I Need YOUR Help!!!

Hi, it’s Julia here. I just wanted to say a big THANKS to everyone who has continued to stay on this blog. You guys are AWESOME and soooooo loyal!!!! Now, I don’t do this often but I have a favor to ask of ALL OF YOU. I know this is our first post in, what, over a year maybe? But I’m breaking that chain with this post. 🙂 Were any of you ever on the American Girl Club maybe 4 or 5 years ago? Well when they closed that club, it broke my heart. I had made so many friends just to lose them. If any of you were there when that happened, you know exactly how I feel. (Or maybe not XD) What I feel even worse about is that my mom got on the club and talked to 2 of the girls’ moms. We got their emails and we kept in touch… for some time. We lost touch after that and now I feel really bad. All I’m saying is if that club is back, MAYBE there’s a chance they’ll join again and we’ll find each other. You never know. One girl on there was my “twin” and we looked exactly alike and we talked a lot. Now it makes me feel really guilty that I lost touch with her.

OK, now to the point! Maybe if we get enough people rounded up here, we can convince American Girl to put a club back up on their website. I don’t know about you, but I would pay anything to get back on there and talk to some girls. So, if you sign below, and we get enough people, I can send this to American Girl and see what they say. Sign your name below like this:

1. Julia


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Expensive, But Worth It?

Sylvie and I were in the American Girl Store in New York Friday, the 21st, and couldn’t help but notice all of the expensive prices on furniture and accessories. We were watching the hair stylists do the dolls’ hair, and saw that one braid was $20! Below is a chart of a lot of the hair styles you can give your doll, and their prices.


Do you think you could do a ponytail on your own for no money at all? At American Girl, to get a ponytail on your doll is $10!


This is the Doll Storage Cabinet. It costs $325! You could probably buy a trunk that size for only $30, or $40 at any other store. It doesn’t have a lot of space. It has only the space of the Dance Studio Trunk, which costs $75, which is still a lot, but less than this.


This is the dance studio trunk. It comes with three hangers, unlike the storage cabinet. With the storage cabinet, you have to pay $10 to get some hangers! My mom would never let me buy that, unless I use my own money! Do you think these items are worth it?

Photo courtesy of American Girl

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Disappointing Christmas

Last Christmas, I was hoping for Nicki’s Ski Wear and Outfit. My parents told me that day that it was backordered till a day in January. But, in January, American Girl said that it was sold out, and they would not be selling them anymore. I was really disappointed because I knew that I would never be able to get the outfit, unless I bought it on ebay, and my family isn’t a big fan of ebay. In my opinion, American Girl was wrong to do that, and should’ve sold the outfit for a week or two in 2008.


By Julia Jarvis

Photo courtesy of Ebay

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Why Nicki Doesn’t Have Pajamas: American Girl Writes to Us…

From American girl:
Dear American Girl Friend,Thank you for your inquiry regarding the outfits that were available for
our Girl of the Year 2007, Nicki, specifically why she did not have
pajamas made specifically for her. Each of our Girl of the Year
collections has a limited number of outfits and accessories that are
chosen to represent particular aspects of her story or her life. They
are limited because the stories are limited in scope, also because of
the time frame of their availability.In Nicki’s case, her story obviously revolved around horseback riding,
her service dog, and the activities on the ranch and at school as well
as skiing. The decision was obviously made that to include those items
meant not including other items that were more integral to Nicki. And
as our Girl of the Year dolls are contemporary, several contemporary
sleepwear outfits would have been suitable for her.We hope that this helps explain what was the likely decision process for
Nicki’s collection. We hope that you enjoy getting to know Mia, our
Girl of the Year 2008!We wrote to American girl asking why Nicki didn’t have pajamas. As you can see they have responded. This letter told you why American girl didn’t make pajamas for Nicki.

If you want to ask American girl a few questions yourself look at this link.

