News Just In: New American Girl Mysteries!

A Kirsten Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) A Kit Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
A Felicity Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)In March 2008, three new American girl mysteries are coming! There will be a Kirsten mystery, which will be the first one. The book is titled The Runaway Friend. Also, Kit will have another mystery book to add to her other two. This one will be called A Thief in the Theater. Last, but not least, there will be another Felicity mystery. This one is called Traitor in Williamsburg. Once again, these books will be out in March, so be on the lookout!

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January 12, 2008. News Just In.


  1. Jane replied:

    I can’t wait for the new mysteries!

  2. Sylvie replied:

    Me neither I always wanted a Kirsten mystery

  3. Jane replied:

    Me too!

  4. Kaila replied:

    I love Kirsten, I can’t wait to read her mystery

  5. Kaila replied:

    I love Kirsten, I can’t wait to read her mystery I’m sooo excited

  6. sylvie replied:

    Guess what,
    I just looked up one of the American girl mysteries (a new one) and you can buy them!!!

  7. Jane replied:

    I have a Theif in the Theater now!

  8. S.C replied:

    cool is it good?

  9. Megan replied:

    i have traitor in williamsburg!it is good.I liked it so much that i read it in only 1 day!

  10. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #5: It was just made, it’s not a doll.

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