Rebecca, The New Doll

Rebecca will be the next historical doll after Samantha and Nellie’s retirement. She is said to come out in late May or early June of this year. So far, there are no pictures of her, but Amazon already has the mini doll of her up (without a picture). What is known about Rebecca are her books, which are listed below:

Meet Rebecca

Changes for Rebecca

Candlelight for Rebecca

Rebecca to the Rescue

Rebecca and Ana (This could be her best friend…)

Rebecca and the Movies

As you can see, American Girl is using different titles for Rebecca’s books, instead of Meet Rebecca, Rebecca Learns a Lesson, etc. All of her books are written by Jacqueline Dembar Greene. I’ll keep you posted with more news of Rebecca.


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The Runaway Friend: A Kirsten Mystery


As all of you probably know three new American girl mysteries came out in March. I have read The Runaway Friend, and want to give my opinions on it.

The plot of the book is as follows,

Kirsten Larson has just moved to Minnesota and is making friends. Her family is just getting settled. It is right before the harvest and Kirsten’s father and uncle have hired Erik Sandahl to help bring the wheat in. Suddenly Erik dissapears… This is not good for two reasons. One Erik owes Uncle Olav (Kirsten’s uncle) money, and two he has to help with the harvest before it rains and all the wheat is ruined.

In my opinion this book had a great plot and is fun to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries or is fond of Kirsten.

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Introducing Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali!

Well, first off, Happy New Year to everyone! The new year means a new doll, but this time there are three. We will miss Mia, but she will always be remembered by all. Here are Chrissa and her friends, Sonali and Gwen!


Here is Chrissa, like the pictures I showed you before.


Here is Chrissa’s sundress. It comes with sandals and hair clips.


This is Chrissa’s swimsuit and gear. It comes with a pair of goggles, a matching swim cap, spirit stickers, a kickboard, and a towel.


This is Chrissa’s warm-up set. It comes with a hooded jacket, a tank top, white shorts, slip on sandals, a visor, and a pretend mini IM-Me.


These are Chrissa’s pajamas. It comes with a pair of slippers.

Now here are Chrissa’s friends, Sonali and Gwen:


This is Sonali, one of the bullies at first, but then becomes a great friend of Chrissa’s.


This is Gwen, a shy, quiet girl.

Chrissa’s furniture:


Here is Chrissa’s party table. It includes a festive picnic table with lanterns and pinwheels. You can choose to include her party treats with the table.


This is Chrissa’s craft studio. The set includes:

A bowl that her father made

3 skeins of yarn and 2 knitting needles

A sketch book

A sewing machine that turns on if you push the button

5 thread spools

A sewing table

A pin cushion

A tape measure

A caddy that holds scissors and two pencils


And last but not least, Chrissa’s pet llama, Starburst.

Be sure to go to Chrissa’s page when you have the chance! And also check out this awesome site.

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