Hi everyone, we have a BIG announcement to make…

We (me and Julia)  have given what we are about to tell you a lot of thought. We would like you to accept our decision, and realize why we are doing this.

We are going to move on from this American girl blog, meaning that we are no longer going to post things on it and update you on the going- on’s at American girl. This is for a number of reasons, some of which not all of you know about just yet. For example, nobody is a kid forever, we are all growing up. Part of growing up means that things you used to have fun with aren’t your favorite anymore. That is only one of the reasons we are going to “quit” this blog. Don’t worry though, we aren’t going to delete this blog, so you can still look at our archives!

Although we are leaving this blog, we have started a new blog, it is called Books for Worms. If you love to read, or even if you just like it, you can visit our blog. Books for Worms has book reviews for anyone who comes to take a look. We would immensely appreciate it if you visit our site, and recommend it to your friends if you think it is good.

Thanks so much for your understanding and your visits to this blog. We hope that you will join us at our new site soon,

Julia & Sylvie


June 21, 2009. Information.


  1. Mohammad Reza replied:

    With Hi
    I am an Iranian user
    We are people like America
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  2. Jess replied:

    I just wanted to say this is going to be sad. I remeber when I first started checking this blog way back in 2007. With the Her Life,Her Time, the book reviews what was going on, pictures of Julie I will miss this but i gues nothing can last forever.

    • claire3214 replied:

      i am sad two i had pridey much just sined up for this and now!!

  3. Sarah replied:

    I’ll come visit your next blog!

  4. quazido replied:

    Hai i my name quazido

  5. Christa and Mia replied:

    We’re so sorry we didn’t meet you earlier! Your blog is so good! We wish you great success!

    Christa and Mia
    Hosts of Girl Doll Talk Podcast

  6. roziela replied:

    clould i have the blog

  7. roziela replied:

    if you guys arent gonna look at thi site come to mine at

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  9. Bella replied:

    please visit my american girl blog at just copy and paste it into your browser!!!!

  10. Tracy B. replied:


    I just came across your blog. Sorry to hear that you’ve stopped writing here.

    This is Tracy of where I sell handmade 18″ doll clothes that fits American Girl dolls, plus manufactured doll shoes!

  11. theresa replied:

    I am so sorry. Back then i did not know there was a american girl club website . I know american girl doll in 2010 sience my friend got one .

  12. Helena replied:

    If you are interested in photography and are searching for a quality photo Word – Press theme, Mansion might be a solution. It has already been noted that beginning a blog can be overwhelming because there are so many choices and decisions.

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