American Girl Frame Puzzles

addy-frame-puzzle.jpg felicity-frame-puzzle.jpg

Addy Frame Puzzles,   Felicity Frame Puzzles

julie-frame-puzzle.jpg samantha-frame-puzzle.jpg

Julie Frame Puzzles,    Samantha Frame Puzzles

Pictures from Millie’s Doll Closet

Here is a link to the frame puzzles.

American girl has made many new things this year…. another new thing that they now have is called frame puzzles.

Frame puzzles are puzzles that have three pictures of the same American girl and also have a backround to go with the puzzles.

So far American girl has made Addy, Felicity, Julie, and Samantha frame puzzles. Kirsten, Molly, Kit, Josefina, and Kaya frame puzzles are expected in June.


March 15, 2008. New American girl dolls and items.

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  1. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #10: A girl without pajamas…

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