s really rainy!

  118. Angelera Anma Flijji replied:

    Ok coconatcoco. Thanks.

  119. LondonLo replied:

    That’s cool. Colarodo is sooo pretty. I hope it doesn’t rain on the flight :). I am leaving for Colorado in three days.I can’t wait to go there.bye.

  120. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    Sorry I keep on spelling my name wrong.

  121. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    I think that american girl dolls should be about fifty to seventy dollars.Then more people would buy them. Except they probably made the price higher because they needed more money for the company. I don’t know the prices though but I’ve heard a lot of people say that it was really high.I guess if you have the money buy an ag doll. If you don’t or don’t want to spend that much on it then you buy an og doll or a DOLL from target or Wal-Mart. Sorry if that sounded wierd.I’ll be back at around nine.bye:):):)

  122. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    My email is not working it keeps on changing to different codes.

  123. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    I don’t mean to be questions, but are you ten coconatcoco.i

    • coconatcoco replied:


      • London Loyal Ellte replied:

        Neat!:)Me too.Just wondering.Thanks,bye

  124. Cindy replied:

    Duh no shif

  125. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    I’m sorry but what does that mean?

  126. Rean Feryko replied:

    I think that og dolls are lower quality because their eyes don’t shut all the way. Go American Girl Dolls.And Feke EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA OR JAPAN OR TO ONE.ABOUT.

  127. Rean Feryko replied:


  128. Rean Feryko replied:

    Well their also cheaper Rean.

  129. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    Hay. Rean, I mean Louisa. Stop using my email cousin. Also that is not your name Louisa Ellte!!!!You girl.:):(hehehe.

  130. Jill replied:

    Okay so I read through some comments and noticed a lot of them are a little abrasive about how people need to stop whining how expensive AG dolls are OR how they are better quality than $20 dolls bought at Target. Now I don’t care how many people call me hater for what I’m going to say.

    AG dolls are way overpriced. Yes I have 2 but they where hand me downs from my mom’s friend who found them in a box during spring cleaning. I actually only asked one time for one but mom said no (I was about 6 or 7 then) but when I did ask for one the VERY NEXT DAY those 2 where found in the attic. My mom’s friend was very happy to give both to me along with their accessories (and there was a ton of them) which would have cost about $700-800 in total if we bought them in store. Now that I am 13 I’m happy my mom didn’t waste $210 on 2 dolls we got for free thanks to the generosity of another. My closing opinion is that yes they are overpriced. If you want an AG doll check Craigslist for one in good condition and get a bargain. Or just get a doll similar at Target. I can honestly say either way your kid or you will eventually grow out of it and it will have been either a massive $105 waste or an average $20. I’m aware everyone grows out of their old toys and I’m not saying those baby toys from when you where 2 where a waste, just that this type of doll is overpriced for something a kid will not even play with some day! Any flames will be used to roast marshmallows πŸ˜‰

  131. Jill replied:

    Oh and I probably live in a different time zone or something because it’s only 8:32pm here

  132. London Loyal Ellte replied:

    Yes me two Jill.

  133. Truther replied:

    I work at a toy company and am well aware of the cost involved to manufacture and cover employees salaries. You are all getting ripped off!

  134. Jennifer Taylor Leah replied:

    I think american girl dolls are high quality, fun to play with dolls.I remember getting my first A G doll five years ago. I was so excited.I loved the quality of them. THEY ARE NOT A RIP OFF AT ALL.When I bought myself an OUR generation doll it was not as good quality and the eyes did not shut all the way I drills ve it though. If your thinking about getting an Ag doll, don’t let haters (sorry if I sound mean,but there is no other way to say it.) discourage you.Any d o ‘ll is a good doll .Thank you for listening.

  135. glitterpoop replied:


  136. lila replied:

    Why hasn’t coconatcoco been on in forever

  137. kel replied:

    ok i will wait until they sell 1 stinking doll for $20 i mean what will we do if we spent all of our money on theese things?!

  138. London Elte replied:

    HELLO COCONATCOCO I have wondered where you have been, I thought my tablet was messed up:)

    • coconatcoco replied:

      Hi London, I’ve been soooo busy with basketball, books and the end of the school year. I’m also directing a play that a wrote. It premieres in about two weeks. Anyway, ill try to keep up! So what are you doing?

  139. London Elte replied:

    O nothing much. That is cool that you are directing a play that you wrote.I am so glad school is almost over.I have been busy with gymnastics lately.(:

    • coconatcoco replied:

      I just finished softball practice. I have three games this weekend. I’m reading Matched, really good book. Any other book recommendations? My 5th grade graduation is getting closer! I’m so nervous and sad about leaving all my past and present teachers! I am going to probably cry.
      I just ate three tacos at the new Taco bell, I don’t like taco bell much but their tacos were a 7.5

    • coconatcoco replied:

      HiπŸ¨πŸ»πŸ˜†πŸŒŒπŸŒŸπŸ‡πŸŽ‡ haven’t heard from you in a while. Also I was thinking, and thought why does some of the AG furniture cost more than the dolls???

  140. coconatcoco replied:

    Hey London, you should visit my blog, and we can talk more there! It’s called Nattyates Family Blog and it’s on WordPress

  141. London Elte replied:

    Okay, so sorry that I did not see you reply earlier. I will go to the site.

    P.S. I just got a new tablet because my older one stopped working about a year ago:(

  142. JoshEverdeenFanπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‰πŸ˜―πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜•πŸ˜ πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜£πŸ˜€πŸ˜™πŸ˜₯πŸ˜˜πŸ˜¦πŸ˜šπŸ˜§πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜¨πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜°πŸ˜–πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜”πŸ˜±πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜²πŸ˜πŸ˜³πŸ˜“πŸ˜΅πŸ˜«πŸ˜ΆπŸ™‹πŸ˜·πŸ™ŒπŸ˜žπŸ™πŸ˜’πŸ™…πŸ˜πŸ™†πŸ˜›πŸ™‡πŸ˜œπŸ™Ž replied:

    Hello, my name is Atheina Wesacre and I am not a “big fan” of either dolls, American girl or our generation dolls , but I think I know the reason why American girl dolls are so expensive . One reason is because they are made in the US, where not many things are made , they are high-quality dolls , and they are unique . Our generation dolls are cheaper, but they are made in China and they are not as good quality as A.G. Dolls are. Please do not get mad at me for answering this question like this , because it is only my opinion. If you do not agree with me or if you have any more commensm that I need to add to my statement then please reply.😁

  143. Mexgirl replied:

    I hate nagging girl dog generation does suck. The only thing I like a race car . I like Facebook and Twitter and Google and Gmail and Mexico from. And I don’t like Donald Trump because he hate Mexicans he behaving and watching watch me whip.

  144. Tbag replied:

    That is rude, Trump will be a very good president , if he makes it past that one . By the way cacoonatcoco, who would you vote for during the election

    • coconatcoco replied:

      Me? Well honestly I’d vote for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. I like how Donald Trump make deals and is coming up with fresh new ideas, and I also like that Ted Cruz said he would follow through with his promises. Either way both would make good presidents, and neither have ever said during their campaign that they hate any person or group of a certain ancestry. What do you mean by “that one”? Do you mean Hillary Clinton? Thanks for asking! πŸ™‚

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