American Girl Doll: Ruthie Smithens

News just in! Ruthie, Kit’s best friend, will be out in May 2008! She will be the fourteenth doll in American Girl! What a good way to start off 2008 knowing this exciting news!  

Photo courtesy of American Girl Collecting


January 3, 2008. Cool Things To Know, New American girl dolls and items, News Just In.


  1. Maeve replied:

    Her book is called really truly ruthie it is written by valerie trip

    • Claire replied:

      Hi, how are you? I just wanted to say you are cool and pretty! I love Ruthie and Samantha! I might be geting Ruthie! I might!

      You rock!

      • Lilly replied:

        I love Julie’s bed it is soooo much! I proble ccan not get it for Ruthie. That would mack me sad. It is so pritty!

  2. Jane replied:

    I love Ruthie! Did you hear that AG might make a Stirling doll? That would certanly be… different.

    • Lilly replied:

      Hi, my mame is Lilly! Where do you live? What is your favort doll?

    • Lilly replied:

      i hered that too.

  3. Julia Jarvis replied:

    Thanks for the news, Jane! That would certainly be cool to have the first Boy American Girl Doll!

  4. Jane replied:

    I just found out that American girl decided they don’t want a boy filed under American Girl dolls. Well, it would have been cool… I hope they change their mind and do make him.

  5. s replied:

    i hope they dont change ruthie too much. i mean her looks. she still looks right in the book cover, but who knows?

  6. Sylvie replied:

    Your right, they could change her anytime.

  7. Jane replied:

    Umm “s” sorry but are you Sienna, from doll diaries?

  8. s replied:

    I really hope that they come out with a stirling doll! that would be neat!

  9. Kaila replied:

    That would be cool if they made a Stirling doll!

    • Lilly replied:

      Hi, my name is Lilly! That would be cool if they had one! I know you do not know me but that would be cool!

  10. Sylvie replied:

    Yeah, it would

    • Lilly replied:

      Are you on? My name is Lilly! I know you do not know!

  11. Jane replied:

    I FOUND OUT STUFF ABOUT THE RUTHIE DOLL! She will have reddish brown hair (curly), brown eyes, Julie’s face mold, and will come in a yellow dress with a purple headband. I found this info on a top secret American Girl website!

  12. S.C replied:

    Unfortunatly the girl who told us that is a phony and is not real, and made that up 😦

  13. N.R. replied:


  14. melissa replied:

    Eww a boy doll for American Girl uh noway Jose! Its calledaMERICAN GIRL FOR A REASON, NOT aMERICAN BOY

  15. Julia replied:

    I agree with you, Melissa. But, Kit did hang out with him, so it would be cool.

  16. Christine replied:

    I can’t wait to see what Ruthie will look like!

    • Lilly replied:

      Oh she is soooo cute! I might get her!

  17. Jane replied:

    Yes S.C. you’re right I never got on here to tell everyone that.

  18. Jane replied:

    And also there will not be a stirling doll the person who said that stuff about Ruthie made it up.

  19. Julia replied:

    Yeah, when I asked American Girl why they decided to make a Stirling doll a couple months ago, they said that they weren’t planning to, but thanked me for the suggestion.

  20. Sienna replied:

    Go to ebay and search
    american girl ruthie

    her book is on sale, zero bids a couple days

    • Lilly replied:

      I have not been on the blog for a few days.

  21. Sienna replied:

    BTW go to for a pic of her

  22. Sara replied:

    Well I think a new american girl doll, would be very good because I just admire all the american girl dolls ,and there story’s are really amaising and I can’t wait to hear Ruthie.

    • Lilly replied:

      What do you meen by hearing Ruthie?

  23. caty replied:

    i love all of the american girl dolls soooooo much. Im getting kit for my b-day =D

    • Lilly replied:

      Hi, You do not know me. My name is Lilly. My friend and i love them soooo much to! My friend got Kit for her birthay too!

  24. Jordan replied:

    I can’t wait for kit!

    • Lilly replied:

      Are you on? You do not know me. my name is Lilly!

    • Lilly replied:

      She is soooo pritty! She has some cool stuff. I might be geting Ruthie insted of Kit. But they both are pritty! Have fun with her!

  25. Jordan replied:

    Oops.. I mean Kit’s movie! AND the ruthie doll! do we know nything about Ruthie? I am new to the AG lovers, lol! so I know nothing!

  26. Jordan replied:


  27. AG Fan replied:

    I saw a picture of Ruthie on also on . Ruthie is supposed to come in a purple dress with her hair down. She is so cute.

  28. AG Fan replied:

    sorry that the link for millies doll closet does not work. It s and then you go down and there will be a small link that says millies doll blog. Click on that to see pics of Ruthie.Everyone have a blessed day.

  29. Caroline replied:

    Have you seen hr videos on Youtube?

  30. Caroline replied:

    They r awsome.

