American Girl Doll Hair Tips

Have you ever been in a situation where your doll’s hair is unmanageable? Probably. Here are a few tips for your dolls hair so that it can stay manageable.

First, NEVER brush your doll’s hair without wetting it first. Bad things can happen!

Second, Always use the American girl brush.

Third, if you are having trouble use a toothbrush (an old one), it works!

Fourth, if you see just a few strands of hair coming out of the end of your doll’s hair, you can cut it, just don’t cut too much off. It won’t grow back!

Fifth, don’t be alarmed if hair comes out when you brushing, it happens.

Sixth, if you have something resembling a spray bottle, fill it up with water and spray it on your doll’s hair before brushing.

Seventh, if you are braiding or doing something with your doll’s hair where you need a holder, get the holder before you start.

Hope these tips help keep your doll’s hair more manageable.


May 19, 2008. Cool Things To Know, Information.


  1. katie replied:

    hey thanks for tips i did not know u had to wet your dolls hair before u brush it

  2. American Girl replied:

    Actually, you can brush your American Girl doll’s hair without wetting it. In fact, we discourage you from wetting your doll too often, as it is bad for the torso. If your doll’s hair is too hard to brush, you can send it to the Doll Hospital and we will replace her hair. Please visit for more detail.

    • Lavoneil Azriel Dixon replied:

      Where is the American girl doll hospital?

  3. I heart AG replied:

    American Girl, I hardly doubt you are actually from American Girl. They say to lightly mist your dolls hair. It isnt bad for the torso. You need to cover the eyes cause water is bad for the eyes

  4. I 100% Love AG! replied:

    omg thanks so much for the dolls hair tips! I didnt think that you werent supposed to iron their hair!!!! That ruined her so much. if only i knew about this AG doll website earlier…

  5. Abbey replied:

    Actually you don’t have to wet thier hair first! Bad things won’t happen. I hardly ever wet thier hair and it is silky and shiny!

  6. jacsan replied:

    Thanks for the tips. I am new to AG. I have had my first doll for a month now and don’t dare to comb her hair, I bought the brush and am waiting for it. I would like to know what makes their hair get so frizzy.

  7. casey oneill replied:

    i will do so

    • alyssa replied:

      i think this is very useful!thank you for that comment AG!!

  8. Doll Hair Salon Stylist- Liz replied:

    It is, I believe, common sense to cover the torso of your doll and their clothing before spraying their hair, but when I was trained I was told NEVER to brush a doll’s hair dry, regardless of texture or condition. It will frizz, or at the very least cause static to build up in the hair from the friction. :/

    Please don’t listen to that person up there. They’re wrong.

    • alyssa replied:

      well that came out of no WHERE!!!!!!!

  9. AGROCKKSS` replied:

    Thankss soo much!
    Plus your not from american girl
    because its not bad for the torso!
    Pshh faker! ;P

    • Doll lover replied:

      Actually if u get them really wet it can hurt them but if u get a drop or two on them it wont hurt

  10. kira replied:

    if you wet your dolls hair to much it wrecks there hair only wet it if needed

  11. kira replied:

    you can also use a wig brush too go to youtube there’s a lot of great videos on that

  12. kira replied:

    also don’t keep braids in longer than a day it will reck dolls hair

  13. kira replied:

    wreck *

  14. zaya and sydney replied:

    my dolls hair is relly frizzy cause i bought it at target why should i do? will it ever get not frizzy?

    • alyssa replied:

      i think you could wash it!!!

  15. abbey replied:

    hi i will use it whisley

  16. nikki replied:

    Great information! But I need to know if you can wash your doll’s hair with shampoo and conditioner.
    Thank You

    • alyssa replied:

      you can. check the hair book to find what else to do

  17. sarah replied:

    Thanks! It helps a lot my dolls hair is all frizzy. April 20, 2010 at 8:07 p.m.

  18. freederickks replied:


  19. BRITTANY replied:


  20. BRITTANY replied:


  21. Cami :O replied:

    U suck.

  22. Zabcia replied:

    So, what’s the REAL answer?
    Brush with water or not?
    I think a little is OK, but is it?
    Oh, and just so you know washing American Girl hair is fine, just use baby shampoo and leave-in conditioner.
    Make sure they’re both very mild(gentle).
    Always cover their eyes up, so water won’t get on them and rust.
    I hope I helped!
    And everyone?
    Stop leaving mean comments, you know kids could read these, too!

