A Word From The Bloggers: Julia Jarvis and Sylvie Rosen

Julia Jarvis

My name is Julia. Sylvie and I both love American Girl dolls, and made this blog so we could talk about something we enjoy. I live in New Jersey with my five American Girl dolls, Nellie, Kit, Elizabeth, Emily, and Nicki. I am eleven years old, and graduating from the fifth grade very soon. I love the American Girl Store in New York City, and have been there for maybe five times. My favorite American Girl book is Nellie’s Promise.

When I was almost eight, I got my first American Girl doll, Nellie. I played with her for a long time before I got my next American Girl doll. I have a sixteen year old brother that’s graduating tenth grade soon, and a tabby cat. I really enjoy writing posts in my free time, and surf the internet for blog ideas. I also like to dance and play tennis. My favorite post is American Girl Doll: Ruthie Smithens, a post announcing Ruthie’s going to be the next American Girl.

Sylvie Rosen

My name is Sylvie. Julia and I created this blog so that you can know whats happening at American girl. I live in New York City, Manhattan, I am 11 years old. I have two American girl dolls, Kirsten and Mia. I have been to the American Girl Store in New York about four times, and I have read most of the Kirsten books and Mia’s first book.

I was eight years old when I became interested in American girl dolls. My favorite animals are horses, I go to a school called New Explorations into Science Technology and Math (NEST+M for short), and I have a brother who is six years old. In my free time I like to read, work on this blog, and explore the internet. I love to write about things that nobody knows about yet; completely new information. My favorite post was the one announcing that the girl of the year 2008 is Mia and the fact that she is an ice skater.


If you have questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, concerns you can e-mail us (americangirlblog [at] gmail.com) Please only leave us a message if you have question, comments, ideas, suggestion, or concerns ONLY. We don’t need any forwarded messages. Or leave a comment below.



  1. Bbfreeze replied:


  2. sylvierosen replied:

    Glad that you like it!

  3. Evelyn replied:


  4. Sylvie replied:

    Thanks SO much!

  5. Jane replied:

    This is a cool website.

  6. julia replied:

    I love your blog and I think it is really cool that you are only 10 years old and you have already created a website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. caty replied:

    cool site megen and sylvie! YOUR COOL

  8. Gabby replied:

    It’s an awesome website, but shouldn’t you not be revealing so much personal info?
    I think it’s cool though!

  9. puppyscruffy replied:

    hi!! cool i have this site it has loads of info about american girl dolls!!

  10. Cassidy!! replied:

    hi! just wanted to tell you this sight rocks! i have 3 americangirl dolls, and i just ordered elizabeth and mia!!!! so…. i really love ruthie! are you girls going to get her!?!?

  11. Ellie replied:

    cool site!

  12. Fern replied:

    I love this sight here are my dolls in order!!
    Molly, Felicity, Addy, Samantha, AG #6 Betty, AG #24, Amber, Kit, Kaya, Kirsten, Josefina, Kailey, Nellie, Marisol, Elizabeth, AG #14 Christine, AG#3 Ashley, AG#1 Fern, Cysha, Jordan, Syesha, Kyle, Rob, Bob, Kelly, Barbie, Reagan, Sally, May, Kay, Emily, Jess, AG#17 Tara, Nicki, Mia, Ivy, and Julie

  13. Ellie replied:

    Wow! You have a lot of dolls, Fern!

  14. Isabelle ERARD replied:

    Hello Julia and Sylvie,
    My daugther Anne-Laure, who is 11, like you, have a collection of American Girls, bougth in the New York AG store : Kit, Molly, Julie, Nicki and Mia. She have also 2 “Just like you”, whose names are Charlène and Alison.
    Anne-Laure is found of Lindsey, but, as you know, it’s a released doll. Do you know if it’s possible to buy it and how ?
    We are living in France, near Paris and we go three times a year to New York and Montauk ( Long Island).
    Thank you for your blog, it’s a great idea !
    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    Very best regards,
    Isabelle and Anne-Laure ERARD

  15. Evie replied:

    I love your website so far! This is my first time on.

  16. CuddlyCat65 replied:

    i have an american girl. its a just like you. its the one with bangs and black hair and the eyes a little curved

  17. Gaby replied:

    Wow! great site! By the way can’t wait untill rebecca comes out! Are you going to get her?

    • Monica replied:

      Gaby , i like rebecca too!! Im getting her too!

  18. Pat replied:

    I’m your oldest fan. I have nine AG dolls and am 45 years young.

