Expensive, But Worth It?

Sylvie and I were in the American Girl Store in New York Friday, the 21st, and couldn’t help but notice all of the expensive prices on furniture and accessories. We were watching the hair stylists do the dolls’ hair, and saw that one braid was $20! Below is a chart of a lot of the hair styles you can give your doll, and their prices.


Do you think you could do a ponytail on your own for no money at all? At American Girl, to get a ponytail on your doll is $10!


This is the Doll Storage Cabinet. It costs $325! You could probably buy a trunk that size for only $30, or $40 at any other store. It doesn’t have a lot of space. It has only the space of the Dance Studio Trunk, which costs $75, which is still a lot, but less than this.


This is the dance studio trunk. It comes with three hangers, unlike the storage cabinet. With the storage cabinet, you have to pay $10 to get some hangers! My mom would never let me buy that, unless I use my own money! Do you think these items are worth it?

Photo courtesy of American Girl


March 23, 2008. American girl experiences.


  1. N.R. replied:

    no not at all

  2. Ellie replied:

    Since I’ve never been to any American Girl store, I might pay to get my doll’s hair done – but I wouldn’t pay that much for a trunk! I got some trunks at a local craft store – they have them for 18 in. dolls for only $20!

    • Anna replied:

      Well I think that it is so expensive because I went to target today and found a whole tea set for dolls and it was only sixteen dollars. American girl provides just a teapot and two teacups for like 30-40 dollars. But I still like American girl stuff.

  3. kalea replied:


    do you think that you can send me the directions to do the dolls hair bty any chance
    please email me back at kirakal0@yahoo.com

  4. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #14: She lives during a war.

  5. Tyler Jackson replied:

    Even though american girl is kinda over priced you have no right to judge them i own an american girl and i love her to death so please write me back if you can beacause im proud to say american girl does not desearve that.

    • Cristina replied:

      i have 5 i have Cristina,Jaine,Julie,Hannah,and Molly!

  6. Julia replied:


    We weren’t judging American Girl in any way, we were just making a point that American Girl has really expensive things. Some of the things that they make are so expensive, and you can find them cheaper at another store.

  7. AG Lover replied:

    The hair salon is worth it, just for the experience. Its really fun to watch them do your dolls hair in the little chair and they have some really nice styles. I dont really think the cabinet is worht it, I would just buy dolls or the dance trunk! and Julia, you can find other brands of doll stuff (our generation etc.) but they dont have the same quality

  8. AG Lover #1 replied:

    i have a just like me doll and i love it, but the clothes r too much money!!!!!! but i am startin to get some clothes off ebay i got a coat for only $9.00 they r really $24.00 and got my doll 4 christmas

  9. Zac and Moose LUVA replied:

    I got my doll for christmas too but i don’t buy her clothes well i do sometimes but most of the times i make clothes….i just finished making Julie a dress this morning and then i went lookin for cute hairstyles and found this website.

  10. morgan smail replied:

    i really want to get an american girl doll but i cant afford it i’ve gotten other dolls but all of their hair has gotten messed up . none of them have nice hair that you can brush. My birthday money is about half of the money to buy one but i cannever save enugh of it to buy one + we can never find a store to buy dolls at.

  11. Bella replied:

    -Morgan Smail

    If you can’t get a doll from the store, you should order the doll online or through the catalogue.

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