American Girl Can’t Seem To Wait

Even though it is only the beginning of the new year, 2008, American girl has already started planning for the girl of the year 2009! They just can’t seem to wait can they? Well anyway the good thing is… we get some very early news! It seems as though the author of the girl of the year 2009 will be Mary Casanova, who also wrote the Jess books (girl of the year 2006) for American girl. If any more information comes out we will be sure to let you know. This information was found at Doll Diaries. Not American girl: I found a website called Free Rice, where you try to define a word and if you get it right 20 grains of rice goes to people who need food, try it sometime.


February 23, 2008. Cool Things To Know, New American girl dolls and items.


  1. Jane replied:

    I know something else about the GOTY 2009. Her name is Jaclyn Cooper. Some say she’ll be blind, but I was told it was just a rumor and isn’t true.

  2. sylvie replied:

    Where did you find that?
    I can’t believe they already decided her name!

  3. Jane replied:

    Well if the book’s being written they would have to decide her name. I found it on a couple of websites, but I can’t remember the exact names…

  4. Jane replied:

    Just found out that Jaclyn might be a rumor.

  5. Laura replied:

    Rumor, or not, what a breakthrough to have the GOTY challenged in some way. What a brilliant idea, if they did produce this doll. I could see them creating this theme in the GOTY’s bestfriend.

  6. Jane replied:

    Yeah. Another guess is a doll named Hannah, but Jaclyn seems more likely, and the person who told me it’s a rumor was a poser, so you can’t believe that girl anyway! Jaclyn probably is true, it’s too bad we have so long to wait to find out!

  7. Sylvie replied:

    I know!

  8. k replied:


  9. Megan replied:

    i think they should make a girl of the year that has a best friends collection.kind of like how felicity and elizabeth have best friend collections.Does anyone like that idea?

  10. Jane replied:

    YES!!! I was hoping that myself!

  11. Brianna replied:

    do you know the dolls name and how do you know all this?

  12. Jordan replied:

    I agree… I have thought of that, A while ago! lol! but yeah great idea (about making AG of the year BFF’s, lol!)

  13. Courtney replied:

    I LOVE american girl dolls, i have 3, but i don’t think it would be a good idea to make GOTY best friends. I’m fine with historicel best friends. But i think GOTY best friend dolls would be to much.

  14. Courtney replied:

    I heard about another possible GOTY. Her name is Lulu and she’s from Minnesota. I also heard that she would be in a best friends collection. But it’s just a rumor…

  15. snuglefars replied:

    i hope she is blind! thats the first with something like that!

  16. Talia replied:

    I heard that Lulu may have a movie come out about her right as she comes out but that may be a rumor too.

  17. AGmom replied:

    I found this on an American Girl movie is coming out in 2009 -date to be announced it will be a comedy and the plot is : Young Lulu finds the transition difficult when she moves to Minnesota and must assimilate into a new school in the middle of the year.
    SO I guess that is next – I am very disappointed that none of the other historical dolls will be getting a friend this year.
    I read elsewwhere that Julie, a musical will be coming out after that – 2010 I guess-

  18. madison replied:

    i got a girl from minosotta and they are also making a movie with sammy hanratty in it

  19. wendy replied:

    ♥Im 99% sure that the 2009 american girl doll is Lulu, and its all true that there is a movie about her, im going to the american girl place in 4 days, so ill ask them if they can tell me♥

  20. jlkeegan replied:

    This is out of an entry for AG dolls in Wikipedia. I tend to trust their info:
    2009: Chrissa Maxwell
    A Variety Magazine citation broke the news in September 2008 that the name of the 2009 Girl of the Year doll is Chrissa[9]. The doll, book, and her collection will be released on January 1, 2009, and a direct-to-DVD film entitled “Chrissa Stands Strong” based on her story will be released by HBO on January 6, 2009.[10]. Based on prelimiary plot summaries, the theme of her books and DVD appears to focus on bullying.[11] No verifiable information is available to date regarding the doll’s appearance or collection.

  21. Jami replied:

    Her name is for sure Chrissa Target already has the books on Pre-Sale!

  22. Jami replied:

    I think the said they were going to make a best friends collection for Chrissa and Kaya is the next historical movie.

  23. Penni replied:

    Her name is chrissa and her best friend is lanie. She moves from Iowa to minnesota mid-year and gets bullied by mean girls. She is alo on the swim club at school!

  24. ashley replied:

    I bought the book she is really smart and strong i just love her Chrissa is so nice and sweet and all those stuff

  25. Kalina replied:

    I know the name of the GOTY 2009. Her name is Chrissa Maxwell. Her book is Chrissa Stands Strong. Chrissa also has a movie called that, too (she is played by Sammi Hanratty).The author of her book is Mary Casanova and the illustrater is Richard Jones.

  26. cheyenne figure skate replied:

    Jane were did you find that at? Woulld it be a historcal doll?

  27. Chelsey replied:

    Hey thanks for letting me know i was all over the einternet looking for “2009 American Girl Doll”!! Anyway if you find anymore information about the 2009 doll please let us know and if you recieve any photos let us see,
    thank you

  28. jenna replied:

    I KNOW that the GOTY is a girl who is named Chrissa and is going to have a movie and has brown hair and mabey blue mabey hazel eyes.

  29. jess replied:

    I love the American girl of 2009 i definitely want to get her

  30. katie replied:

    i have to get her she sounds cool!

  31. katie replied:

    i have to get her she sounds cool!awsome!

  32. Cass replied:

    Be sure to check out AGFMB they have loads of info on Chrissa. There’s no cross posting though, so I can’t say it right now. Hopefully I can tell you she will have TWO, yes TWO, best friends! And a llama…random but awesome!

  33. abigail replied:

    OMGosh! i just saw the movie trailer for chrissa stands strong! you can find it on you tube. just type in: american girl chrissa the movie
    hope you can find it! (i will probably have more info sooner or later!)

  34. Sarah Ann Taylor replied:

    I have watched the tralir more than 50 times i hope every one how watches it will become as great as a fan as i am. I think the movie and the books are going to turn fabules(go on american girl in july and play her games)

  35. Raubey replied:

    I watched the trailer and do not like it. I think it is a poor idea to have a movie where girls are snubbing each other.

  36. cara replied:

    THe doll is named Chrissa ans is the new girl in town. She also has a movie.

  37. cara replied:

    sorry i miss spelled and after chrissa

  38. Ladybug replied:

    Chrissa also has two best friends that will come out with her. She is trying to stand up to bullies. The new historical doll will most likely be from the late 1800s to early 1900s. close to Samantha’s time period, so that could be why they retired her. Julie is the next movie, which will be a musical.

  39. Francesca replied:

    I have found a photo of the New doll, Chrissa!
    She sounds wonderful!

  40. random person in nj replied:

    she has 3 best friends, gwen and sonali.

  41. random person in nj replied:

    i meant 2 best friends

  42. dylan kevitch replied:

    i love love love love love americangirls they are my life butt i have a my big brother said that there ugly he made me cry waaaaaaaa ok now can you show me a picture of he 2009 one please

  43. bib replied:

    girl of the year 2009 is really pretty

  44. carli replied:

    kool i have a wordpress.too its really cool and ur soo right about the american girl

  45. dus replied:


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