  23. ? replied:

    YOU ARE A LIE!!!

  24. lyla replied:

    how do you get the bottem nice? My americangirl doll has
    poblimes on the bottem. I do’nt know how it got there.
    Plese Email me to let me know. Thank you!


  25. arienna dukes replied:

    hey thanks for the tips u are so kind to out the tips for everyone thanks again you are a true person thanks
    arienna dukes

  26. wow replied:

    do you have to use an american girl brush? I mean I saw wire wig brushes with just metal wires. I got a brush with metal wires and plastic tops so I tore all the plastic off. Will this work?????? :/

  27. Taylor replied:

    Do you know how to wash her hair… And is it safe to put a blow dryer, curling iron, straightner, or crimper to her hair? Or will it damage it?

    • Isha replied:

      don’t use any flat irons or heat based products. it will definitely damage the hair and make it hard. i hav a reply on the bottom telling how u can crimp it.

  28. Isha replied:

    hey thanks 4 the tips but fyi people, just gently comb the hair with a comb. i do that all the time and put it up in pigtails and its still shiny and new. what i really want 2 no is how to style the hair.

  29. Isha replied:

    you can kinda crimp it by braiding the hair in for sections, spraying it with a small spray lightly, and waiting till morning ( do at night be4 u go 2 sleep).

  30. Sarah replied:

    can you put you doll in water like a pool? and I dont have a american girl brush so i just use my that ok?

    • bloom replied:

      that is exactly what im wondering.. so can you use a normal brush?

  31. Sarah replied:

    Can the girl melt if she is left in the heat for too long? but what if she is outdoors and in the sun will she melt?

  32. Paulina replied:

    Thanks for the tips really helpful!!!

  33. Kelzang daechong dema replied:

    are we allowed to wash our dolls hair? because my dolls hare is become really dirty

    • bloom replied:

      i would not recomen washing it dailey but if your doll is in the need of washing its hair just wash it but like i said DONT wash it dailey or your dolls hair will get damaged and might even fall out

  34. AGlover replied:

    Can you comb your dolls hair?

  35. dlh632 replied:

    Can you wash Rebecca’s hair-will the curls stay in it? I want to brush her hair, but I’m afraid the curls will come out.

    • sprigypink replied:

      I have washed my Rebecca Doll’s hair and her curls stay

  36. christie clark replied:

    how do you make your american girl get really curly hair because mine have straight hair and its very long

  37. Hope replied:

    it is true that if you wet your dolls hair too much that is is bad for the torso because water can drip off the dolls hair and onto the torso and it could leave a stain on the doll

  38. christie clark replied:

    how can it leave a stain if its water?

  39. faith replied:

    Thank for all this edvice it helped me a lot

  40. Katie Surinx replied:

    hi! i had rebecca since july (2011) and her hair has lost her ringlets what should i do ?

  41. bloom replied:

    does american girl doll hair grow? like if i trim it will it grow back? please reply quick because i need this answer very quickly.

    • Lacy Weston replied:

      Their hair does not grow back!

  42. bloom replied:

    and also can you use a normal brush on your dolls hair? because i do not have one….. please reply quickly

    • The_L replied:

      I don’t know if you’re still having this problem, but before they made the AG brand brush, Pleasant Company (the OLD manufacturers of AG) recommended that you use a wire wig brush–which you can find at any beauty supply store (like Sally’s).

      The AG brush is nice, and is doll-sized, but a people-sized wig brush works just as well, as long as you NEVER use it on your own hair! (The oils from your hair will get onto your doll and attract parasites–yuck!)

  43. hair extension, human hair replied:

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  44. purple246 replied:

    Well first off, I use an unused brush that is almost identical to AG brushes and my dolls hair is healthy and perfect! They just say to use an AG brush to make more money. Its ok to use a NEW UNUSED BRUSH but NOT a USED brush!!
    Believe me i did that to my first doll when i was 7 and it got frizzy, but i flat ironed it and now shes as good as new!

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  47. Rodger replied:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

  48. Dancing rose replied:

    Is shampoo and conditioner bad for the dolls hair

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