Chrissa Doll!!!

Chrissa, Girl of 2009

Chrissa, Girl of 2009

Today, as I went onto American Girl Collecting, I noticed that the blogger had a picture of Chrissa up! She is scheduled to come out on January 6th, 2009. Below is the idea of her books, and the struggles she’s going through.

Chrissa and her family have just moved to a new town in the middle of the school year. On the first day of school, she is seated next to three girls. All these girls do is tease her and play tricks on her. They bully her in class, on the bus, online, and at swim club. When the biggest bully becomes her swimming rival, she has to find a way to stick up for herself. Can she do it?


Chrissa's First Book

Chrissa's First Book

Chrissa Stands Strong

Chrissa's Second Book

Chrissa's Second Book

Chrissa's Movie, Starring Sammi Hanratty

Chrissa's Movie, Starring Sammi Hanratty

Thanks again to American Girl Collecting!


December 21, 2008. American Girl Movies, American Girl of the Year.


  1. Desiree replied:

    Well…i gess shes okay but i still think Sammantha is wayyy prettier and Chrissa is BUTT UGLY

    • nduelakat575 replied:


  2. hannah replied:

    desuree everyone has there own opinion and thats ok and samantha is really pretty i should know i have her but Chrissa is not BUTT ugly just not as pretty as samantha.

  3. hannah replied:

    *Desiree sorry i was typing to fast

  4. Penni replied:

    She actually comes out on january 1st but the movie comes out on january 6th

  5. Amanda replied:

    I am sooooooooo gonna get her the day she comes out!!!!!

  6. Krista replied:

    I can’t wait to buy her!!

    • ava replied:

      i never got to have chrissa as a doll

  7. Sage replied:

    OMG…. i can’t wait till she comes out…. I am soooo gonna get her!!! She is sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty! :D:D:DD:D:D:D:D

  8. Samantha replied:

    i wanna get Chrissa so bad and this will be my first american girl doll i ever had

  9. Lauren replied:

    Why does everyone think she is pretty?! She’s one of the ugliest dolls I’ve ever seen! And what’s with that horrible flower top?

  10. Jami replied:

    Umm Well i think Chrissa Is pretty and calling her ugly is rude and ur probally looking in the mirror! Just Kidding!!!

  11. jess replied:

    I think she is so pretty way pretty than Samantha.

  12. Jordan replied:

    i think that all three dolls (Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali) are amazing and I am going to get all three- i’ve been saving- plus their collection. I just wish that the illustrations for the books were better, quite frankly they suck. the illustrated Chrissa and Sonali are hideous and Gwen looks too old. when i first saw it i was hoping it was wrong, but it wasn’t- unfortunately. everything else about the collection is beautiful and exciting, though- especially since i’m a swimmer too 🙂
    oh well, I’m not an AG executive so I can’t do anything about the horrid book covers, but at least everything else checks out.

  13. Mackenzie replied:

    I tottally cant wait for her to come out January 6 I am tottaly going to buy her. She looks just like me and has the same personality as me. We are also on a swim team.

  14. Marz replied:

    well i think she is so cute and gorgeous and i am gonna get her

  15. Marz replied:

    her beauty leaves samantha for dead!

  16. Mooly replied:

    yeah i agree with marz she is right

  17. Mooly replied:

    yeah she is right

  18. emily replied:

    please don’t say that Chrissa is ugly.she is beautiful.I think gwen is ugly.I think she could put a different design on her shirt.but I still like it.I think she is the perfect doll for 2009.By I have to go but keep in mind no matter what all the dolls are nice well i got to go keep all the dolls close to you all the dolls are nice.i wonder what the doll is for 2010.I LOVE all the dolls.

  19. Anna replied:

    I love this doll. She is gorgeous. Just look at her hair and her gorgeous blue eyes. I have been saving my money and I really want to get her. I also like her story. Not every American Girl doll can have a perfect life, you know.

  20. Mara replied:

    Well i like all the dolls!
    they are all really cute!
    And Chrissa makes a really good girl of the year and she is definately not ugly!

  21. Mara replied:

    i like them all

  22. Mara replied:

    i like her the most

  23. Sarah replied:

    You stop saying she is ugly if you think that you need glassies!!!!!!!!! I think ALL of them are pretty. So PLEASE do not say she is ugly. Have any of you guys seen the movie ? Cause if you have not you do not say she is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jenny replied:

    I found some great deals on Chrissa Dolls and Accessories by going to this site – American Girl Doll Chrissa

  25. Someone replied:

    Oh and personaly, I like the chrissa DOLL and SHOES and BRACELET, just not the DRESS.
    Gwen Is so cute all-around and
    Sonali’s outfit is so cute but she looks nothing like the sonali in the movie whom I really like
    All in all my rating is: Great dolls

  26. Somebody replied:

    I am getting Chrissa! She should be here Thursday or Friday! Yay!:)

  27. redsky9 replied:

    hey! I have a american girl website too! its new so it doesnt have much yet. my website is

  28. Moriah replied:

    I think that Chrissa is absolutly gorgeous! I am doing the american girl doll poster contest and I really hope I get her!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be my first american girl doll. Everybody who says she is ugly is Crazy!

  29. Miranda replied:

    I know I watch it everyday on you tube and seriously ‘m not bored.

  30. Karen replied:

    This Chrissa Movie was great! We watched it on school trip during the buss ride and all the girls loved it. Highly recommended!

  31. lexi romano replied:

    The movie chrissa movie was verry good i have seen it 11 tines. i collect the dolls i have 12 the dolls are verry cool.

  32. Chrissa.K replied:

    Hey! That’s My Name! 🙂
    Spelled The Right Way! Woot!

  33. madison replied:

    I was really looking forward to giting her butt the problem was they are sold out!so I was looking for a another place to git chrissa.Butt figured the best place is the americangirl shop

  34. nicki replied:

    i love chrissa im getting her for christmas and im getting gwen too

  35. Lena replied:

    i have lanie

  36. E replied:

    Is it worth it to get a Chrissa doll for $144 or $214?

  37. hannah replied:

    she is really really really really cute lanie is so cute

  38. qwerty 1 replied:

    How old is chrissa?

  39. mendy replied:

    hay Qwerty i think that chrissa is 10 or 11
    but do you know how old molly is on her movie…

  40. Photos replied:

    This definitely makes perfect sense to anyone!!!

  41. Ally replied:

    Ummm I just have a question why don’t they have chrissa on the website anymore?

  42. Emma joe k. replied:

    i have Emily bin. she is good as new brush hair every day cute!

  43. Emma joe k. replied:

    molly, Emily, Emma jr. kaya, and soon to get Julie for my b-day! and want ivy ling

  44. huhbhgbvghvft replied:

    wow! AWESOME!

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