A BIG Surprise

If any of you have checked Americangirl.com recently and gone to the Samantha page you will notice that it says say goodbye to Samantha and Nellie.

This means that they are both being retired!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you want to get either of them then do it soon. They will be retired after the holiday season.



November 8, 2008. News Just In, Retired items.


  1. American Girl Fan Website replied:

    Hello! 🙂

    I think it is SO sad that they are achiving (or retiring) Samantha and Nellie! I can’t believe they are doing this! 😦

    It seems strange why they would retire Samantha and Nellie.

    Well, I hope you have a Great day! 🙂

    ~Liz (An American Girl Fan)

    • Samantha replied:

      Why did they have to retire my twin!? We are look alikes!

  2. Doll Clothes Gal replied:

    So sad to see them go – they were my daughter’s fav.

  3. Ellie replied:

    I know! That’s just awful!! 😦

  4. vtlizard replied:

    Yes. I agree with Ellie. It is awful.:-(

  5. vtlizard replied:

    Yes. Very awful.

  6. Someone replied:

    OMG I am still weeping yah sam’s dress is ugy but nellie is just so CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  7. Samantha replied:

    Why did they retire my twin?! We look alike!

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