American Girl Doll Hair Tips

Have you ever been in a situation where your doll’s hair is unmanageable? Probably. Here are a few tips for your dolls hair so that it can stay manageable.

First, NEVER brush your doll’s hair without wetting it first. Bad things can happen!

Second, Always use the American girl brush.

Third, if you are having trouble use a toothbrush (an old one), it works!

Fourth, if you see just a few strands of hair coming out of the end of your doll’s hair, you can cut it, just don’t cut too much off. It won’t grow back!

Fifth, don’t be alarmed if hair comes out when you brushing, it happens.

Sixth, if you have something resembling a spray bottle, fill it up with water and spray it on your doll’s hair before brushing.

Seventh, if you are braiding or doing something with your doll’s hair where you need a holder, get the holder before you start.

Hope these tips help keep your doll’s hair more manageable.


May 19, 2008. Cool Things To Know, Information. 61 comments.

Ruthie Picture!

Doll Diaries has posted some pictures of Ruthie. They are not sure if this is the exact photograph of her or not, but it could be! Look at the picture below!

Exciting, exciting!

May 18, 2008. New American girl dolls and items, News Just In. 3 comments.

Kit’s NEW Website!

American Girl has just come out with Kit Kittredge’s website! You can hear about the cast, and see what they look like in character! There are also some games to play, like a jigsaw puzzle and trivia challenge. You can visit Kit’s movie blog in the same area. Visit her new site soon!

May 7, 2008. News Just In. 4 comments.