  19. Britney replied:

    Hey! I really like your site. I have 6 dolls. Here they are:
    Felicity, Samantha, Josefina, Julie, Elizabeth, and Molly. They’re all historicals:)

  20. joannabell replied:

    I have a very close to complete Kirsten collection from 1996-1998. Most of these items are retired and i am looking to sell…know of anyone who is interested?

  21. Brian Porter replied:

    Here is a blog entry with pictures of the American Girl Art Camp my mom just held in Atlanta. It looks like it might interest your readers 😉


  22. Brooke and Avery replied:

    Hi! This is a great blog!
    But Sylvie? You gave us your name (assuming this is your real name), city you live in, and school you go to, which isn’t very safe. Just to warn you, though probably nothing will happen.

  23. sylvierosen replied:


    If any of you guys are worried that I am reveling too much personal info, don’t… My parents said that all of it was fine.

  24. American Girl replied:

    Thanks for the wonderful read. American Girl Dolls are definitely the love of my life, so I will definitely recommend your website to my visitors – I’m a big fan! Some of my favorite dolls include Lindsey Bergman, Kailey Hopkins, Marisol Luna, Jess McConnell, Nicki Fleming, Mia St. Clair, and Chrissa Maxwell.

    All the best!

  25. kira replied:

    how much joannabell

  26. kira replied:

    Isabelle ERARD cheak on ebay

  27. olivia replied:

    hey whats up have you had julie albright auditions for the movie ?

  28. maggie replied:

    I think you are right gabby,but I like the website.I thing the website needs more color like american girl doll

  29. maggie replied:

    wich doll do you have?I have Felicity.

  30. Isabelle replied:


    My name is Isabelle and I live in Sweden 🙂
    I am 14 years old and live in gothemburg.
    If its not to much to ask about i just wonder if you can tell me how its about to be an amercican girl? 🙂
    If you want to you can look at my blog: makeitphoto.blogg.se but its on swedish so you might not understand it 😛

    Thanks anywa… Hejdå ( BYE )

  31. payton replied:

    WOW! so cool that you are only 11!

  32. Leigh1 replied:

    We think it is so cool that you have your own blog! Can you share how you started?
    We’ve started a website that we think you might like:

    check it out!!!
    There’s also a SECRET coupon you can use to get 10% off orders over $50:

    Kathleen (age 7) & Mom

  33. Hallie replied:

    oh my gosh this is awesome! i have been looking EVERYWHERE for a blog for peoplewho love american girls! i hope this blog is as good as it looks!

  34. Paris replied:

    OMG!!! Ya’ll are like my new besties for eve baby!!! I LUVVVV American girl dolls and i have over like 18!!! My FAVVV is the molly doll!! O SNAP girl i have like everything for her!! She even has fabtastic hair if ya’ll know wat i mean!! LOL Anywho ya’ll are sooooo grawsome! Thats great and awesome girlies!!! Kisses and hugs and a TON more kisses beasties!!!!! ❤

  35. Smiley replied:

    Smack that get on the floor, smack that give me some more!!!!!!!! 🙂 What r ya’ll doing on this dumb blog….. grow up and get a life…. go get a guy u losers!!!!!! 🙂

  36. Smiley replied:

    OMG I love those dolls!!!!! hahahaha NOT~!!!!!!@!! :)))))))))

  37. Paris replied:

    OMG!! How can you like not like them. they COMPLETE me!!! YOU are NOT NOT NOT i repeat NOT my beaties for eve. AND i am NOT NOT NOT i agai9n reapeat NOT a LOSER!!!!!!

  38. Hallie replied:

    oh my gosh smiley why r u being so rude! why do u have to be so mean? this blog is for people who like american girl, and if u cant respect that, please leave

    • Monica replied:

      Exactly, please respect that. 🙂

  39. Hilton replied:

    This Blog is soooooooo stupid!!! U r sooooo right Smiley all of these people need to get a life

  40. Party replied:

    SUP u losers!!!

  41. mckenzie replied:

    thank you for haveing me

  42. roxy123 replied:

    aye!!!!!! im new to dis ag blogg~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay i luv ag!
    awesome blog btw!

  43. wrksw replied:

    hi agian

  44. click here replied:

    Nice post ! Thank you for, writing on my blog dude! Ill email you some time! I did not realise that.

  45. Amelia Rose replied:

    I love this blog. I wish you still updated it.

  46. Janna-Mandy replied:

    I think that is so cool!!!

  47. Grace and Lucy replied:

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