Disappointing Christmas

Last Christmas, I was hoping for Nicki’s Ski Wear and Outfit. My parents told me that day that it was backordered till a day in January. But, in January, American Girl said that it was sold out, and they would not be selling them anymore. I was really disappointed because I knew that I would never be able to get the outfit, unless I bought it on ebay, and my family isn’t a big fan of ebay. In my opinion, American Girl was wrong to do that, and should’ve sold the outfit for a week or two in 2008.


By Julia Jarvis

Photo courtesy of Ebay


March 22, 2008. American girl experiences.


  1. Val replied:

    It wasnt mean, she was the girl of the year 2007 and it was 2008. You can still order it when it is on backorder, you just get it later

  2. louise replied:

    is my blog


  3. louise replied:

    I’ am a French girl and I love the American girls dolls.I have create a blog about them:
    I want to talk with other persons who love these dolls.
    Have a great day.

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