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Life’s Like That, Dollface

My dad, about a year ago wrote in his blog about how unfair he thought it was that American Girl shut down the club. “It’s like putting up a Berlin Wall around the third grades the world around,” my dad said, since at the time, I was in third grade. Christopher Palmeri wrote an article on July 3rd, 2006 about this tragic event. It’s called Life’s Like That Dollface, and the article’s below.

Life’s Like That, Dollface Few brands resonate with girls as strongly as Mattel’s $400 million-a-year American Girl doll. So when Mattel said that it will close its online American Girl Club in August, high-profile media blogger Jeff Jarvis objected on behalf of 9-year-olds like his daughter. The subscription-based club lets girls send messages to other doll owners, and Jarvis says his daughter is heartbroken about the closure. “I’ll bet that Mattel didn’t know the obligation it took on when it started this community,” Jarvis recently wrote in BuzzMachine.com, his blog. “It’s like putting up a Berlin Wall around third grades the world around.”American Girl spokesperson Stephanie Spanos says revenue from subscriptions ($20 a year to join, $10 to renew) wasn’t enough to justify operating costs. (The site has a staff that ensures sensitive data such as home addresses aren’t shared.) As one of Jarvis’ readers wrote: “Perhaps third grade is a good time for a girl to start learning that there are friends, and there is business.”

By Christopher Palmeri .

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American girl Admittes Their Items Junky!


Yesterday my mom went to the American girl store in Manhattan and she mentioned that some of my things had broken including Kirsten’s locket, Elizabeth’s tea dress, Kirsten’s heater and candle. Well anyway the person at the counter told her that American girl’s things are made junky and that it is a rip off and she is right, I mean $26-32 for something that is NOT made very well! I for one can not believe that this is really true. This is not from any website, trust me.

Except for the pictures that are from American girl collecting

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A rude American girl doll experience

A few months ago at the American girl doll place in Manhattan a girl on a play date took her American girl doll from Target to the American girl doll place and was refused the hair salon treatment because her doll was not from American girl doll and was not real. Her mom who was not there at that time wrote a letter to American girl saying that she was thankful that American girl had refused the girl whose name is Etta! Also the other parents in line were making very rude comments about the refusal to do Etta’s dolls hair and Etta had been so confident that her doll was so real and she was very humiliated that it was not.

Etta had bought two dolls from Target and she brought her best doll, and even dressed her and herself up for the event her friend Julie had invited her to go to.

By: Sylvie Rosen

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Madison Pettis: Birthday at American Girl

Madison Pettis with her American Girl doll Hello everyone! You know Madison Pettis, who plays Sophie in Cory in the House? Well, this is something interesting. She celebrated her ninth birthday at American girl, it was a private party, in a private dining room 🙂

Madison has quite a few American girl dolls. They’ve shown the dolls on TV, in some episodes of Cory in the House. One is the Napper’s Delight. She used the Just Like You doll #26H. Do you know any other episodes with her dolls in it?

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The American girl phenomena

There is a site that is called the kiwi travel blog and it has a post called the American girl doll phenomena and it wrote about the American girl place in Chicago which I do not know much about because I live in New York City, well anyways the post said that in Chicago they have outgrown their old place and are moving to a new place. so they are moving to Water Tower Place. The post then said her favorite part was the cafe in the store and she said that it was so cute and all the dolls had little cups and saucers and there were sandwiches and tea for the girls! then there was the hair salon and you can pick the style for your doll! also the parents are always willing to by a few items.

Stay tunned for more news!!!


what a story plus some great snapshots to go with it from The Kiwi Travel Blog (how Kiwis see the world).

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American Girl Boutique!

American Girl Boutique in Dallas

Guess what everyone! I just found out American Girl is opening a boutique in Dallas! The picture above is what it looks like now. The pictures on the bottom of the page is what it looked like when they first started. It’s soon going to start looking like American Girl! This is just the beginning! I wonder what will be in it… I’ll give you the full scoop when it’s out!

American Girl Boutique and Bistro Dallas American Girl Boutique and Bistro DallasAmerican Girl Boutique and Bistro Dallas

There’s also a boutique that’s already built in Atlanta. You can actually go into the store August 18th and 19th!

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