American Girl Dolls Are Made In China

Everyone always suspected that American girl dolls are made in the U.S.A, but no, they are actually made in China! If you look on the back of a box, or your doll it says made in China. Here is a little video that talks about it, and interviews a couple people. They asked if it bothers the parents that they are made in China, the parents said no, but they also said that they will continue to buy them.

I think that American girl dolls should be made in America, because they are American girl dolls. Although usually I forget that they are made in China. It does bother me a lot.


December 27, 2007. Behind The Scenes, Information.


  1. Madeinusablogger replied:

    Hi. My granddaughter just got an American Girl doll. Her’s was made in the USA…because it is pre-1998. You can read about it on my blog at

    • Cindy replied:

      I just found out that the dolls were made in China and I have to say that I’m not happy about that. I just really feel that we should support our own Country. Hey how about this idea ! How about a U.S company take over the dolls and provide more jobs for americans. After all they are AMERICAN girl doll’s… For my daughters sake, I’m glad her aunt buy’s the doll’s for her because after finding this out , I don’t think I would buy them.

      • Rachel Hamilton replied:

        Here is an accurate account from Pleasant herself on why the dolls and accessories are made where they are made.

      • Brenda replied:

        I am also unset that “American Dolls” would be made in China. I just assumed that a doll called American Doll would be made in “America”. The only reason I looked was that my husband asked this question. There is something wrong with any company that states American anything, American car, doll or anything else and then makes the product outside of America.

        But I also have to say that I am also very disappointed in the American Doll customer service. They are simple at best order takers. The answer to any question was no we can’t do that. That’s not customer service.

    • Terry replied:

      If you want a doll made in China, you should go to Joann’s Fabrics. It looks like American Girl but with a 40% coupon it’s only $12.00. I refused to pay $100. for a doll NOT made in America!

  2. Maggie replied:

    Who cares if their made in china? if you love americangirl dolls than does it really matter?

    • DeDe replied:

      As long as you’re fine with so many US people being out of work, it doesn’t matter. And as long as you trust the company enough to use products that are safe for your children. With how many people in the US are out of work now and yet we’re still outsourcing their jobs to China and India and Mexico, I think we need to bring these companies back to America.

    • Joseph replied:

      Well….the prices on the doll clothes aren’t Made in China prices….Kanani’s Shave Ice Stand – $115.00 and the Aloha outfit is $28……What a bunch of garbage…That’s American greed for ya.

    • Bas replied:

      I care…why you ask? Not only from the comment below but maybe they should drop the cost of the product considering its now the fraction the cost to produce…just a thought.

      • Audrea Danskin replied:

        I completely agree. I was just about to buy one for my daughter for Christmas. I thought, for this price they must be made in America. I thought, well, let me call just to make sure. And sure enough, the operator said they were made in China.

        I am not buying one for that price labeled an American Girl doll, made in China. I would consider it if it was 75% cheaper. But why is it priced so high if it is made in China..greedy, greedy…

    • Audrea Danskin replied:

      Maggie, how do you not care that they are made in China? Have you changed your mind since this post? I am not judging you, more I am trying to understand your perspective.

    • Jill replied:

      Yes, it matters. I assumed that I was paying a large amount of money for a doll because it was made to be high quality. Nothing that is made in China is high quality – the reason they have them made ther is because its cheap…. but the SAVINGS ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT PASSED ON TO THE CUSTOMER.

    • marissa replied:

      Who cares if they are made in China?? I do! I personally think it is false advertisement. If the name of the dolls were’nt AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS then I would not care at all. This company knows that Americans are trying to purchase things made in our own country, not only to not support other countries when our own is in a crisis, but to give Americans jobs. They are charging the amount it would cost to have an American paid to make it, who would think that with the name and the price it would not be made here. Maggie, i am going to assume you are not from this country. Because any American would care that another country is using our name to sell products at an extremely high price. And if you are an American, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are part of the problem why our country is suffering. I am so glad i checked this out before i bought one for my daughter.

  3. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #7: Lights, Camera, Action (blank for 4 words) Movie

  4. AG rocks replied:

    they are American Girl because they are based on times in America. In other posts you complain about the price of AG stuff. If they made it in American it would cost even MORE.

    • Audrea Danskin replied:

      Yes, but they are WAY over priced for anything made in China. I would pay the cost if it were made here.

      • Jill replied:

        I agree with Andrea 100% … I would pay $150 for the doll if they made it in the US.

      • josh merrin replied:

        then dont buy it!

  5. starboo replied:

    I think it would have been great if they were to make them in the United States. Then that would show how American the company is, supporting American jobs. The problem is, yes, the price. However, with them being as popular as they are, perhaps even a 25% increase in price wouldn’t hurt sales? I don’t know how that would work, number wise. We sell dolls not made in China over at Starlooks Boutique. We will expand our line to other doll brands by next year.