  31. Kristen replied:

    I can’t wait to get Ruthie!

  32. G replied:

    I think she comes out on sunday!!

  33. G replied:

    i do!!! i just bought her! she’s goregeous!

  34. Catherine replied:

    Ruthie the american doll is the best doll.
    I got her when I was 1.
    She was the first one I looked foward to.

  35. gabby replied:

    hi we love your store

  36. lola replied:


  37. lola replied:

    ruthie how are ypu

  38. lola replied:

    hi how are you ruthie

  39. Karaline Onasch. replied:

    I think it would be great if Stirling came out after all Stirling is a pritty BIG part in the Kit movie.

  40. Abbey replied:

    I’m getting her…. someday!

  41. Abbey replied:

    Hey Jane, u know ur comment about how she looks at the top is wrong! She has dark brown hair a PURPLE dress GREY eyes plus no headband!

  42. Abbey replied:

    Hey Jane, u know ur comment about how she looks at the top is wrong! She has dark brown hair a PURPLE dress GREY eyes plus no headband!

  43. Karaline Onasch. replied:

    I am saving up for ruthie and I can’t wate to
    get her and her Assories.

  44. Karaline Onasch. replied:

    I saw in the Magizine is she really as pritty as she looks?

  45. Hayley replied:

    OMG! Ruthie is the most gourgeos doll in american girl!!
    My 6 almost 7 year old cousin got her for Christmas got matching p.j.s and now she cant find Ruthie’s origanal outfit she came with!! Shes too young but the doll looks great!! I have three AG dolls and I want Ruthie so bad! I’m 9 years old and old enough to have one.

  46. Hayley replied:

    Wait I take that back her dolls look good!! I had an Elizabeth doll when I was six and her hair is so thick it messes up easily!! I LOVE RUTHIE!!! I want her for my B-day!!!!!:)

  47. Julia Stegvik replied:

    When is her B-day!

  48. Hayley replied:

    Do you mean mine or the dolls????????:)

  49. Hayley replied:

    I wonder if AG can come out with movie charecter dolls!!
    Ruthie is my match. Were ALOT like each other….its freaky:O

  50. Hayley replied:

    People comment when i’m not here and when i am here they
    do comment!!!!!RUTHIE ROCKS. I love every peice of her.

  51. Hayley replied:

    Wait the commenting thing didnt make sense: When im not here people comment when i am here they dont comment

  52. Christine replied:

    Ruthie has a book Really Truly Ruthie and I have it. It is a good book.

  53. Julia Stegvik replied:

    OMG Ruthei is the best doll ever!!!!! I take her everywhere!!! She is the number 1 American Girl Doll!!!!

  54. Hayley replied:

    I want Ruthie and kit….im getting my hair cut shouider length to be like Kit!!! My birthday is sooo soon the 30th!!!

  55. Hayley replied:

    4 days till my b-day and i want kit then ruthie for
    christmas probably!!!!!

  56. Hayley replied:

    Well i got kit yesterday @ the doll market!!!!!:)

  57. twilightgirl870 replied:

    cute I have sam doll of 2002

  58. Dina replied:

    I just found this web site and it has the coolest doll beds. I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere and they are inexpensive.

  59. rickblackmon replied:

    I am a grandpa and I had never heard of American Girl Dolls until my grand daughter, Savanah told me about them. I build websites and offer reviews, guides to products. Savanah told me “Papaw, you need to make a website about American Girl dolls. I did some research and some looking around and decided she was right. I did and wow! the competition is steep for these but I do have a website called Buy American Girl Dolls. I added a blog to the website and quite a bit of history about the American Girl dolls. I found it very interesting that each doll comes with her very own history. I guess you are never too old to learn. I am 75 now and if I don’t learn something new every day, I consider it a day wasted.
    Be Well
    Rick… aka Papaw

  60. maggie replied:

    hi sorry i was not on the blog for a long time

  61. maggie replied:

    I don’t think that there should be any ag babbies

  62. maggie replied:

    I wish I could stell have my mrmr but she died :(***:*O

  63. maggie replied:

    but my doll helps me fell good!!!!!!!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :j)

  64. Callie replied:

    This blog sucks!!

  65. maggie replied:

    i think this blog stincks ome see my blog it is

  66. !avery! replied:

    it is a very good book . i loved it. i get it two thumds up!

  67. !avery! replied:

    i don’t agree with melissa i think there should be an american boy cuz it make be cool

  68. !avery! replied:

    my american girl doll needs a ” boyfriend ”.

  69. !avery! replied:

    maci needs a friend so my dad is getting me kit and ruthie for my birthday i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. !avery! replied:

    this blog is the best

  71. civicprincess123 replied:


  72. wrksw replied:

    hey guys i’m new here! my names willow and i have 2 AG dolls Samantha and Nellie! I’m from England

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