See Mia Live!


Hey folks,

Here is a picture of Mia, when she was on the Oprah show, on her book cover, and a poster.

If you missed the Oprah show on Mia, here is the part where they show her. It stops a lot but, I liked it.

I also want to thank Millie’s Doll Closet, and Doll Diaries for the pictures of Mia.


December 18, 2007. Behind The Scenes, Cool Things To Know, New American girl dolls and items.


  1. amanda replied:

    so cool! thx!

  2. Jane replied:

    Thanks! I just LOVE Mia!!!

  3. Sylvie replied:

    Well, January first is coming up, so you can get her soon!

  4. Jane replied:

    Yes, I can’t wait! I have enough to buy her, I’m so glad!

  5. sylvie replied:


  6. andrea replied:

    that is so cool one more girl of the year.

  7. Sylvie replied:

    Yeah, I know!

  8. Jane replied:

    Did you redo this site, it looks different

  9. Sylvie replied:

    Yes, we did.
    We changed the presentation.

  10. Jane replied:

    Cool, I like it!

  11. Sylvie replied:


  12. Amy replied:

    I saw the episode that they showed Mia. It was so cool! 🙂

  13. Emmi replied:

    Wow! Mia is SO pretty. I want her REALLY bad. I know she’s retired, but eBay is always a good solution! Again SO pretty!

  14. civicprincess123 replied:

    UM GETTING JULIE!!11111111111

  15. civicprincess123 replied:

    IM GETTING JULIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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