Behind the Scenes: The Planning of Julie’s Outfits

Making an outfit is more than just sewing. The designers have to make a plan, or a sketch, of what the outfit is going to look like. Sit back, relax, and look at the different sketches for Julie’s outfits.


This looks like it became Julie’s pajamas.


This became Julie’s swimsuit, which you’ll see in Sylvie’s new post.


This was probably another sketch for her swimsuit, but it never became final.


February 22, 2008. Behind The Scenes.


  1. allie10136 replied:

    This blog is awesome. And you two are too. Which makes this blog even more awesome. And you two too. I can’t wait until you two put up more awesome, amazing, fabulous, stuff on this blog.

  2. Jane replied:

    This IS a GREAT blog!!! I completely agree with what Allie10136 said!

  3. Sylvie replied:


  4. Jane replied:

    You’re welcome!

  5. Megan replied:

    does it cost money to make a blog?

  6. Julia replied:

    No, not at all! All you really have to do is go to and create a blog!

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