Mia St. Clair, Her Life, Her Time

Mia St. Clair is a ten-year-old girl who loves to skate. She has grown up with playing ice hockey with her three older brothers, and is tired of skating in her brother’s shadows. She has now decided to take up the passion of figure skating instead. With a new coach, Mia finds out if she has what it takes to be a figure skater. 
Photo courtesy of American Girl Collecting

January 3, 2008. History of the dolls.


  1. Laura replied:

    Hey I am reading the first book it’s pretty good so far I reccomend

  2. celine replied:

    Im reading the 2nd book and it is a year later she is 11 in this one!I reccomend 2!

  3. CHARISE replied:

    does anyone know the name of Mia’s skate club. I havn’t read the book yet and I am trying to play the games and that is one of the questions.

  4. Sarah replied:

    its the Lucrene skating clbu

  5. Sarah replied:

    oops i mean club

  6. Celine J. replied:

    WHOA!you have the same name as me!wierd!anyways,I read both of her books in……July……ya July and they’re major incredible!I reccommend too!

  7. sk8r replied:

    It’s the Lucerne Skating Club, not the Lucrene.

  8. rickblackmon replied:

    We visited my son and his family in Dallas week before last. I asked his step-daughter if she had any American Girl Dolls. She had 2. My grand daughter has collected Barbies since she was old enough to have a doll. I think the educational benefit from American Girl dolls is a big bonus.

  9. kirsten replied:

    mia is great!

  10. CambriaEngland101 replied:

    I am wondering whether to get Mia or not. I want to know what her hair is like.

  11. dolls replied:

    Good lucky Mia with your new coach!

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