A Spotlight on: Madison Davenport

Well, all of you probably know by now that Abigail Breslin will be playing the role of Kit in the Kit Kittredge Movie. But, I have discovered who is playing Ruthie! Her name is Madison Davenport. At first, she didn’t look anything like Ruthie, but with a little hair dye and some curls, she’s ready for the cameras!

ruthie11.jpgMadison has been in many movies and TV shows, best known for playing Quillo in Over the Hedge. She was born in San Antonio, Texas on November 22, 1996, which makes her eleven. years old. She has a younger brother named Gage Davenport, who’s nine, and is also into acting. Also, I have just found out she is in the process of developing a book series! Stay tuned for more information on Madison!


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Lights, Camera, Action! Highlights of the Kit Movie

Abigail Breslin

http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2007/05/video_amercian_girls_dream.html has a great video of some girls before the auditions! The girls will say their lines, and say why they would be a good person to be in the Kit movie. Comment who you think will make it!

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A Spotlight on: Abigail Breslin


we got this photo from Abigail Breslin online

Abigail Breslin will play Kit Kitredge in an American Girl Mystery!

She is 11 years old, and is an Oscar nominated actress! Abigail has starred in many movies so this is not new for her. Abigail’s most recent movies are No Reservations, Little Miss Sunshine and more. Next year Abigail will be Maya Hayes in Definitely, Maybe, The Ultimate Gift as Emily,and Kit Kitredge in an American Girl Mystery.

Stay Tuned for more news on Abigail Breslin!!!


This wonderful picture is from once Again American girl collecting.

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A Spotlight on: Jordan Rackley


Jordan, twelve years old, is playing the role of Liliann, in her first feature film! Once Jordan’s family moved, her way to meet people was to audition for singing roles. This led her to parts in Peter Pan, Beauty and The Beast and Annie. When Jordan heard she got the part, she screamed so loudly her dog couldn’t help but jump and bark too!!!!! Jordan and her family live in St. Louis Missouri, and went to the Chicago American girl place to audition. “It was about a five hour drive,” Jordan’s mom explains. A little while after the auditions, Jordan’s family got a call from American girl. “They called to ask how tall I was,” Jordan says. “I thought, ok, did that just take me out of the competition because I’m so tall?” she finishes. But, we all know that didn’t happen. Stay tuned for more Kit movie news!

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A Spotlight on: Brieanne Jansen


Drama is part of every movie, but to Brieanne, drama is life. When Brieanne was four, her family and her were caught in a frightening hostage situation. Thank goodness nobody was hurt! The anxiety stayed with her though, and she was finding herself shying away from new things. This must’ve been a miracle to Brieanne, a dream come true. Her family was shocked when they heard she wanted to try out for the movie. Brieanne’s family was seeing their little girl shine again. Brieanne is an American girl website fanatic! “She checks that website every day,” her mom observed. Down at the bottom of the page, it said “open casting calls” and she clicked on it. Right away, Brieanne knew she wanted to try out. Ten year old Brieanne Jansen is playing Francis Stone, Erin/Florence’s sister in the movie. Maybe that’s why their hair looks similar, now that they cut it! Brieanne, the day of the audition, went to L.A. and spent the day there. “We’re from Lake California, which is an hour from San Jose, and it was about a five to six hour drive,” Brieanne’s mom explains. When Brieanne got there, there were four blocks of just girls wanting to audition. “I thought, I’m never going to make it, there are so many girls that are better than me!” Brieanne says. But, we all know she’ll do a great job in Kit, An American Girl Mystery.

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A Spotlight on: Elisabeth Perez


Elisabeth got inspired to act by Helen Keller. This may be different than a lot of you, but inspiration comes in many ways. A movie of Helen Keller made Elisabeth want to write a play, for the whole family to act out. That play encouraged her to write more plays, which probably inspired her to do this. “There was no doubt in our minds that Elisabeth would want to go to audition,” her mom explains. Elisabeth and her mom went to the Los Angeles American girl place. It was about a five hour drive. Elisabeth had one of the later auditions, and when she got there, girls were lined up, all around the building! There was even a line inside! Elisabeth, age nine, is playing Eleanor in Kit, An American Girl Mystery. All that hard playwriting+acting really payed off!

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A Spotlight on: Erin Hilgartner


Erin, just eight years old wasn’t a least bit nervous for her audition. Maybe that’s because acting runs in her family. She has two older brothers who have had experience in acting, which inspired Erin to act. Her most interesting role was playing the “giant boy” in a stage production of The Odyssey, but that is now to change. “I found out because my godmother’s mother, she saw it on the news, so she deserves a lot of credit,” says eight year old Erin. “We live in Ethicon New York, so it’s about a four hour drive,” Erin’s mom continues. Erin had to cut her hair a bit to be in the movie. I think anyone would do that to star in a movie! Erin and her mom did pretty much what everybody does if they found out they were going to be in a movie. She jumped into her mom’s arms and shrieked! Erin is going to play the character Florence Stone, so stay tuned! Erin can’t wait to do so many “firsts” in the future, like going to Canada, being on a movie set, meeting Hollywood stars and one very exciting, cool thing. Seeing herself on the big screen.

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Extra, Extra! Read all about it!!!

Abigail Breslin stars in the new Kit movie, which will be coming out in theaters in July 2008. There were auditions going on at the American Girl Place quite a while ago. Four girls, Erin, Elisabeth, Jordan and Brieanne will be in the movie. Stay tuned!!!!!!

By: Julia Jarvis and Sylvie Rosen

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