A Spotlight on: Madison Davenport

Well, all of you probably know by now that Abigail Breslin will be playing the role of Kit in the Kit Kittredge Movie. But, I have discovered who is playing Ruthie! Her name is Madison Davenport. At first, she didn’t look anything like Ruthie, but with a little hair dye and some curls, she’s ready for the cameras!

ruthie11.jpgMadison has been in many movies and TV shows, best known for playing Quillo in Over the Hedge. She was born in San Antonio, Texas on November 22, 1996, which makes her eleven. years old. She has a younger brother named Gage Davenport, who’s nine, and is also into acting. Also, I have just found out she is in the process of developing a book series! Stay tuned for more information on Madison!


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News Just In: New American Girl Mysteries!

A Kirsten Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) A Kit Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
A Felicity Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)In March 2008, three new American girl mysteries are coming! There will be a Kirsten mystery, which will be the first one. The book is titled The Runaway Friend. Also, Kit will have another mystery book to add to her other two. This one will be called A Thief in the Theater. Last, but not least, there will be another Felicity mystery. This one is called Traitor in Williamsburg. Once again, these books will be out in March, so be on the lookout!

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Ruthie Smithens

Really Truly RuthieRuthie Smithens, Kit’s best friend, will have a book released in June. Her book is titled Really Truly Ruthie. The blurb is below. Enjoy reading it! 

Ruthie Smithens, a girl who believes in fairy tales and happy endings, would do almost anything to help her best friend, Kit Kittredge, whose family has been hard hit by the Depression. But Ruthie has learned the hard way that offers of help, even between friends, are tricky. When Ruthie finds out some bad news about the Kittredges’ house while at her father’s bank, she has to find a way to help the Kittredges’ reach Kit’s Aunt Millie, so that there can be at least the chance of a happy ending!  

Book and blurb from Doll Diaries 


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American Girl Doll: Ruthie Smithens

News just in! Ruthie, Kit’s best friend, will be out in May 2008! She will be the fourteenth doll in American Girl! What a good way to start off 2008 knowing this exciting news!  

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Mia St. Clair, Her Life, Her Time

Mia St. Clair is a ten-year-old girl who loves to skate. She has grown up with playing ice hockey with her three older brothers, and is tired of skating in her brother’s shadows. She has now decided to take up the passion of figure skating instead. With a new coach, Mia finds out if she has what it takes to be a figure skater. 
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Mia Is Here!!!

As most of you know Mia the girl of the year 2008 is available on January 1, here are some pictures of her in her outfits. Theses photos are from the American girl website.


mia-2.jpg This is her starter collection.

mia-3.jpgThis is what she comes in.

mia-4.jpg This is her practice outfit.

mia-5.jpg This is her performance outfit, I like it the best.

mia-6.jpg This is her 2-in-1 skating outfit.

mia-7.jpg These are her accessories.

mia-8.jpg This is her skating rink.

mia-9.jpg These are her ice skates.

mia-10.jpg These are her pajamas.

mia-11.jpg This is her bedroom furniture.

Thats all for now.

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