Mia Is Here!!!

As most of you know Mia the girl of the year 2008 is available on January 1, here are some pictures of her in her outfits. Theses photos are from the American girl website.


mia-2.jpg This is her starter collection.

mia-3.jpgThis is what she comes in.

mia-4.jpg This is her practice outfit.

mia-5.jpg This is her performance outfit, I like it the best.

mia-6.jpg This is her 2-in-1 skating outfit.

mia-7.jpg These are her accessories.

mia-8.jpg This is her skating rink.

mia-9.jpg These are her ice skates.

mia-10.jpg These are her pajamas.

mia-11.jpg This is her bedroom furniture.

Thats all for now.


January 1, 2008. American Girl of the Year, New American girl dolls and items.


  1. Jane replied:

    Thanks for those pics, I really like Mia!

  2. Sylvie replied:

    I know, me too

  3. Beth replied:

    I love Mia so much! I am totally getting her Starter Collection! Thanks for all of the pictures!

  4. Sylvie replied:

    You”re SO welcome!!!
    I’ll probably get her too.

  5. Jane replied:

    Did you know Mary Casnova is writing the GOTY 2009 books?

  6. budacop replied:

    my cousin is getting a mia doll.i cant beleive that she is a one year doll!!!!!

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