Ruthie is OUT!

Ruthie is out, yes, Ruthie is out! Did you hear me? RUTHIE IS OUT! It’s so exciting, I can’t stop screaming! I can’t think straight! Just do me a favor, look at the pictures below before I blow up!

This is Ruthie, she is beautiful! She has two outfits out, not including her meet outfit. I can’t speak much longer, so I have to do this fast.

Kit also has some new outfits out, and they are the floral print dress, and a striped nightie. The floral print dress includes:

. A sleeveless floral dress her mother made from a chicken-feed sack
. A flower barrette for her hair
. Mary Jane shoes with scalloped details

With the nightie, there are slippers and a headband.

This is Ruthie’s pink satin pajamas. I wish I had a pair! It includes slippers and a polka-dot sash.

Ruthie also has a play outfit. This is what it looks like. It includes:

. A periwinkle top with tan accents at the neckline and cuffs
. Tan twill knickers with a belt at the waist
. Patterned knee socks and two-tone oxford shoes
. A matching felted hat trimmed with ribbon and flowers

These are Ruthie’s accessories. The accessories include

. A black purse with a front pocket and silver clasp
. A pretty hankie printed with flowers
. Two rose-shaped barrettes to style her hair
. A pretend watch with hands that “move” — a special gift from her father

I hope you enjoy Ruthie as much as I do!

Also we would like to thank American girl online for these wonderful pictures.


June 1, 2008. New American girl dolls and items.


  1. AG Fan 4ever replied:

    Ruthie is very cute.Kit also has new bedding,a cookstove,2 new outfits,washday set,cooking and preserves set and a treehouse.They also have a new version of grace,Kits dog.Ruthie has cute pajama’s and play outfit.I am possibly going to buy Ruthie with my Birthday Money.I Love Ruthie.I have Samantha and Elizabeth and they really want ruthie as a sister.

  2. Jane replied:

    I am so excited about her. i prdered her yesterday, June 1, and her accesories. I can’t wait till she arrives! I love love love her! My Kit is very excited!!!!!!

  3. Jane replied:


  4. AG Fan 4ever replied:

    I think ruthie is adorable.
    🙂 I am trying to collect all of the historical american girl dolls except Kaya.

  5. AG Fan 4ever replied:

    :`( Ruthie does not have a yellow dress like I thought she would.

  6. An American Girl replied:

    I LOVE the new Ruthie doll!! I’m getting her for my birthday next month!!! I already have Marisol, Jess, Emily, Nicki, Mia, and Elizabeth, and they can’t wait for Ruthie to come!

  7. An American Girl replied:

    I also LOVE Kit’s new nightie! It is sooo pretty!

  8. AG Fan 4ever replied:

    I know it is!

  9. Doll Clothes Gal replied:

    Hi Julia and Sylvie – this is Lisa-Marie the owner of Emily Rose. I just found your blog and have so enjoyed reading that we are going to link to you when we launch our new blog next week.

    Thanks for linking to us (we just launched our new store so your link to us doesn’t work anymore – you have to take off the “index.html” ending). Send us an email through the store so taht we can send you some cool coupons as thanks.

  10. Emmi replied:

    I want Ruthie SOOOOO bad!!!!! She is ADORABLE! The only thing is, I don’t know how to take care of her curly hair, does anyone else?????

    Thanks. :3)


  11. Emmi replied:


    I have Emily, Elizabeth, Julie, Samantha, and soon to be… RUTHIE!!!!!

    :8) Emmi

    P.S. I’m gonna be called agdoll#1fan

  12. agdoll#1fan replied:

    Hey peeps!!! I’m here with my bff sarah! She is awesome! were going to do a web show on youtube soon called sisters x 6… we’ll let you know when its out.

    P.S. FRED ROCKS!!!!!!

  13. agdoll#1fan (Sarah, not emmi) replied:

    Hey SUP i am getting kit for me b-day witch is april 29th so happy 😉 so happy well bye and………………………………. happy birthday to me!

  14. ART A FART replied:


  15. girl replied:


  16. Agdoll#1fan replied:

    Does anyone know how to take care of Ruthie’s curly hair? Thanks! 🙂 Please comment back!

  17. agdoll#1fan replied:

    Why did those people say those inapropiate things and use MY website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????

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