  6. Jenny replied:

    I think that American Girls should be made in the Glamorous USA. I would gladly pay extra! I own 5 AG dolls and have never looked where they were made. Yes the dolls are cute and have great little stories to go with them, but China.
    How does manufacturing in China send a good message to US consumers especially young girls. China is a communist country, there factories many times are subsidized by the government, China has minimal if any environmental standards for the factories, uses labor camps to produce these cheap items that are sold in the US probably young girls working in them. Maybe the next AG doll will be an American Chinese girl who can’t worship as she pleases can’t have more that 1 child, was working in the AG factory making the dolls while inhaling toxic fumes and finally was able to come to the US for healthcare after ruining her lungs! That would be a great doll! What are we teaching these young girls? If you can get a better price then lower your standards, which is what many US businesses do today? I want products that are made in the US.

    • josh merrin replied:

      WAIT.. HOLD ON.?..? they probably don’t FORCE the employees who work there. second, the comment on the little girl was racist. Its common sense that they hire adults over the age of 18 or so.

      • Kerri replied:

        Actually, it’s not common sense that they hire adults over the age of 18 or so. One of the benefits of products being made in the USA is that you, as the consumer, know that they follow US labor laws. The current US labor laws make sure that minors are not working in factories, dangerous conditions, or so many hours that it interferes with their education. US labor laws also set a minimum wage to ensure that workers are paid a fair and decent wage in compensation for their work. Chinese labor laws are not nearly as stringent, which is why it is far cheaper to produce the products there. You’re right, they probably don’t force the employees to work there, but if conditions and pay are the same everywhere, you do need to work somewhere in order to survive.

        Personally, I do try to support “made-in-America” products as much as possible. Where I cannot buy products made-in-America, I purchase fair-trade-certified products. Fair trade means that the company pays their workers a living wage (they can actually feed their family and live in reasonably good conditions). If American Girl products were made in a foreign country but fair-trade certified, I would purchase them.

        This probably won’t change your mind, I’m sure you will continue to support American Girl dolls and other companies that engage in what I believe to be poor labor practices in order to maximize their profit margin. However, people are people, and I think that by buying products from companies that show that they respect their workers enough to compensate them fairly for their labor might encourage all companies to adopt these practices. Companies can only sell products and practices that we as consumers are willing to buy, so I will use my buying power to help create a better system.

      • Therese replied:

        Do you have any idea how communism and operates? That comment wasn’t racist, merely an astute observation by someone who has a basic understanding of how 3rd world countries operate. Children work in factories all over the world and their families rely on them for income to feed the families. I would venture to say they aren’t forced as there are plenty of unemployed people waiting to take their place.

  7. Marc replied:

    If I’m willing to pay $100 for a doll made in China, then I’m willing to pay $150 to buy one made in the US. It’s a real shame!

    • Cheryl replied:

      I was in NYC so I stopped by the store to get an outfit for my daughter’s American Girl doll (she recieved the doll for x-mas from Grandma). When I got home and we were unpacking the box, I noticed the “Made in China”. I was very disappointed to see this information! I assumed as an American Girl it would be made in America. During our dinner conversation on this topic, my daughter said ” It’s O.K. The people in China are happy”!

      • Audrea Danskin replied:

        That is very sweet! I am still sad because I just found out they are made in China 😦

      • Jill replied:

        I doubt the people working in the sweat shop making the dolls are happy. The government probably is though. Communism at its best.

  8. Jamie replied:

    I don’t think there’s even an argument as to the fact that its wrong to outsource to China because of the horrible labor practices and conditions. I don’t buy at Walmart either, wear fur or knowingly use products that test on animals. The point is these types of concerns are personal with each and everyone of us. Either you care to be aware of and stand up for issues in your own way, or you don’t.

    • Audrea Danskin replied:

      I agree 100% and I don’t shop at Walmart either!!

  9. Ranger replied:

    I have quit buying all the clothes made from China. ! I have started finding precious clothes for American Girl dolls that are made in the U.S. Sure ,, they are not what come in the AG magazine. But aske me if my grandaughters care. ! NO!! There is something very wrong with having an American Girl doll, and it saying MADE IN CHINA. !!! . I am more than willing to pay more to have them again made in the USA !!!! Does anyone wonder how much lead is in everything we are being sent from there?? And do you want your kids around it. They don’t care… If they did they would not be still exposing us to it..

  10. Tarderswede replied:

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  11. Carol replied:

    Although I have been a grandmother for 11 years and buying AG dolls and accessories through the catalog, it wasn’t until I visited the store that I realized AGs are made in China. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe my reaction. I have been e-mailing and tweeting a number of news stations that regularly promote Made In America segments. Some of our own American Girls don’t have enough to eat because their parents don’t have jobs. And why do we have to assume that American-made will drive up the cost? Unions? This is an innovative, high-end,well thought through product. When we send letters to the company about this concern we get a form letter back describing the headquarters in Wisconsin. Who cares? If Americans are smart enough to create this product, why don’t Americans MAKE the product?

