Introducing Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali!

Well, first off, Happy New Year to everyone! The new year means a new doll, but this time there are three. We will miss Mia, but she will always be remembered by all. Here are Chrissa and her friends, Sonali and Gwen!


Here is Chrissa, like the pictures I showed you before.


Here is Chrissa’s sundress. It comes with sandals and hair clips.


This is Chrissa’s swimsuit and gear. It comes with a pair of goggles, a matching swim cap, spirit stickers, a kickboard, and a towel.


This is Chrissa’s warm-up set. It comes with a hooded jacket, a tank top, white shorts, slip on sandals, a visor, and a pretend mini IM-Me.


These are Chrissa’s pajamas. It comes with a pair of slippers.

Now here are Chrissa’s friends, Sonali and Gwen:


This is Sonali, one of the bullies at first, but then becomes a great friend of Chrissa’s.


This is Gwen, a shy, quiet girl.

Chrissa’s furniture:


Here is Chrissa’s party table. It includes a festive picnic table with lanterns and pinwheels. You can choose to include her party treats with the table.


This is Chrissa’s craft studio. The set includes:

A bowl that her father made

3 skeins of yarn and 2 knitting needles

A sketch book

A sewing machine that turns on if you push the button

5 thread spools

A sewing table

A pin cushion

A tape measure

A caddy that holds scissors and two pencils


And last but not least, Chrissa’s pet llama, Starburst.

Be sure to go to Chrissa’s page when you have the chance! And also check out this awesome site.

Photo courtesy of American Girl.


January 1, 2009. American Girl of the Year, New American girl dolls and items.


  1. Sonali replied:

    I want it…all! What do you think of the new stuff?

    • London replied:

      Starburst is cute

  2. Sonali replied:

    OMg! My name’s Sonali Tooo!!!! i ❤ that doll Sonali! i soooo want it! we look freaky alike!

    • London replied:

      I really want Sonali to.She is cute.

  3. Gwen replied:

    My name is gwen too! NO WAY!I want her!!!!!!!

  4. Anu replied:

    OMG, my daughter’s name is Sonali too. She really wants the doll, but to be honest, the doll is not that nice. I dont want to spend $100 for a chubby doll with unrealistic hair–what girl has hair like that?

    • anna replied:

      what i have one and they arent chubby and im 10 so get a life!!

      • Mariah replied:

        This proves that all the comments on here that sound whiny are made by some ten year old kid who never leaves the house and doesn’t realize people have opinions. I can’t believe your parents are raising you this way!

    • London replied:

      i dont think they are chubby

  5. Someone replied:

    Why do you think american girl dolls are chubby? I mean they are supposed to be proportinaly sized AND chubby people are still people. Chubby dolls are just that, dolls. Per-sonali (pun intended) I dont think the dolls are chubby. Also, would you rather your daughter’s playmate, sister and or doll be representing an unhealthy body image? I think not.

    • Mariah replied:

      If they think the doll looks chubby, then I don’t think they want their daughter eating everything in sight.

  6. Sophie replied:

    You have a point there, I must say

  7. Gwen replied:

    I’m soooooo gonna get her.I have three other dolls:Josefina,Madeline,and Haley.I want Gwen because Gwen is my favorite Total Drama Island competitor,I mean,she was an inch to winning! I can’t believe she lost!But I don’t look like the doll,I have brown hair,not blonde.

  8. Sonali replied:

    I cant wait to get Sonali for my b-day 🙂 then chrissa maybe if not kit or ivy

    • London replied:

      I was going to get Ruthie but first Sonali.

  9. Zsakeia replied:

    i love american girl dollz, i only wish i had one
    i love the movie Chrissa Stands Strong

  10. Zsakeia replied:

    i love american girl dollz, i only wish i had one
    i love the movie Chrissa Stands Strong

  11. Janee' replied:

    i might get sonali this weekend in atlanta!! i live in south carolina but im going to a show in atlanta!! i think sonali’s doll is absolutely beautiful and that is why i want her. i wanted chrissa and julie too but just for now im getting sonali. i decided not to get chrissa but ill get julie later.

  12. Someone replied:

    OMG when I go to the AG place boston I am going to get Chrissa! And soon I will get Gwen!!!! I also have to say, check out the pics online of Gwen, her headband is around her waist and her hair looks really stupid, ug.. do you think that is the new way they will sell her?

  13. Olivia replied:

    I have Chrissa now. She’s the best doll ever! I love her!

  14. Maddie replied:

    I ahve Gwen!!! She is SOOO pretty!

  15. taylor replied:

    i love sonail i have her if anybody wants to know stuff about her im happy to help

  16. love chrissa replied:

    The Spanish love chrissa!!!!! bay bay…

  17. Lindsay replied:

    Sonali is soooooooooooooo cute!!!! I want her for christmas. I have saw a lot of pictures of her on other websites and she has really weird ears. They are fattish and are not as detailed as Mia’s ears. I still want her though.

  18. alyssa replied:

    i have one american girl molly i like her a lot!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!

  19. dee replied:

    I think we should all call American girl/Mattel and strongly suggest that part of the proceeds for Gwen (the homeless doll) goes to the homeless charities.

    • Liza replied:

      You are so right! I felt really bad for her when they purposely messed up her bangs. Does anyone know how to make those headbands? I checked american girl, and they were too confusing.

  20. AMARIA replied:


    • London replied:

      the american girls that i have are Kaya,Lanie and Felicity.

  21. Ally replied:


  22. natalia replied:

    cuales son los cuartos de las american girl.

  23. Rachel replied:

    i love american girl dolls i made a youtube about my american girl dolls too

    Yah! soo and i love the movie Chriss Stands Strong the lama is cute and its sad about when the brother hurts his head.. yah 😀

    • London replied:

      the lama is cute to and that is sad when the brother hits his headand Tara is so mean

  24. allison replied:

    am going to get chrissa and her twin!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  25. Elizabeth replied:

    Is $127 or $214 too much for this great doll? Any suggestions on websites to buy from?

  26. London replied:

    I am 9 years old

  27. Another American Girl blunder? - McLellan Marketing Group replied:

    […] a blog announcing this batch of new dolls, notice how all the other dolls come with plenty of accessories.  Furniture, craft tables, changes of clothes, etc.  Chrissa even has a pet llama. But, […]

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