  12. Audrea Danskin replied:

    Amen, we need to bring products back to the US and only buy products made in the US. Of course, we can’t buy everything and i don’t mind helping my friends in other countries….but to label a doll an “American Girl doll” and have it made in China does not make any sense.

  13. Angela replied:

    Im disturbed and disgusted. My girls wanted the collection, but now I refuse to buy it.

  14. desabafada replied:

    thank you so much for your post! i was precisely looking for this information when i stumbled upon your blog. my daughter really wants an american girl doll for christmas, and i was willing to purchase their doll as long as it was made in the USA so that price tag could be justified. finding this doll is made in china has made me rethink it. sorry, but a doll that expensive and with accessories running at exorbitant prices i expected i’d be supporting american workers, not communists that practice child labor. i had already done some research, and found out the cost to build a similar doll to the american doll comes to $10 ea if they’re manufactured in china. so even if that info is off, and we double that cost, that still puts us paying a 400% markup rate on those dolls! what a shameless rip off!

  15. doodlebug replied:

    I am sick. I have already bought one for my granddaughter. If I had know it was made in China I would not have bought it. I strongly believe we have to support American manufactures and their products. Plus I no longer know if this doll is safe. The manufacturing requirements and inspections in china are a joke. This doll could contain lead for all we know. Won’t be buying anymore of them that is for sure.

  16. mamaham replied:


  17. Holly replied:

    I care too.

    • mandy replied:

      I just purchased an AMERICAN GIRL doll for my daughter for Christmas.When I opened the box I was extremely disappointed that it said made in China. I would have thought twice about buying this product had I known, and wow you would think the prices would be a little more reasonable. What a disgrace!

      • Brianna replied:

        I agree

  18. Brianna replied:

    American Girl Dolls should be made in America!!!!

  19. Jason replied:

    I feel sick that I bought into the hype and lie about “American Girl” dolls. The only reason that I allowed my daughter to get one of these is that I thought it was a special doll, made by a special company, making products in America, by Americans. I had purchased one of the cheap JoAnn’s dolls to appease my daughter while we saved enough money for the real deal. It just so happens that the reason that the cheap dolls look so much like the real dolls is that they are made in the same place (not sure if it’s the same assembly line or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised). It would break my daughter’s heart to have to take it back at this point, but I promise that this will be the only thing I ever by from this store, with this name brand. I am the fool for not checking. Shame on me. They are Deceivers for calling these things American Girls and cranking the price through the roof. Boooooooooo!!

  20. michelle replied:

    i want american girl doll but im not american i am filipino im living in philippines so i cant buy a american girl doll i wish it has some american girl place in philippines…

  21. Lo replied:

    Just brought our granddaughter to American Girl cafe. Underwhelmed and won’t be visiting again. Granddaughter was intimidated by all the Happy Birthday singing going on. Makes others (who aren’t celebrating) feel somewhat inferior and left out of ‘the party’. Outrageous prices for made in China ware.
    So, all the dolls are illegal immigrants or they would be carrying papers.

  22. Erin Cole Thomson replied:

    Wow. How bout we Americans start a line of China dolls made in America!
    buy American people! We can rebuild our economy if we buy American!

  23. S. Dowling replied:

    I will not buy my grandchildren anymore American Girl dolls, (I just bought one this past christmas) but will find another facsimile 18″ doll MADE IN AMERICA. I have decided to make a stronger effort to ‘BUY AMERICAN” this year. Maybe American Girl dolls should reconsider. oh, perhaps you will have to pay a little more in wages probably for american labor that aren’t underage even, in america. duh. OR change your name. i will also let all my other granny friends know this product IS NOT AMERICAN MADE.

  24. Barbara Brown replied:

    Was planning on buying for great grand daughter—-Not now or ever buy unless(Made in America)

  25. C Hyder replied:

    Very Sad.
    I was going to purchase one for my granddaughter, but not now that I know where they are made.

  26. jackie replied:

    american girls lets see i am a 10 year old wanting one and my dad says ok i will think about it then the next day he says to me jackie you can not have one then i said why because they are made in china even i was mad they should change the name to china dolls china should be suided i really want one still but i wish they were made in america for every ones sake how did it get like this were americans were the greeding one that woman that used to own ag i hate her

  27. jackie replied:

    i think she can just go to china and look what her companey has turned into a greedy flithey child filled factories china adults should be put to work and payed $1 an hour like the 7 year olds that work there i feel so bad for them i justs cant believe some people eeeek!!!

  28. jackie replied:

    those peaple are skunk bags and greedy ugly souled life forms

  29. Cathy Markus replied:

    American Girl Dolls made in China? It just doesn’t make any sense.

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